Toxic Adult Bullies Are Responsible For Their Own Choices!

The poster above is very informative about Narcissistic Abusers and their agendas as I have seen this in action over the past few years. I have been to blame for all the horrible things they have done and said to me. If I hadn’t given them Form N5s, or given into their demands over when the entry was gained, the results would have been very different.

According to all their sites, if ONLY their Targets would have gone along with what they wanted of them, these websites would not exist and of course, everyone else is a liar, not the writers of that content!

Accusing other people of being Liars is a regular theme of their posts, not that they violated their Human Rights!

As long as I accommodated these Tenants in every aspect of their Tenancy, all would be good for them. It is because I didn’t, that this mess occurred. They stressed that all I was after was to “inconvenience” them when that is never a concern of building staff. If I had to worry about convenience for Tenants, I wouldn’t get anything done!!

For a long time, I took on that belief and blamed myself for this mess but I have released all that this past year, as it isn’t my shame to feel. I didn’t do any of this to myself, I was doing my job, which also involved evicting Tenants for interfering with the landlord’s rights. Just because these tenants choose to become aggressive, condescending, arrogant, and entitled in their responses, had nothing to do with me, it was their choice. 

I didn’t “force” them to do anything in response to me doing the duties of my job. Just as their new Targets didn’t “force” them to do anything either. They will never make other people responsible for their personal choices…

While posting the complete website yesterday I saw some text written that I forgot about that shows clearly the blatant statement being made by these Tenants that I copied below.

Stella Reddy has had ample of opportunity to try and example away the evidence, but instead she was always played the boo-hoo pity routine and has muddy’s the waters with so much lies and misleading facts to this point. That not a single individual has been smart or intelligent enough to comprehend what is going on.

ample opportunity to try and example away the evidence” is written in this statement but as the applications were made against me, it was their responsibility to prove their case, not for me to disprove it for them. There was no need for me to try and “example” anything away! They filed the applications against me, it was their responsibility to prove their claims!

I had every right to express myself, including how all this mess was affecting me, it is part of the Mandate of HRTO, and these Toxic Tenants claim I was playing “the boo-hoo pity routine” because they don’t want people to accept anything I say. This complete invalidation of me also did not help them. 

What do they think the contents of all their sites represent if not their own boo-hoo pity routine? Are they also not looking for pity from their readers for the issues they claim they face in the posts they wrote there?

What about the Petitions they have going? Isn’t that also about their own “boo-hoo pity routines” trying to get people fired from their jobs to satisfy their need for revenge for not agreeing with them and what they wanted? 

They degraded me for being so open about how their actions with their websites and within the property were affecting me because they didn’t want people to see me as a human being, they just wanted people to see the labels they placed on me. I was no longer “Stella Reddy” but “Crazy Racist Stella Reddy” and “White Supremacist Stella Reddy” or “Liar Stella Reddy”

They claim I “muddied” the waters “with so much lies and misleading facts“. when all I was doing was expressing my emotions, the extreme fears I had, and the psychological torture I was going through because of their actions with their websites, Facebook posts and polls, and within the property. That is what happens as a result of posting these nasty websites on the internet in my name! I have emotions that were being severely affected by their actions with their websites! 

What did they think would happen to my Mental Health when they posted those websites? 

The last statement of this paragraph is very interesting as it shows their entitlement and sense of superiority in thinking that “not a single individual has been smart or intelligent enough to comprehend what is going on.”.  They are saying that people are too stupid to understand the situation because no one agrees with their personal assessments of my behaviour. 

When everything was going in Stella Reddy’s favor, there WAS NO ISSUE OF PTSD. But now that Stella Reddy feels like the world is crashing down around her. And she is beginning held accountable for her actions and having to answers for her behavior.

Now the conveniently fabricate PTSD is an issue that she wants people to believe. It appears to be a convenient illness that Stella Reddy has been using for years for multiple reasons to try and gain pity and sympathy.

Stella Reddy is a fake and is milking the Canadian Government like others do in order to not have to work full time, if at all.

As it has been proven time and time again. Stella Reddy is a liar, a really bad liar.And the pattern of her lying only continues with her conveniently fabricate PTSD.

Instead they are forced to move due to their own actions and inability to recognize their own faults and misdeeds. In the end KARMA struck and now the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband will try and run away from their racist history to Newfoundland.

When last checked Newfoundland still had the internet and people could still search up individuals by names and their history. Just in case the racist Stella Reddy and her enabling husband think they can hide from the internet, their racist and anti-black behavior and these websites.

Whenever I saw words like this above in the past, it made me very angry. I still get some anger but I can manage it better these days. I am getting used to seeing their invalidating comments and using them to show their toxicity. Hey, they wrote these words on there, I didn’t!! I think they truly do not know what the words on their websites show about their own personalities!

This is an Invalidation on every level, no way around that. The statements made on this website show such blatant disrespect towards me as another human being with rights of my own. All while they claim to be picking up for their rights, they are walking all over mine.

They attempt to take away my own right to speak for myself.

conveniently fabricate PTSD” is written here and “stella reddy is a fake and is milking the Canadian Government like others do in order to not have to work full time, if at all”.  Such bullying words I ever saw written by one person about another. 

I didn’t know these people were trained Doctors knowledgeable in PTSD and its many symptoms to claim this with such certainty as they do here. This is just more Bullying, as calling me “a fake” is what Bullies do!! 

These people will learn all about Canada Pension Plan when they get close to retirement, as you only will get out of it what you paid into it when you worked… Even as business owners of, have to pay into the CPP themselves. At least, I hope they registered with Canada Revenue Agency for their business and are paying taxes!

They are both in their 40s now, not much time left to build up for their own retirement, otherwise they will be the ones “milking the Canadian Government” from not working enough when they were able!! 

Again, they claim I “am a liar, a really bad liar” and my “pattern of lying continues with the conveniently fabricate PTSD“. I thought this situation was about violations of their Human Rights, not proving what a liar I am. They got stuck on this agenda and just ran with it!

The arrogance in this writing will get on your nerves… lol

But feel free to contact and ask them at

Alto Properties Inc
Suite #100-859 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough ON M1K 2E3
PH: 416-752-3030
Fax: 416-757-0539

Once again, this above is clear evidence I had reason to be afraid of their actions and their posts on their many websites. It was their actions of posting stuff like this that played on my fears and they know it.

No matter how hard these Toxic Adult Bullies try to claim I had no reason to fear, this is clear evidence they are sicking people after me and others out of spite and revenge. They deliberately placed this on their content with “feel free to contact and ask them at“.

Proving that Stella Reddy lied once or a hundred times at this point just takes up pointless amounts of time and energy on everyone time.Again it has been proven beyond any doubt that Stella Reddy is a liar and is willing to lie even after the fact of being handed evidence in advance of her future lie.

Why? Because Stella Reddy can’t stand the idea that a Black female has been able to out smart her and physically prove that she is a racist and a bigot. Stella Reddy is SO DESPERATE to clear her name that she will continue to lie despite having knowing it is a outright lie.

I had no interest in clearing my name, as I knew I did nothing wrong. I had every confidence in the Legal Systems of Ontario and knew the truth would come out, as I knew their false allegations would come to light in time. Just as they have!!

I was “SO DESPERATE” to get the websites taken down, the Facebook Posts and Polls removed, and to stop all the gossip they were spreading on the property, as all that made my life so very difficult. 

I wasn’t that concerned over their false allegations with HRTO, but I had every right to be concerned over the 6 domains they had filled with their nasty contents!  Just because they claim to believe this stuff, doesn’t make it true. 

This shows their sense of entitlement with this comment of ” that a black female has been able to out smart her and physically prove that she is a racist and a bigot” as they didn’t prove anything. If they had, they would have had no problem showing up for the hearing scheduled in January 2020.

I see no legal determination that was made “proving” that I am a racist and a bigot, do you?  They walked away as they knew they couldn’t prove something that didn’t happen. 

With Stella Reddy’s endless amounts of lies that continue to prove that she can not handle being called out as a racist and a bigot.

You see all of Stella Reddy’s sad and pathetic attempts over the years to try and mislead and misinform people do not work on this website, AND IT DRIVES HER CRAZY!!!

Stella Reddy does not have a systemic racist system behind her on this site.

The facts are that NO ONE from the SJTO, HRTO, the Caucasian racist SJTO member Kevin Lundy, Lugi Liscio, Anthony Liscio or David Strashin are cocky enough or confidence to do anything about these sites. Why? Because they are fact based and evidence supported, period!

There are no lies, no perjury or alter documents like what Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio or his son Anthony Liscio did back on September 26, 2017 at the public LTB form hearing.

NOT EVEN STELLA REDDY has the nerve to proceed with any legal options, despite her numerous threats of having it in the works.

Stella Reddy my play crazy, but she ain’t stupid!! She knows that bringing these websites into the legal realms will most certainly expose her as the racist and bigot to a larger audience! And Stella Reddy don’t want that. Remember she is still trying to actively find work because she can’t afford to retire on her enabler husband Russell Reddy low income job.

EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS openly welcome to challenge these websites and pursue legal recourse. Let’s see who steps up to this challenge? They all know how to get in contact with me if need be.

Remember that a SJTO member ( adjudicator ) and three Divisional courts judges all stated that Stella Reddy speaks like a racist and therefore acts like a racist!

But again this is why Stella Reddy is the racist and bigot she is. Because she knows that systemic racist system is to busy trying to protect their own the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy then correct her.

Any finding by any government agency that Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio acted in a racist manner. Would certainly contradict Kevin Lundy’s findings and would certainly call into question why he refused to hear the interracial married couples / tenants evidence of about the named 3.

The racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy conveniently refused to hear or read, despite illegally taking the evidence about Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio racist behavior and anti-black treatment against the interracial married couple / tenants.

This is why Stella Reddy continues to knowingly lie day after day without fear. Because racist like the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy embrace, enable people like her, because they believe that they can not be held accountable for their own racist behavior and shady anti-black actions.

Remember when an individual like the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy, Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio or his son Anthony Liscio show you what they are about the first time. Believe them!

One thing I have learned over the past few years is to see these attempts, as a desperate act to convince people that they know my motives and intentions so blatantly, but common sense shows you differently. They were Tenants, not friends, family, not even acquaintances!  They are people who assume things and proceed to act on their own assumptions. 

Just as HRTO caught onto their antics of invalidating me as a person with my own rights, anyone reading this drivel they have on any of their sites will see the same in time. It can’t be helped, as everyone knows I have a right to my own voice and no one else can speak for me. I don’t even allow my husband to speak for me!! 

These Toxic Tenants spent 19 months in the HRTO process trying to prove their false allegations of racism and discrimination, with no success. That was over a year of back and forth with their nonsense and outright lies, claiming that they have “proven” I am a racist and a bigot when in reality, they did not, just thought they did. There is no legal determination made that agrees with their assessments. 

If I did what they say I did, they would not have walked away from their applications after all that time. Honest people would not have ignored that hearing in Jan 2020. 

These people’s agenda is to discredit every word I say and every act I make. This is where they totally screwed up, as no one will ever accept that they know me better than I know myself. 

Stella Reddy my play crazy, but she ain’t stupid!! She knows that bringing these websites into the legal realms will most certainly expose her as the racist and bigot to a larger audience! And Stella Reddy don’t want that. Remember she is still trying to actively find work because she can’t afford to retire on her enabler husband low income job.

I would love to have the head space, and finances, to take these Toxic Adult Bullies to Civil Court. I’ve talked about doing it until I researched the process and learned it could take a few years and tons of money. Maybe, one day I will find someone willing to help me,  as I still can as long as those websites are still registered for use. I will never say no, but time will tell… I am mentally stronger every day!

Nothing would please me more than to finally have a legal determination proving the Smear Campaign and Cyberbullying they do online on their many websites in my name and to finally have a judgment to have these websites removed completely from the Internet. That is all I ever wanted, were the sites removed from the internet for good.

One day, I will get my wish… I have learned to tolerate them and one day they will just disappear anyway, as nothing lasts forever!

Until that day come, my site will remain and I will continue with my education on toxic traits, narcissism, gaslighting, and manipulation that some people do to others.

With each day that passes, I become mentally stronger and know I have every right to be here every right to my voice, and every right to share my Story of being Bullied by these people and share the many degrading words they wrote about me in their many websites, on Facebook, and in person. It is my name after all, not theirs!! 

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