Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

June 9, 2018 – December 2019 -I received a lot of these emails, or similar to it, over the 19 months of HRTO, mostly when he didn’t get the response out of me that he wanted.; We are forwarding this email to inform you that we wish for you to stop harassing us with your pointless and ranting emails. You will have you day in court to present your defence. You again have brought stress upon the Applicant and our home. I n the future resist your urge to vent via emails to us. Please forward any LEGAL documents or anything related to your Human Rights application. Our emails are not here for you to plead your case or to tell us how wrong we are for enforcing our rights. All the best Toxic Adult Bullie

 These emails were sent to my employers in the hopes that my employers would get sick of the hassles this man was creating, and turn on me to fire me. He was looking to triangulate me with my employers and became a regular thing

June 10, 2018After I sent the personal email to Toxic Adult Bullie June 9, from my personal email, they respond with the email above and cc’d my employers, for which I got very embarrassed and overwhelmed by. This Tenant was talking about my private issues, my personal HRTO application, with my employers that they have no business doing. At this time, they knew my personal applications were dismissed, but I didn’t. I didn’t find out till June 14. I sent the response to them.  Please be advised that the Human Rights complaint, File #2017-08-24-17-30-08948. is a personal one, which is why I use personal email, and does not include Alto Properties Inc. nor the property owners, as the alleged conversation that you say happened took place away from the building before I was even employed here, and therefore you have no right to forward any email in regards to this personal Human Rights complaint to them. As such by you sending this email to them is against my privacy as well as more harassment, as you deliberately sent a email to the company and the property owners I work for concerning an issue they are not involved in in an attempt to demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat. Just as you did in October 2016 when you first sent those allegations of racism against me to my employers.  If you continue to send emails to the office and the property owners about anything concerning my personal Human Rights complaint not only, will they be used as more definitive proof of harassment but I will also file a complaint under the Privacy Act of Ontario for your sharing personal information with my employers over a personal issue, which is my right.

June 11, 2018 – June 12, 2018 – I sent email asking for specific date of this alleged prior meeting they claim we had, as I was leery about printing our so much paper for my Google timeline I had for every day in June 2016, but as I got no response, I did that anyway to show I was not in that restaurant, and never did go there. I also printed out my text and phone recorded for the hole month of June 2016 to show my whereabouts and actions for the whole month to show I was not near Toxic Adult Bullie as they claimed.

July 4, 2018 – I was on the phone with one of the property owners discussing work in the AM, an email pop up from 303- Toxic Adult Bullie once again, out of the blue. I started reading out this email to Louie Liscio over the phone and the next thing I remember is sitting on my bed, with all my clothes in garbage bags at my feet, and I was crying on the phone with the Mental Health Helpline, 2 days later! They got me to go to a Walk-in Clinic on Eglington/Kennedy area where I saw a psych doctor by video link. He gave me medications to calm me and referred me to the Scarborough Mental Health Dept. I was told I was in psychosis and to go home and not make any decisions or do too much, till I got to see a doctor for counselling.

 Subject: Email # 1  Hello, This email has been forward requesting that you please tell your employee Stella Reddy to quit emailing and harassing us. We do not have to live here and live this way, constantly being lectured by your employee who tries to insults us, bully and goes on excessively long and pointless rants. As you have encouraged this behaviour from her in the past, we would hope that this time you would ” Check ” and correct your employees’ behaviour. Our emails are not for ANYONES personal rants.

We request that you “check” your employee immediately. Toxic Adult Bullie

My husband won’t tell me everything that I said and did those 2 days, not even now, all he said was that his wife was not there and he didn’t sleep for 2 days either. All I know is that this email to my employers, the shame and humiliation of this situation, the pain and frustration of being personally attacked in that manner, accumulated that day and drove me into psychosis and I have not been the same since. The fear of being on display, put there by strangers to me, is what plays on me and these people use that to their advantage at all time. I quit my job, by email, and I became a hermit in my own home until I left Sept 15 2020.

August 13, 2018 – Received email from HRTO about consolidating the 4 files from Toxic Adult Bullie and as I no longer worked there, I didn’t want them consolidated but the Toxic Adult Bullie responded they did.

August 19, 2018 – I sent 6 emails with my Submission of documents for Stella Reddy file # 2018-32809-I and 2018-32811-I response. Typed response letter dated August 15, 2018. Racism@859kennedyroad.com printout of website I found online, Toxic Adult Bullie posts made on Facebook about Stella Reddy, including pictures of inside elevator , the application to Landlord and Tenant Board for hearing for eviction based on refusal of entry and Divisional Court Application they made for Appeal of Eviction they received. I am sending Exhibits # 10-13 showing email of Human Rights application I received in personal email as well June 4, 2018 including other emails I have received in my personal email for work-related issues and their complaining to the property owners in order to embarrass me that triggered my psychosis on July 4 as well as emails received August 4 when I was no longer working here. Divisional Court application we received and the Landlord and Tenant Board application for hearing from form N5 we used that got them evicted Sept 26, 2017. Please find enclosed my google timeline from June 1, 2016 – July 1, 2016.

August 21, 2018 – I get email from Toxic Adult Bullie bout harassing them with the CC’d email to HRTO I had sent on the 19th. I sent my submission to their applications and they claim it is harassing them to send it to them? Subject: Re: Emailing: 322014-081918 August 19, 2018 Response to HRTO Dear Stella Reddy, We are again forwarding this email for a 3rd time to inform you that we wish for you to stop harassing and trying to provoke a response from us with your pointless and ranting emails. As we have said before, you will have you day in court to present your defence. So please in the future, again try and resist your urge to vent via emails to us. Again please only forward LEGAL documents or anything directly related to our Human Rights application, and not your opinions. Our emails are not here for you to plead your case or to tell us how wrong we are for enforcing our rights. If you continue to behave in this manner we will have no other option that to seek some form of Police assistance in correcting your behaviour via a restraining order. All the best Toxic Adult Bullie   They were threatening to call the police for CC’ing them as required in the process of human rights.

August 21, 2018 was the first time I tried suicide by taking pills. October 18th was the 2nd time when hubby found me banging my head on the brink wall in our bedroom, trying to get the nasty words I had to read from Toxic Adult Bullie out of my head. The nasty words in the 107-page Statement of Facts were like a rollercoaster in my head and wouldn’t stop. All their recriminating words played over and over every day and night for all this time of the Legal processes.

August 27, 2018 – Sent a written page to HRTO to be added to my response to their Applications  Their accusation of racism against me is very traumatizing as I don’t get where it is coming from. To me it don’t matter what they look like, how they talk, or where they are from, they are still people. Hearing these accusations after 18 yrs looking after apartment buildings in Ontario was a shock to my system as it has bothered me extremely badly. I know they are not true; I also know the alleged meeting they said we had before I moved in to work here is also not true, but the accusations are still there and talked about in the building and they are online for anyone to see on that website they did. All you have to do is look for the building address or my name and it comes up and it plays on my mental health daily. Any prospective tenant looking for a place to live and does a search online for this property will find this website, as I have been told by some new tenants whom have moved in the past few months. 2 of the new tenants I rented to saw that website, and even though they told me they didn’t believe any of the info based on their interactions with me, it still bothers me that it is there and they saw it. It has been very demoralizing for me and played a part in why I quit.  It is hard to work when you get paranoid over what the tenants are thinking and if they saw that website or not.

August 28, 2018 – I had a visit from the Toronto Police Service as Toxic Adult Bullie had called them to see about having me charged for harassment under them, which he was informed he has no case for that. We were both instructed by the TPS that we were to have no contact with each other, not even by email, not even cc for this application and Toxic Adult Bullie broke that and I have informed the Police. Toxic Adult Bullie called the Police and while I was speaking to them, they told me that while we were in process with HRTO, there was nothing they could do about the gossip and smearing going on in the property with other Tenants.

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