The End of Human Rights of Ontario 2019

Awe, all the Form 10s that were sent from this time were nuts in all honesty and such an abuse of the Human Rights of Ontario process.

They already had the date of the Hearing that was set for January 2020 at this time, as it came out in August, so I knew these things were attempts to cause delays.

They were pissed that the Hearing was being held by Teleconference as they couldn’t get at me that way like they wanted to do and they would have less control over the proceedings. One of these forms was a request to delay the hearing made!

I also got a feeling they were sending these barrage of forms over about 3 weeks time, as a tactic to get me to react badly again in hopes that I would say something they could use. Good thing I didn’t read them all at that time, otherwise they probably would have!

All the Forms that came after October 5, 2019, are filled with more and more opinion-signalling words and a familiarity with me that they just did not have. By this time, I am sure that everyone knew that these Bullies were losing, as I did! I share the PDFs below.

The applicants write their accusations with such detail, including steps along the way of what they claim I did, you would think they were standing right next to me or had a camera pointed at me all the time watching every move I made. They expect the reader to believe that the applicant would know so much detail about my life and what I do in order to write the things he does. This is what is called projection, where the writer tries to claim another did something that they actually did themselves, as where else would they get such detail to tell?

Can the applicants read my mind? I was told some of the accusations in this form against me are also very fantastical once again.

They got a reaction all right, but it wasn’t what they wanted!! I was a little nasty myself in the email I sent to them below that begins “KR, this is becoming very laughable“… but you can also tell I was getting stronger in my own beliefs. I had such high insecurities then but fought them in every way I could.

I kept repeating to myself in those days that I too am deserving of using my voice, even when what I have to say disagrees with someone else. I am allowed my own opinions and beliefs, I do not need to follow the guides of a Tenant when it was obvious everything they had to say was negative and malicious in nature. They played the victim, which is what I refused to do, as I don’t see myself as one. Victim refers to someone who didn’t have any power at all, whereas I felt I did, as I still had my own voice.

It was after my trip here to NL for a Vacation in August 2019, and after I got notified of the Hearing in January 2020, that I started regaining some confidence in myself. I saw too by this time, that HRTO wasn’t believing everything that these Adult Bullies wrote, which also helped!

As someone with anxiety, situations like this just made me feel worse, as it created a lot of insecurity. I didn’t feel insecure over my facts, but the fact that they were so adamant over their allegations and sounded so confident in their narratives, caused me to doubt.

Such frivolous allegations and requests in these forms as they knew they were losing, that’s all. I copied all pertinent info below.

I didn’t read all of the content till a couple of years ago, as they were so convoluted that I knew they would get to me then. When I finally did read them, I couldn’t help but laugh at their audacity! Maybe you will get a laugh at this stuff too!

#2 Sept 25, 2019
#1 Sept 25, 2019
#4 Sept 25, 2019

#3 Sept 25, 2019


This process is becoming very prejudicial to myself so I refuse to take part anymore from this point forward. The constant disrespectful barrage of words from the Applicants, being sent under cover of legal forms full of accusations and outright lies, is becoming very tiresome and I have reached the point where it is no longer beneficial to respond to any of these missives from the Applicants, as they don’t seem important to the proceedings anyway.

I am done with participating with these applications, and whatever comes, will come. I finally realized I have nothing I need to defend myself for so I am done with ALL this. The Applicants can try all they want, but they won’t get anywhere, as nothing happened, no matter what they claim otherwise and this is why they are now so upset and making accusations at the employees of HRTO. It’s the Applicants M.O remember? Don’t get anywhere so come back with accusations and try to intimidate your way instead! This is what they do and I have had enough of it.

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

KR, this is becoming very laughable….Poor KR, no one wants to take you seriously anymore… Too late, Ombudsman office has been aware of this for the past 2 months. I had to go to SJTO complaints before I went back to the Ombudsman. Its okay, your words speak for themselves, as usual and how you went about it speaks volumes!

You are looking more and more like an idiot with everything you write. If HRTO didn’t answer your email on March 12 with some of this stuff, they aren’t going to answer to these forms 10’s you sent in against the CAD they sent May 31, 2019 about not submitting any more files. HRTO is not responsible if you don’t understand something, that’s what their website and the FAQ’s are for and why there is a Did you even read #35 in the Interim Decision?

Besides, you could have found help long ago if it was important enough to you to do so. This office is here to answer questions people have over HRTO and its processes. Maybe if you actually went here like you said you were doing when you asked for the extension months back you would know what all that meant. Too late now, 5 months too late… Sorry its your own stupidity….You have to stew in your mistakes now.

Come on, asking about if I asked about redacting my info in an application that is already closed and one that don’t even have your name on it? Your stupidity is showing if you think they will give you that. Privacy laws remember?

By the way, if I had asked for my info to be redacted in my application I did on August 22, 2018, don’t you think I would have asked for the same with these ones? Such nonsense you go on about and total waste of time, just like when the police came to do a welfare check on me. Totally lost you are and it clearly points to your arrogance once again of how everything has to be about you…

You don’t think that an individual aware of someone going thru mental distress shouldn’t call the police to make a check on them? Every human being has a obligation to call for help for someone in serious mental distress, it’s the right thing to do, and that person should not be made to answer for that judgement call either. This is what you are trying to do, make someone answer for doing the right thing? HRTO is going to get a great laugh at these forms you sent, as I know I did.

You are asking HRTO to hold your hand, like a baby you are just so uninformed that you can’t find out for yourself. How old are you, anyway?

You filed these applications, you should have looked into what you needed to prove your case, as all your personal opinions don’t count as you have learned. I told you, you need PROOF!

No one is interested in your opinion that I am a liar, they are only interested in what you can PROVE. As you stated in the transcript from the LTB hearing, you have none so this has been a total waste of time. You will lose, it’s a given.

If I hadn’t had been so mentally compromised at the beginning of all this, I would have totally ignored these just like the property owners have done, and then you wouldn’t have had any reactions to use to keep this bullshit going, would you?

I have learned from my mistake.

People like you thrive on attention, no matter what kind, and I mistakenly gave you that attention. Not anymore, as I no longer need to.

You have exposed yourself along the way for the type of person you really are, a narcissist bully intent on trying to ruin me for daring to go against you and what you wanted.

You are a total waste of time and I am now just gonna sit back and let everything play out. You just played right into my hands with these forms yesterday, as it shows just how frivolous everything you say and do is, and you are now trying to bully HRTO with these forms.

Your total disrespect is showing for everyone who disagrees with you and your arrogance in thinking you will get your way. Come on, Calling LTB member Kevin Lundy racist on a form you sent to HRTO? You are aware of the term slander, aren’t you? This is what HRTO does ya know, fight against people who call others name like racist without proving it. Just because you say it is so doesn’t make it the truth. You have no proof and you admitted as much and this is why you spent the past 6 months ignoring HRTO.

This is become so very laughable and I refuse to continue anymore. You can stew in the mess you made for yourself.

These forms will be seen as retribution against me for speaking up for myself and trying to get these files resolved sooner. As you totally ignored the CAD sent May 31 about not submitting anymore documents or files, these emails of yours hopefully will find yourselves deemed as vexatious litigants, which will haunt you for a long time!

You have been exposed for the person you are. Everything you say and do from this point on will only keep reinforcing to others just the type of person you are and what you are doing, to me and to others. Thanks for helping me to expose exactly what you are up too….

Stella Reddy

Form 11 Response October 10, 2019

File #         2018-32808-I




Form 11 Response Box #4 .

Form 10

    Other- Request of Communication of Documents



                    Other-Request of Communication Documents

                   Other- Order Suspending Summery Hearing

                   Other- Tribunal Inquiry and Order

Question #5 What is your position on the Order Requested?

My position on all Form 10’s sent is that they are all an Abuse of Process as noted in A8 of Rules of Procedures and in the CAD received May 31, 2019. All forms also break Rule of Procedure A7, as some are very disrespectful in tone and nature towards various people including Tribunal Members.

Some forms are also frivolous in nature and totally without merit, as they have no bearing on these applications.

All forms also show their desperation in causing delays to the proceedings, as the applicants are being asked to answer various questions that they cannot.

These forms are also proof of the applicant’s hypocrisy, as they are complaining of actions of a website I did out of fun, to show how easy it was to do and I admit to doing it, and yet they have no mention and have yet to explain, why THEY have various websites online, 2 of (one old and one new),,, one of which the applicants steals my identity of Stella Reddy and makes it look like I am looking for a property manager position. 

The last Form 10 – Tribunal Inquiry and Order– I have been told that this contains various accusations from the applicants, even of illegal nature, and is full once again of personal assumptions made by the applicants that they cannot prove nor show any link that I actually did those things.

The reader got the impression that the applicants are trying to throw the tribunal off from the original application that has not yet been proven and start another one.

I was also informed that the detail in this documentation actually shows that the applicants have been stalking me, in person and online, for them to have the detail they have of my actions. This documentation, and the information within it, shows the unhealthy interest the applicants have in my daily life and how they take everything I do and say and twist it to how they want it to look with the barrage of assumptions they make.

If anyone is stalking, this documentation with its many details of my online life, shows that they have been stalking me, not the other way around. As for finding their address? Remember, they are the ones with a vehicle and they know where I live, not the other way around, no matter what they try to make things seem. I have learned over the years that what the applicants state in the documentation that I did, is actually what they have done, as they can describe the actions in detail that I cannot even think of.

I have to admit that I have not read all Form 10’s received, as I refuse to read the attached typed documentation, especially the 21 pages with the last Form. I have been advised not to read them in detail due to my mental state, and I have been told these forms are done in such a way as to create more mental harm to myself. As noted in an application to your office against my husband sent in May 2019, the applicant describes that he believes that my husband and both property owners wish that “I would commit suicide” so that they could get away from this mess when it is really the applicants wishing it, as they wrote it.

The applicants write their accusations with such detail, including steps along the way of what they claim I did, you would think they were standing right next to me or had a camera pointed at me all the time watching every move I made. They expect the reader to believe that the applicant would know so much detail about my life and what I do in order to write the things he does. This is what is called projection, where the writer tries to claim another did something that they actually did themselves, as where else would they get such detail to tell? Can the applicants read my mind? I was told some of the accusations in this form against me are also very fantastical once again.

 Question #7 What are your reasons?

After 6 months of silence and no response received from the applicants for the Summery Hearing scheduled for January 2020, all of a sudden they send 6 Form 10’s filled with various frivolous requests and others filled with more baseless accusations and disrespect towards all involved.

Even one Form 10 with a request for delay as the applicants claim they are confused over what is being asked of them. After 3 yrs of reading legal documents, and speaking to lawyers and paralegals over their various legal applications that they all self-represented themselves for, they expect this tribunal to believe they are confused. There is quite a bit of documentation online that explains what a summary hearing is and what they need to do.

The applicants seem to be stuck on proving what a liar I am, not that I violated their human rights. Everything they write and say is geared towards that, including some of these Form 10s and proving me a liar is an Abuse of Process. Their strict adherence to proving lies shows me that the applicants have no interest in proving violations of human rights but are using this process to build a smear campaign against myself and others to use against us to ruin our professional and personal reputations.

Question #8

The wording and tone of these 6 Form 10’s show an Abuse of Process as in A8 and A7. It is easy to see these forms are stalling tactics, part of the smear campaign of myself and others, and point the applicants to being vexatious litigants with the flurry of Forms sent over a short period of time and the requests within them. They are using these forms to tie up the process and slow everything down, as they know it takes time to go thru them all. These forms are also being used to distract the Tribunal from their own actions and responsibilities of answering for those actions.  

Please note: my experience with the applicants is that if you push them for answers, they come back harder against you with more accusations, as they try so very hard to distract people from the truth.

This is the case here with the recent flurry of forms being sent and I beg of you, please for my sanity, make a decision on these applications. I am sure your office has learned by now that you will never get any straight answers to your requests from the applicants, as they come back with more questions for you to distract you, it is what they do. They will ignore everyone once again when it seems to not going the way they want it to go.

They will do anything and everything in their power to drag this out as long as possible so they can keep using these applications as an excuse for a smear campaign against all involved. They have no interest in the truth getting out on paper in this case, which is what the final decision will be. Please evoke your mandate and issue a decision on these applications based on the Interim Decision and CAD sent to us.

Stella Reddy

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