Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

October 14, 2019 – Email from Toxic Adult Bullie How much time does the SJTO/HRTO need so they can address all of our recent Form 10’s? We would like a response no later than Wednesday, as at that time we will file with the Ombudsman Office like Stella Reddy. The SJTO/HRTO does not need another week to determine if they are going to address the forms or continue to ignore our families request. A simple update as to the SJTO/HRTO position will be adequate by Wensday.

October 15, 2019 Get another Form 10 – Again it is clear that there is preferential treatment being given, as proof of your own and Stella Reddy words. Our family expects a response in regards to this Form 10/Request A.S.A.P., if not we will once again block Stella Reddy and move this along to higher powers. The SJTO/HRTO is no longer going to be allowed to sit back behind the curtain, and hide from the actions of Stella Reddy and the other Respondents as if it does not happen.

Our family is entitled to fair treatment and justice under the law, and we are now going to enforce our rights under said law.

NOTE… I know up until this time we have talked a lot about enforcing our rights and we have not. We have continuously put our faith in the SJTO/HRTO to do what is right. But it is clear that our family’s safety, dignity, peace of mind and Applications are certainly not at the fore front of the SJTO/HRTO agenda as it is clear you are still trying to protect your SJTO/HRTO racist member Kevin Lundy from being held accountable for his racist behaviour and lack of actions. Well I ( Kory Read ) will inform you that there are 3 things I don’t do in life,

1 – Lie,

2 – Steal, and

3 – Bluff…

Do not mistake my patience as weakness. I tolerated the SJTO/HRTO lack of control for Stella Reddy and the other Respondents up until this point out of respect for the SJTO/HRTO and your mandated rules. But it is clear that the SJTPO/HRTO thinks that you are above the law and can do as you wish without accountability. This problem is at my own feet as I allowed the SJTO/LTB/HRTO to get away with it.  Well now the Rooster has come home to roost and I am now going to take care of business and get things done that need to get done. We will no longer sit back quietly HOPING the SJTO/HRTO is going to do their jobs. You will do your jobs and that is the bottom line.

No more quiet and polite family who will put their trust in a system that refuses to hold one of their own accountable.

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