Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

December 3, 2018 – December 4, 2018 Toxic Adult Bullie looks for an extension to complete his paperwork required, for which dates of submission have already passed, and HRTO gives him till January 9, 2019 The applicant is granted until January 9, 2019, to complete and deliver the Reply to the Response (Form 3) to all parties named in the Application and file it, with a Statement of Delivery (Form 23), with the HRTO

Hello sir…I just got the other set of material from Luigi and Anthony today. I see that it was also sent out 2 weeks ago today. It appears that Canada Post workers are living up to their reputation of SNAIL MAIL. I want to know if I can get an bitvof an extension of let us say just a week? The issue of defer is a pretty big topic I have to deal with. I have a lot of case law, documents and arguements on the matter. And just sitting down and looking at what I have so far and where I want to be, well there is some distance between them. I dont want to rushed and forget some facts as I only get one kick at this can.

Subject: Extension # 2 Hello, I just spoke with the Legal Rights Support Center, they have as us to also request a 30-day extension so they can review our material and help us with our Applications in regards to the defer and dismissal requested by ONLY the 3 Respondents. So I would like to make that request please. I have attached all parties involved this time.

December 9, 2018- After getting an extension to finish his part of the process, answer to our replies and the questions within, Toxic Adult Bullie send a Form 10 to HRTO It is not fair to the Applicants that the HRTO has placed the Applicants into this situation, by not address their own request for consolidation from 4 months ago. Yet, here we are, the Applicants are being asked to supply at least 3 replies in connection to the HRTO now wanting to bundle with the Respondents.

By the HRTO making a finding on consolidating, it would at least give the Applicants some clarification and direction on what how to argue and preparing their reply(ies). My Response the same day, I have no interest in anything but the truth and the proof of that truth. You state I am a “racist, bigot, and out to get all black people removed from the building”, you claim I “lied and did illegal things in my job to create issues for you and your family and get you evicted” and I want that proof, not legal strategies. You can’t make something out of nothing by using “legal strategies”   Previous cases nor legal groundwork has nothing to do with this. You made allegations against me that you have to prove. It is that simple. Either you can prove it or you can’t, with all the letters, notices, emails I have sent to you while I was working here that you already sent to HRTO in your application.

December 9, 2018 – Back and forth email with Toxic Adult Bullie this day, received personal email from Toxic Adult Bullie- asking me to withdraw my Defer request, and I responded that “I would recommend that you complete the paperwork sent to you from the HRTO that you recently received, and asked for an extension that was accepted, for January 9, 2019. Toxic Adult Bullie then proceeds to send an email to HRTO Hello, I am not one to get into trivial things like others in the world, but I just felt the need to address the most recent attempts by Stella Reddy to again pull us into the rabbit hole with her. She has once again conveniently left out some of the emails in hopes of the HRTO buying into her outlandish and puzzling behaviour and at best conspiracy theories. Stella Reddy has no control over herself.  Instead of just responding and staying on topic, she rants, insults and then conveniently forgets to include this ranting email when complaining to the HRTO about myself. This in turn just forces me to address her behaviour and her deceitfulness. Which in turn just bogs down the whole process? Seeing how she is willing to behave like this openly with the HRTO and LTB, you can only imagine what she is like in person when others are not around? I guess I should not have unblocked her in hopes of seeing her response to today’s Form 10. I should have known better that Stella Reddy would have again used this opportunity to insult and tell us how wrong we are for filing with the HRTO and Divisional Court. Thanks and sorry for this stupidity.

December 10, 2018– Received another personal email from Toxic Adult Bullie – Dear Stella Reddy, you do understand you did refer to your own blood – As Black As You Can Get -You do know that there is a recording of you saying it? I mean, you said it, so own it. Do t be embarrassed by it now. If I was you I would stand on the highest mountain and say the words…. My nephew is a black as you can get! There is no need for ne to try and embarrass you, you did that yourself. The funny part is that you claim you did nothing wrong but you wont acknowledge what you said. LOL… you are definitely scared that your words are going to come back a hurt you. Because if I was in your position, I would be. As I said take pride in what you said, there your words. No need to be scared now about them. I responded the same day and cc’s HRTO Once again you are trying to put the spotlight on me and my actions instead of your own. I am sorry, it isn’t going to work. I await the response of the HRTO and January 9, 2019 for the next installment of this mess you have made. Do what you are required to do or dismiss it, it is your choice, leave me alone in the meantime. .

Attn: Registrar:

Please note I will not be responding to anymore emails unless requested by this office as Toxic Adult Bullie just uses them as an excuse to get at me more with his assumptions and I am tired of it. Please do what you need to do to get this settled. I hope now that everyone can see why I have been experiencing so many mental health issues since being here and dealing with these people and their actions with me. All the twists and turns of his words and assumptions would drive anyone crazy, I think! I am sorry I got sucked into those emails yesterday but I am so tired and fed up with reading the crap they write and the delays they are causing and I am getting pissed off over it all As I said in my email, I have nothing to hide.

December 11, 2018 – Attn: Registrar, I am writing to inform you of my conversation yesterday with my Doctor. As the applicants has taken another opportunity to attack me by email and once again put me under extreme stress, I are asking that this application be dismissed for vexatious reasons. They filed this application and have since gone out of their way to ensure that the respondents, like myself, do what we were required to do but they continually refuse to do so.

This process of receiving all emails over this application has been very stressful as every day I am waiting to see what crap they come up with, as I know they will always find something else in which to attack me over or to delay this application once again. I have been as traumatized by the application process just as much as the actions of the applicants have perpetrated against me. After reading more of Toxic Adult Bullie verbal abuse yesterday I went and saw my psychiatrist and I was an emotional mess. I did show him some of these emails and yes, I should not have engaged, but it is understandable for an reaction when I see what this person has written once again. Not only do I have to still live in the same building with these people and take the chance of running into them, as I have done at times like the past Friday, whenever I leave my apartment, but I also have to take the chance of opening my email every day and seeing more crap they have written. The emails written by Toxic Adult Bullie the past couple of days were made in the hopes of once again trying to show me in a bad light and shows where he takes everything and twits it into what he wants people to see. It is what he always has done, on paper and in person, and I am extremely fed up with it.

The taunting and assumptions that Toxic Adult Bullie continually makes over anything I say or do is very traumatic and has been constant and my mental health can’t take it anymore. I am not able to maintain the emotional stability to continue with this process. If their goal was to drive me crazy, they are succeeding, and I hope it makes them happy. Please let me know what I need to do to speed this up and have this application dismissed as I am not able to engage in the process anymore. I have been told that if this stress continues, I will end up in the hospital to get me away from everything and everyone and I will be unable to engage in anything and I cannot have that. I am not ending up in the hospital over these people, I refuse to let it get to that.

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