Adult Bullies Are Very Immature!

Immature people refuse to accept accountability for their actions. No matter what evidence you may have of their behaviour, they will never admit to it! They will make websites to share the issues they have with you, with the World! They go out of their way to spread malicious gossip and offer their unsolicited advice over how you do your job and even live your personal life.

I wanted to share this transcript I have today to show how Toxic these Tenants were, as they did go around the property talking about me, and they gave evidence of that action to HRTO.

Now, I take all this with a grain of salt as I have no idea what this person left out of this Transcript! I don’t trust them o be truthful, about anything, but they give enough away that I can use.

Below you will find some of the Transcripts given to HRTO by Toxic Adult Bullies for a conversation he had with one of the owners on October 25, 2017.

This document shows that these people were going around recording conversations with people on the property, without their permission. In Canada, you can record anyone on video, but you are not allowed to share that audio without that person’s permission.

This is just a little example of Toxic Adults Immaturity! They were going around recording conversations they had with other people, about me, spreading gossip and rumours about me to other people.

As for the words being used? I was doing my job, which includes filing with the Landlord and Tenant Board as needed, and this Tenant claims I am on a “power trip“.

I take it then that these Toxic People believe that every person doing a job is also on a “Power Trip“?

Actually, any person who might have any control over these Tenants, they will claim are on a power trip! That includes the building staff of any rentals they live in, the management company or property owners of that apartment building, SJTO Members, any Teachers or Administrators of their children’s schools,  and even the Police and government officials, they would consider are all on a “power trip” from the duties of their positions give them.

In the duties of my job, I was responsible to ensure that all Tenants follow the rules of apartment living as laid out by the Residential Tenancies Act. 

As noted below in the article I share, every workplace has a Code of Conduct they have to follow and I had mine.

The words below are the most important for me to show though, as they imply that I “kicked the hornet’s nest” and “pissed everyone off” and that “nobody” in the building “likes Stella.”

The line “kick the hornet’s nest” implies that they have no control over themselves, they cannot stop themselves from attacking me, no matter what I do! This line represents their actions, not mine. Unfortunately, I was in the position that no matter what I did, IN MY JOB, there would be times I “pissed off” Tenants and I accepted that. 

This statement showed me that the actions in my job were pissing off these Tenants and they felt no choice but to respond and come after me for it.

They didn’t “like” how I was doing my duties so felt entitled to attack me over it and try to make me compliant with what they wanted me to do instead.

That is all this is, retribution against ME FOR DOING MY JOB!

I was there to ensure the apartments were up to standard and that all rules of various agencies be followed, by every individual, including Tenants. In the process of doing my job, yes, I did tend to piss off Tenants, as they don’t like the changes I had to make. I accepted that. 

130. KR: But did they kick the hornets’ nest?
132. KR Did they kick the hornets’ nest? Did they piss everyone off? Nobody in this building
likes Stella.
133. She has her little click like her sister, she has I think..

To be honest, I didn’t care if any of the Tenants liked me or not. I wasn’t there to be “liked” I was there to do a job and sometimes the duties of my job will cause Tenants to not “like” me for those actions. I had to maintain a professional distance from Tenants and not get personally involved, as making friends with Tenants would only lead to what these Toxic People tried to do, which imply that I was giving “special treatment” to someone.

All their complaints, in the beginning, were about trying to claim that I was giving special treatment to certain Tenants over propane BBQs and Parking, even how maintenance was being done for certain tenants.  All they proved was that other Tenants also didn’t want to follow the rules, especially over the Visitor’s Parking.

I made the required changes that needed to be made, such as asking Tenants to Park in their own assigned spot and not take a Visitors spot, but I couldn’t “force” anyone to follow them, as you can see from these Tenant’s actions. There were many Tenants who were too lazy to park in their assigned spot, as it was too far from the entrance and they were only home for a “little while”.

At least, that was their excuse to me when I asked… There were times I would tell Visitors to go park in a tenant’s parking spot, as the tenant’s vehicle was currently parked in the Visitor’s area and there were no empty spots left. There were only 6 Visitors’ Parking spots that fill up quickly, mostly by Tenants! I tried to control that and even called Parking Enforment on them, but once these Toxic Tenants were allowed to park there, I refused to call Enforcement anymore on any Tenant, as it wouldn’t be fair.

In my 18-year career in property management, I have seen the damage that could be done if a staff member became too friendly with a Tenant living in the property she worked at, and I refused to go that route. I maintained a professional distance with all Tenants, at all times.

I never socialized with Tenants, and never went to their Apts. for a social visit and NEVER went up to them outside of the property, as there was no need to do so. As I said before, Tenants are just Tenants to me, nameless and faceless, as I was not responsible for the Tenants, but for the apartment and building they lived in.

That was how I maintained a professional distance, by thinking of them as Tenants, not friends not even family. I don’t even consider Tenants “acquaintances” of mine!,they%20have%20with%20that%20person.

The best way to avoid perceived conflicts of interest is by maintaining clear professional boundaries, especially by those in a position of power, such as employers, supervisors, managers, or instructors. In extreme circumstances it may be prudent to completely avoid forming any relationships with colleagues outside of work.


Many professions abide by specific Codes of Conduct, which set out and govern acceptable standards of behaviour in their specific industry and provide comprehensive guidelines as to what is considered appropriately maintained levels of professional distance in that industry. 

For example, an inappropriate level of closeness may mean one thing in the context of a school teacher, and another thing in the context of a physical therapist. Professions such as nursing, teaching and social work need to have an additional emphasis on protecting vulnerable persons (such as children, the elderly, the disabled, of the mentally ill) from unscrupulous persons of the effects of inappropriately close relationships. 

In other professions, such as aged care or legal services, it is vital that professional distance is maintained to avoid any perception (whether actual or imagined) of financial abuse and conflicts of interest, when a client confers excessive financial benefits on the service provider. 

One recent example of a breach of an industry specific Code of Conduct involved a police officer who sold confidential information and provided accident locations to a tow truck driver, who gained a financial advantage from arriving on the scene ahead of competitors. 

On many occasions, a failure to maintain an appropriate professional distance occurs inadvertently or without any intentional wrongdoing. While it is beneficial for colleagues to develop good relationships with their co-workers, it is important for all employees to be able to maintain a perception of professional distance so that it does not appear as though they are incapable of making impartial business related decisions. 

Broadly, if content is critical of a colleague, affects his/her reputation, is personal, hurtful, potentially embarrassing to a co-worker, or otherwise inappropriate, it could easily breach the requirements of professional distance. 


The best litmus test when assessing appropriate levels of professional distance between managers and employees, between co-workers or between employees and clients, is whether there could, in the view of a reasonable person, be a perception of inappropriate behaviour, conflict of interest, favouritism, nepotism, or even grooming. 

If there is any possibility that such assumptions could be made, then it is likely that professional boundaries are being crossed. 

70. KR: She left me sitting in my apartment 3 times not telling me

73. KR: 3 times she let me sit in my apartment, never bothered to come, left me sit there all day

79. KR: No, I mean the chick goes and says racist things in court, seriously?
80. L: Who?
81. KR: Stella, didn’t you see the order? Where he’s like she said stuff that was offensive?

83. KR: Racist.

85. KR: Yo, Louie, look at it like this.
86. L: You know what, honestly.
87. KR: She’s had…
88. L: That’s your interpretation
89. KR: She’s had it out for, she’s had it out since the first time we seen her over at that Happy
Panda. Since that day when I sluffed her off.
90. L She claims she has never been there.
91. KR: Is she gonna admit it?
92. L: Well she says she wants to know the time and date, and she’ll go find a recording. You
know what? KR you know what? You went to them ( WELL POINTING TO THE APPEAL
MATERIAL IN KR HAND ) and it effected me!
93. KR: Of course
94. L: You hit my business, okay!
95. KR: Well of course, it’s all I can do.
96. L: So well, right now you ( Inaudible )
97. KR: You know even, even when all this shit.
98. L: You know better.
99. KR: Shit started you could have come to me, Even when this all started, when she was serving
me N5 after N5 after N5.

104. L: You know, ( Inaudible ) people were telli ng me. You know what, you have to have a paper
trail of everything. ( Inaudible ), N5’s, Listen I have other places, N5’s is protection for you
and me.
105. KR Not for the tenant board.
106. L: No, no.. no, no, what happens with an N5 KR is that, it’s just a notification that you these
dates. If you don’t pay rent by this day we could push it to the next step. Now if I don’t give
that N5, right. And I went to the rent board, you know what they say to me? Did you give
the N5?
107. KR: That’s exactly.
108. L: ( Inaudible ) I’m telling you.
109. KR: But look, look at the times with pest control, cancelled the second day. She give me an N5
for it. They cancelled, we got the email from Stella, they cancelled the second day.
110. L: Yeah.
111. KR: So she gave me an N5.
112. L: You know what, everyone ones bitter, I mean, you know what if this, it like
113. KR: The chick is on a power trip L, simple as that.
114. L: Yeah I know.
115. KR: It’s a Power trip.
116. L: I see a whole power trip on both sides.
117. KR: No.
118. L: However, you know what, you don’t want to make that ( Inaudible ) stops with her
(Inaudible ).
119. L: Another things is, when she, when I asked her ( Inaudible ) I ( Inaudible ) , my company
( Inaudible )
120. KR: Louie
121. L: You were never, hold on, I’m the owner
122. KR: ( Inaudible ) A on time.
123. L: A yeah.
124. KR: And they ambushed AR, the time ah,
125. L: Are they here?
126. KR: Louie, the time the guy come to fix the bathroom,
127. L Yeah
128. KR: He just showed up, so I said come back in an hour. They called her in, there gonna kick
her out, is he does it again, blah blah blah, come on
129. L: You know what KR, their gone because they were, they were, they were bad news
okay. They would they would walk halls and ( Inaudible ) shit that ( Inaudible )
130. KR: But did they kick the hornets’ nest?
131. L: They would?
132. KR Did they kick the hornets’ nest? Did they piss everyone off? Nobody in this building
likes Stella.
133. She has her little click like her sister, she has I think..
134. L: No No, Ohh no
135. KR: Certain people.
136. L: You have this number to go to the lawyer so,
137. KR: Huh?
138. L: It’s got to go to the lawyer
139. KR: Yeah yeah
140. L: I was told that, so anything you have, nothing can be handed to me, just hand it over to him
141. KR: No Problem, no problem
142. L: That’s all I can do, alright?
143. KR Okay, in a little bit.

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