The Fictional Stella Reddy in the Domain in My Name

The portrayal of the fictional online character, Stella Reddy, by adult bullies, is completely baseless. I am well aware of who I am, and these bullies do not represent any truth about me. It’s as simple as that.

The toxic individuals, whom I encountered as tenants, were never a part of my personal life and therefore did not know my professional career. It would be illogical for them to have any information about me.

If the online version of Stella Reddy, created by the bullies, actually existed, it would have been exposed long ago. No staff member in Ontario can harbour racist beliefs for 16 years without anyone noticing, as the bullies suggest. Moreover, the fact that they claim to be the only ones who encountered this alleged behaviour is highly questionable.

No tenant, regardless of their actions, would be worth jeopardizing my own career and engaging in the alleged actions attributed to me. I am not foolish enough to take such risks.

Approaching total strangers at a restaurant and supposedly saying the things the bullies accuse me of would only be the behaviour of an entirely inept individual, especially since I would see these people at the property later. Furthermore, it is inconceivable that these toxic tenants would have kept such serious allegations to themselves for over two months if it had actually occurred.

  • Toxic Tenants had hoped their many domains would draw attention and other previous tenants would come out of the woodwork and back up their claims against Stella Reddy and others named. They asked people dealing with me and the owners in the past to contact them. It didn’t happen as there is nothing there.
  • Toxic Tenants had hoped their many domains and the content within, would draw attention from some lawyer willing to help them go after this fictional Stella Reddy and others. That has also been noted on previous content of their sites that have been saved. That didn’t happen either.
  • Toxic Tenants had hoped their domains would stop people from renting apartments from the property owners at 859 Kennedy Rd. That didn’t happen either! It drew more tenants there!
  • Toxic Tenants had hoped their domains would cause embarrassment and shame on myself and my husband to the point where others would avoid us, and we would not be able to get a job, or a place to live and have no friends. That definitely didn’t happen as here I am, living in Newfoundland and enjoying my retirement while my hubby has a wonderful job that he loves with great bosses and co-workers who laughed when they were told about these sites online.
  • Toxic Tenants had hoped that their new site,, would get the reaction they wanted, thinking that Newfoundanders and Labradorians would get upset over the term “Newfie” that I use when it is a personal choice. If I choose to use the term, as someone born here, I can and no one will get upset over me doing that. I also assume that by sharing my Facebook there, they hope that other Newfies will attack me for the blatant statements they have in their content. has been active since July 8, 2022, and I haven’t received any feedback about it! My Facebook and Pinterest accounts are public and linked here, so I choose not to hide. I have nothing to hide from! Both myself and others refuse to accept the distorted portrayal of Stella Reddy that is continually presented on various websites.

These actions clearly demonstrate traits of narcissism, as the individuals behind these websites persist in a losing battle. Toxic Tenants will persist, despite becoming outcasts and being avoided, because they refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. They manipulate narratives until everything revolves around them and their desires. They have openly admitted this!

It’s unrealistic for them to expect to continuously target numerous people without others growing tired of it. Dwelling in negativity for an extended period will eventually impact your own emotions.

Endlessly berating and accusing different individuals of racism and discrimination becomes tiresome and wears on one’s patience over time. I personally have grown weary of reading about it.

Living in the past won’t lead you anywhere. I was starting to become resentful and had no desire to become a bitter old woman. So, I made a conscious decision to focus on myself. I am now concentrating on my own recovery and needs! Toxic Tenants and their words are now irrelevant and insignificant to me!

Their depictions of me on their websites are fabricated and do not reflect the real me. They attempt to belittle and deny my right to express my own feelings and thoughts regarding the events that occurred. They consistently label me as fake while trying to impose their own version of reality through baseless speculation.

Toxic Tenants have never provided concrete evidence against anyone; it’s merely their subjective opinions and words. While words can initially hurt, once you understand their intentions, their impact lessens. As I began to understand the psychology behind their reprehensible actions, they bothered me less.

I have learned that bullies target others due to their own insecurities and fear of rejection. The more websites and attention-seeking acts I witness, such as petitions, the more confident I become in recognizing their toxic nature.

Toxic Tenants always shift the blame onto someone else, which leads people to doubt their accusations. Mature adults don’t engage in the kind of behaviour seen on these internet websites, and society is beginning to recognize that.

Toxic Tenants have invested significant time and energy in constructing narratives about individuals’ personal lives, claiming to understand their motivations. They attempt to convincingly portray themselves as mind-readers, but we all know this is impossible and sheer gaslighting!

The representation of Stella Reddy by Toxic Tenants online is a fictional character borne out of their own perceptions and opinions, not grounded in reality. Toxic Tenants manipulate their distorted interpretations to portray Stella Reddy and others negatively, constituting a smear campaign. This is becoming widely recognized!

Now, let me explain why I believe adult bullies are narcissistic. I’m not a doctor, but my own doctor has noted narcissistic tendencies in these individuals’ writings.

When I detach myself from the emotional aspect and objectively analyze the words written by these Toxic Tenants on their websites, the following traits become evident. These traits are prominently displayed in the writings of adult bullies across all the domains they post on.

The content of these domains revolves around an interracial couple/tenants who believe they’ve been “targeted” by numerous people. However, it is clear that the couple themselves embody the characteristics of adult bullies.

This narrative involves KR proclaiming their perceived significance, as they believe others are deliberately attempting to undermine and remove them.

  • KR fantasizes about me, Stella Reddy, killing herself and winning. His comments in documents and even in searches on my own site about “go use some rope” show this. His resentment is showing.
  • KR always feels he is superior to everyone and his written content shows that. Grandiose thinking!
  • KR is also looking for praise for being such a good person for “exposing” so many people. He thinks that his words are so important for others to see that he creates domains to contain his speculations!
  • KR has shown his sense of entitlement all throughout their content with the expectations of free parking and that we demand a paying tenant give up a parking spot for them. There are way too many instances to name!
  • KR took advantage of other tenants living within the building in his attempts to get to me. It is also shown in their content when they speak of other tenants. Triangulation!
  • KR expresses his envy in terms of BBQs, and parking, especially that I had 2 spots, and his interpretations of how I was with other tenants, such as #402. Such jealousy!
  • KR shows this trait of wanting to be the centre of attention just by the simple fact of posting so many domains with nasty content within them. He wants to be noticed, good or bad!!
  • KR does not have empathy towards anyone experiencing mental health issues and his degradation over this is all within the content, especially when he calls Stella Reddy “fake”.
  • KR has ambition only so far as he has to be seen as special, with a special family! More Grandiose thinking!
  • KR is determined to smear myself and others online, out of revenge!
  • KR claims that so many people were in “cahoots” just to “illegally” target them for eviction but provides no evidence of it.

KR is fiercely competitive, always striving to win and make sure everyone knows it was his victory. Additionally, he has no qualms about appropriating my written work for his own websites but conveniently chooses to ignore any proof that challenges his lies.

The Toxic Tenants caused my site to be removed from Awardspace due to PII concerns, but I managed to restore it and put the other site back up. Despite this, he has chosen to ignore it, undoubtedly because my success exposed him. He even claims that one day my site will disappear, but he has no control over that, which is why my site is still thriving.

He audaciously declares that his domains are “legitimate,” while dismissing mine as not. Clearly, Toxic Tenants hold grudges! Every person mentioned on these sites, including those in the site titles, played a role in evicting them, and yet, even after six years, he still persists!

It is evident that KR despises criticism, especially when it is rightfully deserved. Even strangers on Facebook received backlash from KR for questioning the strange poll he created. As for his perfectionism, I cannot say for sure.

It’s possible that KR is grappling with depression, although he would never admit it. His numerous domains are not receiving the attention he desired, and Stella Reddy has left Ontario, relinquishing any influence he may have had. Moreover, he lost all of his legal applications and had to pay substantial amounts of money to various individuals. I am certain they did not receive the $4000.00 owed to them!

Indeed, KR struggles to regulate his emotions, often going off on unrelated tangents. The resentment in his words is palpable. He believes in bullying others, regardless of their age or status, as evidenced here:

What is there for anyone to be jealous of, truly?

Material possessions, jobs, and titles do not define a person. It is their actions and morals that truly make them who they are.

KR will demean anyone who obstructs his path to obtaining what he desires.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence illustrating KR’s actions aligning with the descriptions provided below.”

  • 1. Always Talk About Themselves
  • 2. Fantasize
  • 3. Believe They Are Superior
  • 4. Require Constant Praise
  • 5. Sense of Entitlement
  • 6. Takes Advantage of Others
  • 7. Envious of Others
  • 8. You Enjoy Being the Center of Attention
  • 9. Lack Empathy
  • 10. Boundless Ambition
  • 11. Incredibly Insecure
  • 12. Incredibly Charming
  • 13. Extremely Competitive
  • 14. Hold Grudges
  • 15. Don’t Take Criticism Well
  • 16. Perfectionism
  • 17. Feeling Depressed
  • 18. Difficulty Regulating Emotions
  • 19. Feeling Contempt

Definition And Assessment

Narcissistic personality disorder is usually diagnosed through clinical evaluation. It is defined by the fifth edition (2013) of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in terms of the personality traits of grandiosity and attention-seeking and in terms of significant impairments in personality functioning—such as looking excessively to others for the regulation of self-esteem, viewing oneself as exceptional, having impaired empathy, and having mostly superficial relationships. Those qualities remain relatively stable over time and are not attributable primarily to a medical condition, the use of drugs, or the individual’s developmental stage. Researchers have also investigated a less-extreme form of narcissism that is termed the narcissistic personality type. Such individuals possess most or all of the characteristics of the narcissistic personality disorder but are considered within the normal range of personality.

Persons who display either narcissistic personality disorder or the narcissistic personality type are preoccupied with maintaining excessively positive self-concepts. They become overly concerned with obtaining positive, aggrandizing feedback from others and react with extreme positive or negative emotions when they succeed or fail to receive confirmation that others hold them in high regard. Narcissists want positive feedback about themsleves, and they actively manipulate others to solicit or coerce admiration from them. Accordingly, narcissism is thought to reflect a form of chronic interpersonal self-esteem regulation.

Narcissistic Pathology And Behaviour

Research findings employing the NPI describe a portrait of narcissists as possessing inflated and grandiose self-images. It is not surprising then that narcissists report having high self-esteem. However, these positive self-images appear to be based on biased and inflated perceptions of their accomplishments and their distorted views of what others think about them. For example, they overestimate their physical attractiveness relative to judges’ ratings of their attractiveness, and they overestimate their intelligence relative to objective assessments of their IQ. In one experiment, narcissistic and nonnarcissistic men (as identified on the basis of their NPI results) were interviewed by a woman whose responses were scripted; thus, all the men received the same social feedback. The narcissistic men, however, assessed the woman’s attraction to them more highly than did nonnarcissistic men. Other findings indicate that narcissists take greater credit for good outcomes even when those outcomes occurred by luck or chance.

Although narcissists’ self-esteem is high, it is also fragile and insecure, as evidenced by its variability. It fluctuates from moment to moment, day to day, more than that of less-narcissistic people. Other research indicates that narcissists are more likely to have high explicit (conscious, self-reported) self-esteem and low implicit (nonconscious, or automatic) self-esteem. This finding suggests that although narcissists describe themselves in positive terms, their nonconscious feelings about themselves are not so positive.

Narcissists’ positive but insecure self-views lead them to be more attentive and reactive to feedback from other people. However, not just any response or feedback from others is important to narcissists; they are eager to learn that others admire and look up to them. Narcissists value admiration and superiority more than being liked and accepted. Studies find that narcissists’ self-esteem depends upon the extent to which they feel admired. Moreover, narcissists pursue admiration from others by attempting to manipulate the impressions they create in others. They make self-promoting and self-aggrandizing statements and attempt to solicit regard and compliments from those around them. They also respond with anger and resentment when they feel threatened by others. They are more likely to respond aggressively on such occasions and derogate those who threaten them, even when such hostile responding jeopardizes the relationship.

Narcissists attempt to solicit admiration from those around them, and their hostility when others fail to respond appropriately contributes to the disturbed interpersonal relationships that are a hallmark of the disorder. Research has shown that people describe their narcissistic acquaintances as trying to impress others by bragging and putting down others. These behaviours are initially successful in that those who interact with narcissists find them to be competent and attractive. However, over time these partners come to view the narcissist as arrogant and hostile.

Findings from a range of studies suggest a picture of the narcissists as people who use their friends to feel good about themselves. They pander for attention and admiration to support self-images that are positive but easily threatened. They are constantly on alert for even the smallest slight that they perceive as disrespect. Perhaps most important, narcissists’ striving to self-enhance at the expense of their friends ultimately costs them the friendships.

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