Every Individual Has Basic Rights

Toxic Adult Bullies try to strip you of your basic rights.

As the poster says, nobody has the right to claim to know my mind, and my personal business, or tell me what to think, feel, and what to do. I have a right to my own thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs and I have a right to express them.

KR & AR were never friends, or family, not even acquaintances to be so familiar with my personal life as they appear in their contents. They have no idea what is in my mind, no matter how they imply they do. They were Tenants, renters of an apartment in the building I worked in. They have no right to abuse and disrespect me, or anyone, as they have, period.

They didn’t have any kind of relationship with anyone noted in the titles of their many sites, yet, they feel entitled to degrade and criticize them in that manner. I will point out their actions against me, against anyone, as it is my right to do. I refuse to stand on the sidelines and let Adult Bullies bully people out of revenge for their perceived slights!

I have the right to be who I am and live my own life harmlessly regardless of whether or not others like it or not. It is my life to live my way.

If I see injustice, I have a right to speak up about it, which is why I will never give up exposing these Adult Bullies and their many nasty websites as long as they remain on the internet!

I should not have had to feel hypervigilant and fearful over who I meet, where I go, and the services I access in my Community because some anonymous past tenants decided to make false claims against me in personally titled domains, hoping to ostracize me from society and any support. No one should! I refuse to let it get to me anymore and will just be myself and do my own thing, regardless of what others might say about it.

I’ve been doing that now for months since the fear disappeared from my mind and it has been very empowering!

If other people want to criticize me, go ahead, just don’t try to make others do it with you and don’t share the intimate personal details you gained about me during legal processes online filled with your personal speculations. I will point it out, as I know it is wrong for them to do! I will stand up for myself and my family.

I don’t see the words they have on their sites anymore. All I see when I look at the contents of their many sites these days is the psychology behind them with triangulation, gaslighting, manipulation, criticism, blaming, shaming, humiliation, degradation, minimizing others, entitlement, arrogance, and traits of narcissism. Their opinions signalling words give the plot away every time “it appears” and “it seems” as their opinions follow, not any facts they could prove. I see the many traits of a Bully in their words these days and no longer see them as people, just as the Bullies I now know they are.

Just as Tenants were nameless and faceless to me, so too are these Adult Bullies these days. It isn’t about them, it is about their actions abusing me and my name on the internet. in their many websites. Just as they are abusing and disrespecting other individuals, and their names, on other websites.

Right from the beginning, my issue has always been the bullying and gossip they did in the building about me and other tenants, and the many websites containing my name that are filled with such outrageous lies. Their lie about a prior meeting “some time” in June 2016 did really bother me. I was disgusted that strangers were saying such awful things about my character so publicly, and getting away with it.

My name and the very personal information that they gained during HRTO, were not theirs to share on any website. That is a fair assessment for anyone to make and I have every right to be upset over what they did in my name they stole to use. Their actions have proven they are being Bullies!

Thankfully over time, perspective changes. We all change and grow every day with the experiences we have, the things we see and read. All the reading, counselling, and research I have done have helped change my perspective on this Bullying situation. My anger has almost gone, and I feel no upset anymore over their actions, just determination to get it to stop.

I have taken the focus off the people behind the Bullies and just focus now on their actions with their many domains but mostly on my own recovery and making sense of it all so I can move on. I am ready to do that, once all the sites are gone and they are not allowed to make any more about someone else. I know that is a tall order, but I live in hope that it works!

I don’t know these people well enough to say anything about their personal lives, and I refuse to waste my time speculating on it as they do mine, as I truly just do not care. I have no interest in these people, other than their actions with websites containing my name and the nasty speculations and assumptions they made there. They are not any people I would want to know to be honest with you!

I have no wish to compare, as really there is none, I am unique, we all are. I am content with my life and the stage I am in as I am retired and no longer need to work!! I get to spend my days, living in awe of the wonderful scenery I am now surrounded by every day, and in peace! I come and go as I please! I live a life of leisure and have no stress anymore!! I have everything I could ever need, right here, right now.

I live for this day, not yesterday or tomorrow, and on this day, I am happy and content as I ensure I am. That is what mindfulness does for me!

I have my health issues, but I can manage them as I have access to the care I need to do that. Even my Mental Health has stabilized and I don’t get counselling as often as I use to! My children are adults, married, or soon to be, and living their own lives with great careers of their own! My life these days is very secure! I even have financial stability! We are not rich, but I can buy what we need, even some things we want! I also have a very stable marriage, going into our 27th Anniversary this year!

Why would I want anything different? I love my life. I am very grateful for all I have and where I am these days.

What I share with others in my own personally titled website, is determined by what feels right to me – not what Toxic Bullies want. This is my Story to tell and I will tell it in my own way.

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