Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

September 26, 2017 – October 3, 2017 – Landlord and Tenant Board Hearing:  When waiting for hearing to be held at the Landlord and Tenant Board we were given Tenant’s Application paperwork for their own filing with the LTB that was scheduled for October 31, 2017. Hearing held at LTB where I learned of husband’s name. I also heard details of this alleged[LR4]  prior meeting they claim we had at some restaurant that had since closed, where they claim I went up to them outside while they waited for a table and asked where she was from and called her children malutto. They admit they had no evidence to prove their claims. I know this meeting never happened.

It appears that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy wants the SJTO adjudicator Kevin Lundy to believe that a Caucasian, late 50’s female, born and raised in Canada did not know what the word “ Mullato ” meant. For Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy to even try and convince anyone of this, only shows here desperation to try and free herself of her actions. I guess that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy will say that she does not know what the words Nigger or Spook means next, and that she will have to go once again to her niece to get some cultural awareness lessons on inappropriate vocabulary. It is so ridicules for Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy to make such a far-reaching statement, and to believe that she believed she could convince the SJTO adjudicator Kevin Lundy or anyone in the gallery listening to it. And still Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy acts as if she is so naive as to know what the word “ Mullato ” means, and yet she claims she cannot be a racist despite using prejudice slurs like the word ” NEWFIE ” in a public forum.

September 26, 207 October 31, 2017Received Toxic Adult Bullie application for LTB scheduled for October 31, 2017. Upon being called before the Adjudicator, Toxic Adult Bullie dismiss their application. 

October 20, 2017– Received paperwork for their Filing with Divisional Court for Appeal on Eviction. Hearing was held February 19, 2019 and Decision Released April 15, 2019 lifting the Appeal and allowing the eviction to continue. Sherriff was applied for on April 21 and they had not come by the time Tenants moved out on their own June 1, 2019.

October 21, 2017- Personal Journal EntryThe issues with 303 is driving me nuts. They state some big conversation that happened in some restaurant last yr yet the letter we got never mentioned any restaurant nor that was it in June. If this all happened in June why did they wait to complain in August? They are lies but a lot of their issues are based on lies. They hope the process to wear us out and give in. I am pissed as well. When all this started with these tenants last yr I should have stuck to my guns and followed through then, not give in to Anthony when he asked me to let it go and allow them to pay by etransfer. We are here now and it could have already been settled last year. A lot of my conversations with Anthony lately make me feel bad as he is always questioning me about what could happen. He was saying yesterday that the paralegal recommended we get a lawyer for the hearing with divisional court and he was complaining about the money, about the hassle. Unfortunately, in this business it happens. Either you fight the tenant or you give in to their demands to keep the peace and he tends to go for the latter for less hassle. I feel undermined and micromanaged and it is slowly getting to me. No one likes to be questioned all the time. He even mentioned that Jeff the paralegal asked who took care of it hearing and when Anthony told him I did Jeff said it might cause issues, like this is all my fault. Its bloody depressing! Everything has been pissing me off. Louie always asking me if I am ok, saying I don’t look happy, that I look like I have a lot on my mind. Of course, I do. No one can be happy and upbeat all the time. I’ve told him what is going on with me, my health and the stress of all the crap from tenants. Geez what does he think I am? Someone who can ignore everything going on and stay chipper and smiling all the time? There’s too much going on with all the buildings and this landlord licensing. The stress of what needs to be done and what I can actually do it wearing me out. My mind is always in conflict, over what I want to do and what I can do and its making me feel worse. I just can’t do it anymore, the round and round of my thoughts is crazy, and I end up feeling like crap. I am depressed, hurt all the time. I am tired. Tired of fighting with tenants, fighting for fairness and to follow the rules for everyone’s safety. Tired of not dependable contractors, tired of listening to complaints. Just tired of all this job. I am also tired of feeling crappy. My whole body feels seized up and hurts all the time. Headaches so much lately, feeling weak and not much energy. I force myself to do the smallest thing and just the thought of moving, walking the stairs, walking anywhere. I need to do something, need to make a decision. I am a strong person, in thought and determination, but I can handle only so much.

November 8, 2017 – Toxic Adult Bullie begins his smear campaign within the property about me to other Tenants. His application to HRTO clearly shows his attempts to gather other Tenants against me. He phoned the male occupant from unit # 406 at 15:04 and asked if he could drop by so they could talk about unit #203 signing a letter about the air conditioner. At 17:41 the male occupant from unit # 406 calls the Applicants husband and ask him to meet him in the stairwell of the building. At that time the male occupant from unit # 406 stated that Alto Properties Inc. owner approached him and began question him as to why he was talk with the Applicant and her husband? The male occupant also went on to say that Alto Properties Inc. owner made a threat to him about giving problems to Alto Properties Inc. owner Stella Reddy, and that he needs to stop or he will have to “Remove” him and his family from the building. At the time the male occupant reassured the Applicant husband that he was not intimidated by the comments made by Alto Properties Inc. owner, and that he will definitely now get in contact with unit # 203 for him. – Fast forward to June 3, 2018, the Applicants husband phone the male occupant from unit # 406 to discuss what was previously talked about in the stairwell back on November 8, 2017. The male occupant again clarifies that Alto Property Inc. owner did threaten him and his family with eviction if they did not quit giving Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy about her behavior.

November 15, 2017 – December 20, 2017 – Toxic Adult Bullie and his friends in #402, were pushing his Agenda with other Tenants for his Tenants Association and petition against me, especially with #406 & #203, trying to get the Tenants of #203 to sign a letter for them to put with their Divisional Court app that I lied about talking to someone there about water dripping off A/C. Reading this in this document given to HRTO, really scared me. If he did this, I can only imagine what else he did!  They started discussion how it was that no one from their home complained or discussed with Stella Reddy the Applicants air conditioner dripping on their window ledge. I can video you stating that this conversation about my air conditioner never happened and I can play it for ghetto judicator. I totally understand you might be scared and worry for your family. But if you let this slide you are playing right into what she wants. Stella and Alton Properties do what they do because everyone is scared. If you do nothing they are going to know you got a copy of the letter and did nothing. If you think Stella is bad now with her N5 ‘ s. Do nothing and then watch her. Right now she being quite because of all the court stuff I am doing to her and Alto Properties. But when that is all said and done she will return to her old bully ways. Your letter or conversation with Stella will go a long way in getting her out of here. Plus I have to think that if she is found to be guilty of lying about you and your family. There has to be some legal compensation you can go after in the Landlord Tenant Board or civil court . There is no way she can call your name in something without your permission. Especially when it is a lie. Anyways please let me know where you stand about this issue and how you would like to proceed in dealing with Stella. If you do not reply I will assume that you are not willing to stand up against them and I will not bother you anymore. Thanks Kory ”  “I am going to tell the human rights board they can call you but do not let Stella or Alton Properties know what you talked about or even that they called you because of concerns for retaliation. It would be so much easier if you and 203 just wrote me a quick letter, but it appears 203 has had a sudden change of heart in regards to talking to Stella about the letter. Please let me know. We can’t have Stella and the owner trying to intimate and threaten people and getting away with it. The problem will only get worse. Strength comes in numbers. Thanks Kory ”- On this same day at 10:18/10:19 the Applicants husband sends a WhatsApp text to the gentleman from unit # 203 where he stated “ Alto Properties Inc. owner is a bully just like Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy and they both have the same mentality. Cross our paths and we will have you removed from the building in retaliation for disrespecting out authority.”

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