Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

September 20, 2019I made my first website, koryread.ca and called it Kory Read’s confession that I had for 4 months and as you can see with the submission, they made to HRTO in the Form 10, is full of more false allegations and unreasonable requests. I felt bad over this site and took it down. Emotional dissonance they call it, when you feel uncomfortable with an action you did as it goes against your moral code. October 5, 2019 – Toxic Adult Bullie submits a Form 10 to HRTO about it, also claiming I made up a bunch of fake emails too! Talk about Hypocrisy!

It has come to our family’s attention that again Stella Reddy has escalated her racially motivated and hatred filled personal attacks in retaliation against our family to levels that have now become illegal and even more concerning to our family for our safety. On September 20, 2019 Stella Reddy began stealing and using Toxic Adult Bullie identity on her website for her own personal gain.

https://kread91.wixsite.com/koryread   First, why would Stella Reddy expect anyone who views her self-serving, phoney website assume that it was anyone other than Kory Read writing these false, misleading, shocking and self-condemning post?  In fact, Stella Reddy also does not make any mention during these eight days that she is in fact stealing and assuming Kory Read’s identity, the whole time impersonating him for her own personal gain. The whole time pretending to be Kory Read in this extreme over the top and malicious manner with no with fear of consequences or repercussions, while portraying Kory Read as hateful, spiteful and an overall terrible individual. Reading the rest of Stella Reddy’s disturbing and alarming phoney website ( Kory Read’s Confession Blog ) in its entirety. It is obvious and clear that it is very offensive and abusive towards Kory Read and our family. The SJTO/HRTO has to realize that this website is nothing more than Stella Reddy making deliberately inaccurate, fabricated, untruthful and appalling statements on the behalf of Kory Read for her own personal gain, joy and relation for filing with the SJTO/HRTO.

So let’s clarify. Stella Reddy claims “ I want to catch anything noted about me, ” This statement is so grossly exaggerated and an outright lie that it again goes to show how Stella Reddy will just make up false propaganda to try and prove and justify her threating and stalking behaviour. This is the same type of racist, arrogant and narcissist behaviour that we have all seen from her in past, when she deliberately tried to lie to the SJTO/HRTO to try and get what she was after. It has all been noted in the documents, with evidence and placed in the SJTO/HRTO file. Think about this… If Stella Reddy is willing to lie to the SJTO/HRTO over a simple thing like just being called a Property Manager vs. a Superintendent. What isn’t Stella Reddy willing to lie about to the SJTO/HRTO? The issue of Property Manager vs. Superintendent is such an insignificant issue, yet Stella Reddy HAD TO TRY and lie and convince the SJTO/HRTO that she was not a Property Manager. FOR NO REASON! This act of lying by Stella Reddy alone, says a lot about Stella Reddy and what she is capable of doing to make her look like the poor innocent victim in all of this. Our family is confused as to why Stella Reddy would say such a thing? Is it because our children are bi-racial ( Black & White ) that Stella Reddy makes these false and misleading statements about our children? Is Stella Reddy now trying to portray them as ANGRY BLACK CHILDREN like their ANGRY BLACK WOMAN mom? It appears that Stella Reddy loves to label Black People as angry, why?

Because you’re racist member Kevin Lundy allowed Stella Reddy to portray Allison Read as a stereotypical Angry Black Woman at the LTB hearing without Stella Reddy ever having to produce a single piece of evidence to support her racist arguments. So, now Stella Reddy thinks that she can get away with labelling our children as Angry Black Children, who are shit disturbers and are actively involved in all of this foolishness, by implying to the SJTO/HRTO that they have previously post things about her on their social media accounts. Again without ever offering a single piece of evidence to back-up her implied bigotry comment about or children. You see Stella Reddy got away with this stereotypical racist Angry Black Woman tactic at the LTB hearing with Allison Read, and her behaviour was not corrected by your racist member Kevin Lundy. So being who Stella Reddy is, she now thinks she can again escalate this new racist lie to now included our children under the same Angry Black Person persona. Let us remember that our family finally moved out when it was exposed that Stella Reddy and Russell Reddy were video recording our family from around the building, and that they were sharing it with other tenants. This unhealthy behaviour scared our children to the point where they would not travel around the building alone. Our daughter would wait outside the building for ½ hour until I ( Kory Read ) got home from picking up her brother Eexii from school, because she was scared she would run into Stella Reddy or Russell Reddy in the elevator, hallway or stairwells. Their admitted unnatural and disturbing stalking behaviour of our family and children was the turning point for our family. We no longer felt safe and the children were trapped in their own home as they would not leave it without one us ( their parents ) being present to accompanying them to the park or by a friend’s house. And yet, Stella Reddy can not find one piece of material/evidence that our family has ever threatened or even implied any harm to her and her family. Despite all the prejudice things she said and done to our family over the years. The funniest part of all this is that Stella Reddy told the SJTO/HRTO that she needed to have a Summary Hearing via phone because she was so fearful of our family, and the SJTO/HRTO conveniently bought right into it.

You gave Stella Reddy what she wanted without any proof ever being offered by her to justify her request. And now Stella Reddy again wants something and as previous patterns and habits go with Stella Reddy. She is going to try her luck again with the SJTO/HRTO and her – play the pity card, and the I’m so scared routine to get what she wants. Stella Reddy figures she suckered the SJTO/HRTO into believing it once, she can do it twice! But do Stella Reddy’s fabricated claims of fear of our family really warrant her scared pity story? NO! It appears more like that Stella Reddy loves the idea of trying to antagonizing our family, the whole time looking for a response. People who are legitimately scared of people don’t go out of their way to..

– kick the hornet’s nest,

– poke the bear, or

– wake up the sleeping giant.

But here is scared little Stella Reddy doing all of the above, and then putting on a big show about how she is so frightened of our family and the retribution that we MIGHT do to her based on what? ABSOLUETY NOTHING!!! What Stella Reddy is truly afraid of is having to go to trial or having a hearing where she has to appear in person ( hence her request for a Summary Hearing via phone ). Where Stella Reddy would have to then explain everything in person, having to try and explain away all of her discriminatory behaviour, all of her racist remarks and actions and the endless amounts of lies she got caught telling to the SJTO/HRTO and the world. Stella Reddy’s biggest fear is appearing in person, because she can not hide behind her computer monitor and ignore the facts. She can’t just sit back and take her time while in person trying to think of excuses until she gets one that she likes. Stella Reddy is a horrible liar, and even worse when trying to lie on the fly. This is what Stella Reddy is really afraid of…

You see Stella Reddy loves to deliberate lie and use exaggerations based on absolutely NOTHING in her attempt to embellish and portray our family as a group of crazy lunatics that are unpredictable, unstable and violent.

But this is not the end of Stella Reddy and her unlawful and fearless behaviour. Stella Reddy has now use Kory Read’s identity again, this time to try and illegally obtain a 2nd set of mailbox keys to our families mailbox on St. Clair Avenue. That leaves only Stella Reddy, who has shown by her own actions and words to be spiteful, ventitive, verbally abuse and offensive towards our family since filing with the SJTO/HRTO in June 2018. This illegal behaviour by Stella Reddy to commit fraud against the Government of Canada/Canada Post and against our family is directly at the feet of the SJTO/HRTO, as you chose to enforce the ACT over the needs to protect our family from admitted stalkers and their clear and obvious threats of violence and harm to our family and children. It is clear that Stella Reddy, who has openly admitted to the SJTO/HRTO to threatening our family with violence, openly admitted to stalking our family and now has arrogantly openly admitted to performing identity fraud, without fear, by using Kory Read’s identity to run an internet blog, under his name, and using his identity to making false claims and self-implicating statements to clear her own racist and discriminatory behaviour.

Who has sent our family numerous emails in her attempt to harass and be nuisance, along with again threats of violence to our family. Who wouldn’t believe that Stella Reddy could not and would not apply online, hidden behind her computer monitor, under Kory Read’s identity, making a false application for his families mail box keys to a Government Agency/Canada Post using information obtained irresponsible through the SJTO/HRTO?

Our family does not have to explain, nor justify why would Stella Reddy would do such a blatant and illegal thing, but we can say that Stella Reddy has taken her pattern of lying to the LTB and the SJTO/HRTO to new levels and now has done it to the Government of Canada/Canada Post. Stella Reddy being the opportunist that she is, could not resist the opportunity to reach out and again in retaliate against our family for filing with the SJTO/HRTO in June 2018, with the same mailing information provided by the SJTO/HRTO to obtain a second set of keys for our mailbox. Stella Reddy’s racist hatred for our family is so deep, that she used this same SJTO/HRTO privileged information given to her in confidence, for her own personal gain to retaliate against our family. Stella Reddy did not care if it makes the SJTO/HRTO look bad in the end, for putting themselves out there, to give her our mailing address, despite her and her husband’s Russell Reddy well document threats of violence and stalking behaviour. In Stella Reddy’s world it is all about Stella Reddy and what she wants in the end, and Stella Reddy will screw over anyone, including the SJTO/HRTO for her own personal gratification. Again, Stella Reddy was using these fake identity’s, fake emails address, multiple times over the past few months, prior to Canada Post in her attempts to harass and intimidate our family.

And because Stella Reddy got away with these previous fake identities for a couple of months, Stella Reddy escalated her identity fraud to now included Kory Read and the Government of Canada/Canada Post.

Again, this all goes back to Stella Reddy and her narcissist attitude that when she is not checked by Government Agencies for her behaviour. Stella Reddy will accelerate her pattern of racist and vindictive behaviour to a higher level as she interrupts it as being acceptable because no one said anything about it. This is a complaint that our family has been arguing and pointing out since the beginning of this whole situation and yet NO ONE from Luigi Liscio, Anthony Liscio, David Strashin, Kevin Lundy, the LTB, Divisional Court, the SJTO or the HRTO have cared to address with Stella Reddy or dealing with her. We make this request because as of right now the Police will not get involved, and it is only with the assistance of the SJTO/HRTO that they will even begin to investigate this illegal behaviour of Stella Reddy and possible her husband Russell Reddy. If the SJTO/HRTO does not make an order to request Stella Reddy’s internet activities/history/usage for her home computer and cell phone than it is clear that the SJTO/HRTO is again trying to protect Stella Reddy and her illegal behaviour in their attempts to protect their racist member Kevin Lundy.

There is more than enough reasonable evidence to suggest that Stella Reddy commit fraud against the Government of Canada/Canada Post in her attempt to obtain illegal keys to our family mailbox.

A printout of Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will certainly without a doubt, show the numerous emails and threats sent to our family hidden behind a fake identity will have been sent at the same time Stella Reddy was visiting the site/page. Comparing the times of the emails to Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will undoubtedly show a direct connection to Stella Reddy the “ anonymous ” email and other emails. Getting Stella Reddy internet activities/history/usage will put to rest any doubts these emails that were sent to our family with threatening statements like “ I am coming for you!! ” and “ I AM HOPING THAT YOU GO KILL YOURSELF OR HAVE A STROKE AND DIE! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FUCKING ASSHOLE AND YOU BETTER HOPE I DONT FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE AND GET MY HANDS ON YOU! ” were in fact sent from Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy’s behaviour in part from beginning has always been the classic tale of a racist and a bigot who hates the idea that a Black Woman with an interracial family are doing better in life than she is

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