Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

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Sept 1, 2016 – Sept 2, 2016 – Issued Notice of Entry for Pest Control on Sept 2, 2016 1-5 pm. Pest Control was completed in 303. Noted in Tenant File on Pest Control treatment form that Technician noted “excessive” powder placed about the unit and he was concerned about the dust being dispersed when they walk in it, as what the Tenant was using was toxic to humans too.

October 4, 2016 – I did an inspection of this apartment, that was to be a yearly thing for maintenance and other issues. Noted window glass missing, bathroom ceiling needed to be sanded and painted, as was already plastered.  Later that day, hubby issued Notice of Entry for Oct 7, 2016 from 1-5 to measure for window glass and had No issues with entry and glass measurement.

October 11, 2016 – October 19, 2016 – Issued Notice of Entry for Annual Fire Inspection by Mircom Guardia, Fire Safety Company on contract for property, scheduled for October 19, 2016. Fire Inspection was completed in all units by Mircom Guardia and property owner, Louie Liscio went around with them with my husband. They found the smoke detector that was supplied to this unit #303 was disconnected by the Tenant, as he said it was beeping but he didn’t notify staff. Smoke detectors in units are connected to the building fire system.  I did ask the owner of he wanted me to call the Fire Marshall about the disconnected smoke detectors located in the building, not just this unit, but he said no. We found 5 units with smoke detector disconnected.

October 14, 2016 – October 17, 2016 – Notice of Entry given for Ace Glass to come and install window glass on October 17, 2016 from 9-5 pm. As per Ace Glass, technician was coming to take measurements as wanted to do their own, leave to cut glass, and return the same day to install. Would need 2 entries at 2 different times of the day. – Got a call from Ace Glass in am that they had to reschedule as technician daughter was sick and had no child care, so had to stay home with their child. Issued a new Notice of Entry for next day for Ace Glass.  Toxic Adult Bullie, she sends email claiming fire inspection not needed and claiming I am making “off the cuff” appointment to inconvenience them. Claiming I am deliberately screwing up dates on purpose. “Obviously you are not capable of, or just don’t care about what myself and family have planned for the week enough to following up with contractors and informing me in a properly, professional or even in a reasonable manner of any “sudden” changes. So from this date forward we will work together to ensure that things are done properly and respectfully of everyone schedules and rights. I am forwarding this email to inform you that I will not be allowing you access to my unit ( 303 ) on October 18, 2016 as you have request to once again look at replacing the window that you have not been able to fix since I first requested it in or about September 2015. Once again you set the time and the date for your convenience, and once again you failed to show up as scheduled. In the future I will inform you when I will be able to allow you access to my unit regarding the window. As this is not an emergency issue, there is certainly no sense of urgency that would require it to be done immediately which would inconvenience me and family. ”

October 18, 2016 – Tried to arrange meeting in Office with Property Owners and tenants to discuss their emails and letters they sent but Tenants refused to meet in the office, wanted the meeting in their apartment which the Owner refused to do as not professional setting.

October 20, 2016 – Issued Form N5 to Toxic Adult Bullie for refusing Ace Glass entry on October 19, 2016, as per Notice of Entry given. Gave 7 days to allow access for glass replacement. Ace Glass refused to return so I called another glass company, and they too were denied entry. As Tenant advised entry would not be gained for Glass company, I had issues getting a Glass Technician to come to replace the glass needed in this unit. Any contractor becomes weary about attending to a unit when there are issues with entry and I don’t blame them. Owners told me to give up, so I did. The Applicant stated “ I have given you access to my unit on 3 separate occasions already within the last month and half, and each time you have made no attempts to try and accommodate myself or my family in regards to the time and dates and if they worked for us or not. ”  “ It also again appears to me that you are also deliberately screwing up dates in hopes of again trying to get into my unit alone with someone being there. I am not sure what your fascination is with getting into my unit unattended? ”

July 13, 2017 – Sent a letter to Toxic Adult Bullie about their Air Conditioners dripping onto the window sill, and balcony, below them, that I saw while out walking the property, causing discoloration on the brickwork and splashing into the window of the unit below. They later tried to use this letter against me with the Tenant of that unit, tried to cause more trouble.

August 21, 2017 – August 24, 2017 – After ignoring these tenant for 11 months, they sent a Maintenance Request for bathroom ceiling only for repairs. I issued Notice of Entry for 2 days later, so there are no complaints about not getting enough notice, and I was refused entry again by the male there whom I thought was Darwin Charles, calling me racist and out to get all black people removed from the building. He was very vicious in his verbal attack of me, and it did scare me. I went home and filed a Human Rights Complaint myself for the treatment they have shown towards me, File Number, File # 2017-08-24-17-30-08948. It was later dismissed as I didn’t get mail they sent.

August 23, 2017 – Toxic Adult Bullie once again emails a complaint about Notice given to her.  Hello Stella, I received the letter and the notice of entry. I do not understand why you need to come and see what needs to be done and then make the necessary arrangements to have the work done. Seeing that this is not a new problem you saw the ceiling late year when you came to do your yearly inspection. And did none thing. Just thought that you all were just coming to fix the problem not come take a look and I have to wait again. Not sure for how long this time. Anyways see you tomorrow. ”

August 24, 2017 – Toxic Adult Bullie, Tenant Wrote in Application to Human Rights these sentences concerning these dates- Again we have more questionable and problematic actions by Stella Reddy who is again deliberately using the worse possible method of trying to get the Applicants bathroom ceiling repaired. These deliberate and malicious actions by Stella Reddy once again clearly show again that she was doing everything within her power to inconvenience and harass the Applicant and her family. They now begin to understand what has behind Stella Reddy Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour or OCD to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building

August 25th, 2017 –The Tenant sent email at 14:25 where she stated “ Dear Stella, I want to review immediately the video from yesterday ( August 24, 2017 ) from 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm that was recorded from the security system in the hall towards my door ”  Upon not receiving a response me, the Tenant forwarded a second email at 15:18 where she stated “ Dear Stella and Louie, I am informing you that I want to see the video from yesterday ( August 24, 2017 ) between the times 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm. I believe that you tried or did enter my unit while I was out yesterday. If you delete the video, I can only conclude that you are trying to hide your actions from yesterday. I will be filing a complaint” After reminding the tenant we have no key, she sent this email at 18:35 and stated “ Dear Louie & Stella, According to your email, you have stated that you do not have a key for my deadbolt/front door. I find it particularly interesting that after me living here for over 2 years, whereas you have been the super for over a year of the time. And suddenly the day after you came to my unit, apparently after drinking and smelling of alcohol, without a contractor to assess the work that need to be done. And refusing to allow you into my home once again for a 5th time to only view an ongoing problem that you are already aware since last year and have made no attempts to fix. You now suddenly serve me again with another spiteful N5, and you just now realized that you do not have a key for my unit? So the question that now needs to be asked is where did the key to my unit go that you had? When I moved in I was told that the deadbolt was a brand new unit and I only got 1 deadbolt key, 1 front door key and 1 mail box key. I would assume that the building would have kept a key for themselves from the new package as they commonly come with 2 keys. Which according to you has now suddenly disappeared/got lost and cannot be located. I would suggest that you go to the office and do another extensive search for my key as maybe it was misplaced while you were renovating the office. I do not feel comfortable with the idea that there is a key to my unit out there and you have no idea where or who has it. It also appears that you have no idea when it went missing while in your care. If you are still unable to locate the key to my unit. I would expect you to replace the deadbolt for my unit with a brand new, still in package unit and I will get extra keys made. Of which I will forward you the receipt and take it of my rent for that month, seeing that I had to make 2 brand new copies previously at my own expenses when I moved in. Being that the building lost the key to my unit. You will be responsible for the replacement of my extra keys. If that does not work for anyone. I will go and buy a brand new deadbolt, get a third key made and I will forward you a key and the receipt of which I will again take it off my rent for that month. Labour is free.

By this day in August 2017, I was starting to feel that no matter what I did, or how I did it, it would never be good enough for these Tenants and I was feeling micromanaged, my every act and word was being watched and picked apart by their personal speculations over why they feel I did or said what I did.

August 29, 2017 – September 1, 2017 – Sent Notice of Entry to Tenant to change the apartment door lock for ease of Entry in the future, but once again Tenant refuses to allow it to be done at the time requested. Tenant wrote at the time the following about me: It is pretty obviously Stella Reddy only motives for filing her bias and racially motivated eviction application where not that because of the refusal of a lock change, where it will be proven that Stella Reddy threw away the key from. lock box to create the tool that provoked the lock change as to inconvenience, stress and harass the Applicant and her family. . It cannot be argued that Stella Reddy harassed and inconvenienced the “Black” Applicant only because she refused to no longer tolerate Stella Reddy bias, bully, racist, bigot and childish games towards her and our family. It is also going to be proven with Stella Reddy own documents that she had intended to present to the tribunal alter and fake documents as factual evidence in an attempt to have the “Black” Applicant and her family removed from building. It has already been shown that there is a pattern of bias behavior that is consistent throughout this application Stella Reddy is someone who was trying to harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten and interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of the Applicants and her family. It will also be proven with Stella Reddy own words that she makes discriminating and prejudice charged statement against her own family and community in a public setting at a Landlord and Tenant Hearing without fear of any repercussions. And it finally it has been shown that Stella Reddy sees the Applicant as nothing more than just a “Black” person and that in every opportunity Stella Reddy has gotten, she tried to taint the Applicant and our family as being uncivilized and uncooperative with misleading and even with outright lies.

September 5, 2017– Issued Form N5 to Tenants for refusing access for the lock change, and as it was the 2nd N5 given to them, both Forms were used to file for mediation with the Landlord and Tenant Board, which was filed online that afternoon, over the refusal of entries. Hearing was scheduled for September 26, 2017

September 8, 2017- September 11, 2017 – I get a request from tenant for copies of Maintenance requests in tenant file and I give it to her on Sept 11 when she proceeds to claim I “forged” hand written notes on the documents. It appears by looking at this altered document that the untruthful words “No Keys” is an afterthought and written as a side note after the original not was made. It also appears to have been written in a different pen, maybe different color as it appears to be a slightly thicker stroke than the pen that was originally used to write the other note. So again, it appears that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy had deliberately made false statements on a legal document that she used or intended to use to have the Applicant and her family removed from the building. Why else would Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy have created this legal document if she never intended to submit it to the Government agency, like the Landlord and Tenant Board?

September 2017 – This is when my paranoia kicked in and I was starting to feel like I am being Stalked within the property, my every move was being watched and examined by Toxic Adult Bullie and their friends in the property they had gained by then.  I became aware of a Tenants Association being set up in the property and there was a petition going around by Toxic Adult Bullie asking tenants to sign it to take to Landlord and Tenant Board to get me fired. I had a couple of tenants come to me about Toxic Adult Bullie knocking on their door, requesting that they join him in getting rid of the “racist staff”. As per HRTO files, Toxic Adult Bullie made contact with another Tenant of #406 and spoke about letter they received over A/C dripping onto Unit below. The Applicants husband and the husband from unit # 406 speak on numerous occasions on the phone in regards to Tenant Association and other topics. Tenants of #405 also joined but later told me they wanted nothing to do with it, it wasn’t what they thought it was. I had many Tenants come to me during this time as they were feeling very pressured by Toxic Adult Bullie to join them against me and the Property Owners. It was becoming very uncomfortable for me. I overheard Toxic Adult Bullie in the Lobby talking to people as they came and went about their eviction and how I am racist, all while I sat in the office and able to hear every word he said. The Property Owners did send out a letter to the Tenants about it on Sept 21, 2018.

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