Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

December 28, 2017 – I found website 859kennedyroad.com on the internet by doing a Google search of my personal name, stella reddy. When I researched it, it showed it was registered with Uniregistery on November 2, 2018 and even though it has changed content over time, it still remains. “This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the racist and anti-black behaviour of the owners of 859 Kennedy Road in Scarborough Onatrio Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio  Alto Properties Inc” This site contains pictures of myself, my husband, one of the Property Owners, and one of the building and had personal info about me and where to find me. I even had strangers make excuses to see a vacant apt. just to meet me because of the content on that site. Finding this site online made me very scared and paranoid. I also found the post and Polls on various Groups on Facebook that day. You can imagine what this did to my mental health and it just deteriorated quickly from there.

January 8, 2018Toxic Adult Bullie claimed that they found what could be the more evidence for why we were so motivated to have the Tenant and her family removed from the building, that I want to help make money for Alto Properties Inc. owner, and his son Alto Properties Inc. owner. He claims that “Stella Reddy believes that if she keeps lining the owner’s pockets with new forms of income from around the building. That owners will overlook her racist rants, prejudice behavior and deliberate attempts to inconvenience and stress out the Applicant and her family.”It appears that the saying – Money talks, and bullshit walks has new meaning. It appears that as long as Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy finds new ways to fill the owner’s pockets with cash, she is secure in her job.”

March 14, 2018 – March 17, 2018Parking Issues- Toxic Adult Bullie threatens to deduct rent if he gets a parking ticket for parking in Visitors. They continued to park in this area until they vacated as they refused to pay for parking, and tried to say it was free. I would no longer call Parking Enforcement over this area either. Toxic Adult Bullie did walk the property at night and took pictures of Tenants vehicles, inside and out, and their parking spots, even walked the property and took pictures of Tenants balconies and it was a serious invasion of their privacy. Again it appears to us that Stella Reddy has allowed for her personal beliefs and feelings towards Allison and our family to play a role in this poor decision making. She once again is trying to inconveniencing us. Someone with 2 parking spots should be the ones to find alternative parking for one of their cars/motorcycles as I was told for my one car. If not and you force me to find alternative parking and I have to pay for it. I will be deducting it from the rent. And Stella Reddy, herself had 2 parking spaces, 25 & 22. So apparently Stella Reddy wanted to keep the fact that she had a 2nd parked indoors from everyone in the building. Toxic Adult Bullie did proceed to discuss my two vehicles. What did my vehicles, and where they were parked even how I got them, have to do with Toxic Adult Bullie?

June 1, 2018 – Toxic Adult Bullie made a short rent payment, as she deducted funds for a toaster oven. When I asked her about it, she got upset once again. Alto Properties Inc. owner and Stella Reddy now decided they should capitalize on what they think is the Applicant and her husband finically challenging times, and they will seize the opportunity to try and build a new case to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Stella Reddy figured that this would be a great opportunity to kick the Applicant and her husband while they were down and now, after 8 months request the last month’s deposit that was used in October 2017.

If there could have been any doubts in anyone’s minds that Stella Reddy are not always trying in every possible way to inconvenience the Applicant and her family at every possible chance given to them. The actions of these 3 on them on June 2, 2018 remove any doubts. The question the Human Rights Tribunal has to ask is;

Why is it that suddenly Stella Reddy are so now interested in the Applicants last month’s deposit that was used in October 2017?

Why hasn’t Stella Reddy not try to make any attempts for the past 8 months to collect it?

Why is it that Stella Reddy have made absolutely no attempts for the past 9 months to repair anything in the Applicants unit, despite getting an Order from the city to do so?

With so much evidence against Stella Reddy of their racist, prejudice and inappropriate behavior. Why have they all continued to try antagonizing and inconveniencing the Applicant and her family?

With so much overwhelming evidence, why does Stella Reddy continue to fight this in the courts?

The fact that Alto Properties Inc. owner allowed Stella Reddy to file the original N5 to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Knowing all this evidence is against them and their staff and they still continuing to participate in the Appeal process, clearly shows that this is far more than just a landlord and tenant issue. This is evidence that this has become something very personal for Stella Reddy.

The Applicant and her family pay their rent on time, in full and take great care of the unit. They do not disturb other tenants and they get along with anyone in the building. So it is clear that these above facts are not any grounds to want an Applicant and her family out of the building. But what does make sense, is that Alto Properties Inc. owner have been following blindly and condoning the words and actions of Stella Reddy for personal reason that are truly only know to them. Whatever the reason are Alto Properties Inc. owner continue to endorse Stella Reddy and her employment and behavior. Their recent action is just another great example of everyone working in collusion to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. And for all of their bad-minded intentions and actions over the past 2 years, creating such a negative and hostile environment for the Applicant and her family. They cannot be rewarded and need to be corrected. Their behaviour is not social acceptable nor at any time have they acted in good faith or tried to cooperate with the Applicant and her family. All they have done is try to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building in retaliation for her enforcing her rights and for calling them out on their behaviour and actions.

Human Rights of Ontario Process June 4, 2018 – January 17, 2020

Teleconference was held by telephone January 17, 2020 and Toxic Adult Bullie never showed. January 22, 2020 received letter that all applications were dismissed, as the files were considered abandoned. I just did not have the Mental Health to re-apply as they said I could.

June 4, 2018 – I receive 2 Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario applications, with a 107-page Statement of Fact, on June 4 against myself, one for the Parents, Toxic Adult Bullie, and the other for both of their children.

They allege I violated their Human Rights in Race, Color, Ancestry, Place of Origin, Citizenship, Family Status, Marital Status, Receipt of Public Assistance, Association with a Person Identified by a Ground as Listed Above, Reprisal or Threat of Reprisal in Housing and claim they were Discriminated against in Goods, Services or Facilities. And the last date of discrimination was June 2, 2018 when I asked about the Short Rent Payment they made for June 1 by e-transfer.

June 6, 2018 – June 14, 2018– I email Human Rights of Ontario about these files, as I was very confused over why I was getting applications against me from the very same people I filed against. and was forwarded a letter response on. “On March 19, 2018, I wrote to advise you that the above captioned Application, filed under Section 34 of the Human Rights Code, and received by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) on August 25, 2017, was incomplete and could not be processed by the HRTO. In that letter I identified the issue with the Respondent’s contact information and that you provide alternate contact information or confirm that the Respondent still lives at the address provided. A deadline for a response to this issue to the HRTO was set for March 26, 2018. I never got this letter. It was because I had ? as one of the respondents, as noted on the rental application. They did inform me that day that any issues I may have with these Applicants, I can also get addressed in this process, but as their Human Rights Applications were dismissed because they were a no-show for the hearing, nothing about my complaints was ever done. I was told in January 2020 that I could re-apply, but why would I put myself thru that all over again? As per HRTO policy, I also had to forward this email I sent to Toxic Adult Bullie

June 9, 2018 – I sent a personal letter to Toxic Adult Bullie- Word Document – This is a letter from me, personally, not from the company. I am really tired of reading the crap you write as it actually makes me physically sick, it is so twisted. Those papers are not a statement of facts, it’s mostly your own personal opinions, hearsay, and speculations on what YOU think, and they are also full of your own discriminations and prejudices as well as opinions on how we should operate the building. All the emails, letters, posts on Facebook and the website you did, withholding rent, defying the parking rules, making threats that you will deduct rent over parking tickets, sharing personal information about other tenants on paper, even without names, as well as various others including what got you evicted, is breaking the rules, not only of the RTA but also of Privacy Act and Human Rights. You even added in there your harassment of another tenant in trying to get him to sign something for you! Where in that letter do I say I got a complaint or spoke to tenants? The adjudicator, whom you called “ghetto” in these papers, which is discrimination, took a week to complete the eviction order as he took his time, but in the end, he knew the tenant/landlord relationship had deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be fixed, which is a reasonable conclusion to come too after hearing everything, and as a result, you and your family were evicted based on the fact that you both were so vehement in your refusals of entry for repairs. He states that in the order and this is why he chose the eviction. There was no bias, no one will give a shit what I said out of frustration over your lies, as in the end, it was what you did that got you evicted! My reaction is a normal human reaction to hearing details of a lie you perpetuated to base your accusations on and as you seem to be continually keeping it up, without even proof that this even happened, is harassment as defined by the Human Rights. As he stated in the lines below, you both were so vehement in your refusal to cooperate with access and it is this continued vehemence that got you evicted. I am sure the hearing recording as well as the transcript of the hearing, will show this vehemence from both of you. You and your family were evicted based on your own actions! As you still continue to be so vehement in your actions and words, which these 107-page papers prove with everything else you have done since this hearing, especially with the visitors parking, it is only strengthening those convictions within everyone that you will not be able to live in this building peacefully and be able to abide by the rules like everyone else.

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