After Narcissistic Abuse: Repost

Those unending verbal attacks! Never take a Narcissist’s verbal attacks seriously because like everything else it is all lies, machinations, and manipulation with a specific purpose to malign you! 

Above, you will find a link to another Blog I’ve been reading that I find very informative…

I found this to be true, that the unending verbal attacks shouldn’t be taken seriously anymore.

It is a Word Salad, made to confuse and manipulate others into their way of thinking, including you the Target! They lie and it is easy these days to see them.

Do you truly believe anything this person has written in the content of the websites listed below or do you also believe the narratives are a figment of their imagination, as I do? Claims of being treated “unfairly” has nothing to do with Human Rights violations.

They are looking to create fear within their Targets of what they could write online within the contents of their sites. Their websites are very one-sided and only contain their side of any given situation. they name other individuals, except for the writer. They write whatever they want, and they refuse to allow anyone else to say anything about it.

They always claim,

“this website will not be coming down at any time, and I will start adding to it”;

“We wil go into great detail about”

“We are currently putting together our documentation to submit to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and we will be releasing all of it on this website to let the school’s parents and the general public knows what is happening.”

“We will publish everything that was said, done, and written by all parties involved”

As anonymous writers, they can type whatever they want in the content and there is nothing anyone else can do about it. They name people and proceed to speculate on their actions, pretending them to be something it is not. All of their smearing sites contain the same words of degradation as the next one, just about different people. It is the same across all their sites.

After reading so many Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario released decisions over the past few years, including the ones against my sister and husband, all I see are their allegations of “unfairness” they perceive they received. They are claiming “unfair treatment” which has nothing to do with racism and discrimination.

Look at the parking issue, they wanted a space for free and claimed they deserved one, yet, provide no evidence proving that they were entitled to a spree space. Even their paperwork stated parking is paid…

That issue had nothing to do with racism, but they tried to make it that way. So because I refused to give them a free parking spot that meant I was being racist towards them? I never could understand their thinking over that.

As you know, they filed HRTO applications against my sister as well that the pandemic held up so they have been recently coming through now. My sister read out the particulars to me this morning and I found it pretty funny. As stated, the HRTO is not there to adjudicate on “general feelings of unfairness” that people believe they are being treated.  <>

So, there is another “dismissed” application on file with SJTO in their name!! More the merrier!

The balance of applications filed by these Tenants, which they ignore after filing, show the SJTO how frivolous they are being. They file these applications in the past and wasted so much of these Adjudicator’s time that any further applications will need to be very precise. HRTO will NOT just accept anything they submit these days, as they did in the past.

If KR & AR are planning “another” HRTO application against the school board this time, they better have evidence of their claims. Their personal opinions don’t count, they need actual evidence.

They always claim to “feel” they know what is going on and the motives of others when we all know that is impossible. They can “feel” all they want, it is what they can “prove” that counts. 

Yes, I have become very confident in myself once again. I lost all my unreasonable fears, as it was very unreasonable for me to think that these anonymous writers have any influence on my life, as they don’t. They have no influence, just like to think they do! I can think for myself and even write for myself, I don’t need Toxic Adults Bullies trying to do it for me. Their opinions, thoughts, and many speculations about me personally, don’t count when you think about it, as they don’t count. It is what I think that counts…

They have no power over anything to do with me and everything has become very funny to me these days. I see these Toxic Tenants scrambling once again to blame more people for the trouble they face, never accepting accountability for their own actions.

While I appreciate there is Bullying in schools, it does not help when you tell your child, and the school administrators, that your child will fight back as these “concerned parents” have stated in black and white on their posts! These parents are Bullies and I can picture the scene when they showed up at the school with his Bullying ways towards people. He even admits he told one of the people he was speaking with on the phone to “shut up”.

I’d say it was the actions of the Parents that caused this situation to develop at the school there but once again they are trying to place the blame on someone else.

It is these statements below that will ruin their chances of any further HRTO applications, as they clearly show they are the aggressors here!

Let me make this very clear, E will not be bullied by anyone in your school. E will defend himself with physical force at any time when he feels threatened with harm or is physically assaulted by a student.

E has every right under the law to react with physical force when confronted with potential or actual physical force.

Let me explain, E will at no time turn the other cheek and walk away when confronted with aggression from anyone, even if you and the DSBN state he must!

Fact: Fighting back makes the bullying worse

Encouraging children who are victimized to fight back can make the bullying interaction worse. Our research shows that when children use aggressive strategies to manage bullying situations, they tend to experience prolonged and more severe bullying interactions as a result.

Solution: Children should be encouraged to be assertive, not aggressive, and to tell a trusted adult about what has happened to them. To be assertive means that the child who feels bullied sends the message that the bullying behaviour is not OK and that he or she will report it to a responsible adult if it doesn’t stop. An assertive message is clear and respectful. It does not put down or insult the person who is bullying. Coaching and role playing can help children learn assertive responses.

The Parent’s Role

Parents are responsible for creating positive environments that promote children’s ability to create and maintain healthy relationships.  By helping children develop the essential social skills to navigate peer conflicts and by minimizing opportunities for negative peer interactions, parents can help adjust the imbalance of power inherent in bullying relationships.

Bullying can take on many different forms as children progress from early childhood to adolescence. During this time, your child could rotate between any of three characters: the one being bullied, the one bullying and the one watching it all happen. Regardless of what role your child plays, bullying has long-term negative consequences and must be challenged.

This section offers information and practical strategies parents can use to help their children build healthy relationships and prevent violence.

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