Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

Sept 25, 2019 – October 16, 2019 – Toxic Adult Bullie starts submitting HRTO Form 10’s. There are 10 in total

Sept 25– 1. looking for information that I asked to redact my info in my appliction I did with HRTO in August 2017 to give to Ombudsman Office to show thet HRTO was showing me “preferential treatment”. 2. Toxic Adult Bullie was looking for evidence of “lying” about HRTO calling the Police to do a welfare check on me. 3. Looking for clairfication on the Preliminary issues noted in the Interim Decision. They state they can’t present a proper presentation in January if they don’t know what they are looking for. 4. Please forward a paper copy of all correspondents with the Respondents since March 10, 2019, claiming there have been secret communications without their knowledge.

October 2, 2019 – As the SJTO/HRTO has a clear pattern of deliberately stalling any attempts to provide us with any clarification and other information in regards to the Vandana Patel Order requesting a Summary Judgement hearing in January 2020. We are requesting an Order suspending the Summary Hearing and setting an undetermined date in the future after and not until all of our complaints are fully heard by the Ombudsman’s Office in regards to this and other issues. As there are probably more than thousand legal documents, emails, pictures, audio and video recordings, transcripts on file, showing the endless amounts of racist and discriminatory behaviour by the Respondents over the years. Is not 99% of all filed SJTO/HRTO Applications based on an Applicants ALLEGATIONS AND ACTIONS by the Respondents towards them, without any SOLID proof or a confession? Our family sure hopes that unlike Ruth Carey and Kevin Lundy who spoke about our family and our October 31, 2017 LTB Application prior to our September 26, 2017 hearing where Kevin Lundy had a pre-determined opinion of Allison Read and our family. That Jacqueline Baines or anyone else from your office and Vandana Patel are not doing the same thing. Again this planned ambush tactic by the SJTO/HRTO towards are family for Vandana Patel to address her “ outstanding preliminary issues relevant to these files, at the Preliminary/Summary Hearing ” is undoubtedly and without argument is bias against our family and favours the Respondents. It is clear that the burden at this stage is on our family to prove the Respondents have acted racist and in a discriminatory manner against our family, and for the SJTO/HRTO to stated that we will not learn of Vandana Patel “ outstanding, issue ” until 10 minutes before we are to present our evidence relating to 3 issues that we do not know what they are. It is clearly bias and another attempt by the SJTO/HRTO to allow Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio to walk free of our Applications, so your racist member Kevin Lundy can to, also walk away free. At this point the phone call Summary Hearing will have to be over the period of 3-5 days, as we would have no choice but to argue and explain old and new evidence in better clarification and understanding for Vanda Patel who clearly could not absorb our material fully the first time around.

October 5, 2019- As required, I sent a Form 11 in response to the Form 10’s received. This process is becoming very prejudicial to myself so I refuse to take part anymore from this point forward. The constant disrespectful barrage of words from the Applicants, being sent under cover of legal forms full of accusations and outright lies, is becoming very tiresome and I have reached the point where it is no longer beneficial to respond to any of these missives from the Applicants, as they don’t seem important to the proceedings anyway[LR5] . I am done with participating with these applications, and whatever comes, will come. I finally realized I have nothing I need to defend myself for so I am done with ALL this. The Applicants can try all they want, they won’t get anywhere, as nothing happened, no matter what they claim otherwise and this is why they are now so upset and making accusations at the employees of HRTO. It’s the Applicants M.O remember? Don’t get anywhere so come back with accusations and try to intimidate your way instead! This is what they do and I have had enough of it. My intention with my emails was to remind the Registrar of their own mandates and that the long delays, allowing the applicants leeway in the time limits for submitting documents, and lack of correspondence from this office has made these files now very prejudicial to myself and my mental health as they have given the applicants time to smear me more online. Due to my mental state, I am no longer able, nor willing, to be involved in them and refuse to do so. I can’t take opening up any more emails from kory@koryread.com full of his spite and accusations. You may not accept them as part of the files, but I still see them and they do affect me. You have my response to the summery hearing set for January 2020. If I show up, I show up. Time will tell but right now I am done with all this.

October 10, 2019 – Toxic Adult Bullie emails me looking for my Internet History. Helly Stella, I have a proposition for you. Since you are now accusing myself of filling out the Canada Post online request for new mail box keys. How about we both sign and agree to allow the Police and the SJTO/HRTO to look at out internet history from our cell phone and homes and see what they come up with? I will agree to allow the SJTO/HRTO to create an order for my internet history,, are you willing to do the same? I suspect not, as I know that Allison nor I did it, and that your internet history will show most certainly you were on the Canada Post website that same day at that same time. Maybe you were ordering keys for your mailbox at the time instead. I will wait for your reply. I really hope you would agree to it. It would certainly put this issue to rest. I am more than willing to clear my name because I have nothing to hide or worry about. How about you? Are you willing to prove me wrong and clear your name?

I respond :Toxic Adult Bullie, As nothing in the email below has to do with the alleged racism and prejudice you claim I have shown towards you, as noted in your applications, this email is redundant. As this is a serious accusation, I would suggest that you contact the Toronto Police and the Toronto Police are very welcome to come to my home, with a warrant, for whatever they want. Please stick to the applications you submitted not cause distractions from them with trying out new accusations you can’t prove. I am sure if the Police felt you had a case they would have been here by now and its not the burden of the Tribunal to decide for you either. You have to prove your case of racism and prejudice, as noted in your applications, not go off on redundant issues that have no place here to distract everyone involved from your responsibilities for the Summery Hearing that is scheduled, that I have yet to see. Instead of wasting so much time with new stuff in your endeavour to drive me crazy with accusations and getting me to react badly in a way you can use to show how crazy I am, you should stick to your original applications instead. Stop wasting so much of people time, please, and concentrate on the applications you already did not try to start new ones. I don’t have the patience for it anymore and will not rise to your false accusations as I once did.

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