Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

May 31, 2019 – Received documents from HRTO containing a Case Assessment Direction

Unfortunately, the parties have purported to file a great deal of material by e-mail that mostly consists of allegations of misconduct about their opposing parties. Rule 1.12 of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure states “All written communications with the Tribunal, including e-mail correspondence, must be addressed to the Registrar, with a copy delivered to all other parties” [Emphasis added]. The parties have ceased complying with this requirement.

The Tribunal’s jurisdiction is limited to managing the applications filed with it. The filing of an application with the Tribunal does not make the Tribunal the arbiter or referee for the parties’ relationships. The material the parties continue to file is irrelevant to these proceedings. Processing the parties’ back and forth complaints is an unnecessary burden on the Tribunal and amounts to an abuse of process. The Tribunal is not a platform for the parties to heap abuse on each other. Further, documents not filed in accordance with Rule 1.12 do not form part of the Tribunal’s file and will not be considered by the Tribunal.


[6] In order to be able to properly manage this matter, the Tribunal hereby directs the parties to immediately cease serving or filing any further documents or material in relation to this matter with the exception of documents to be used in the summary/preliminary hearing or unless specifically requested to do so by the Tribunal. Any documents the parties file in contravention of this direction or of Rule 1.12 will be discarded by the Tribunal.

My response to HRTO : The Interim decision sent March 8, 2019 gave the applicants 35 days to respond, which ended April 12, 2019, but nothing was received from this office till today. I have had many serious mental health challenges throughout these proceedings since June 4, 2018 but I still tried my very best to respond by following proper procedures set out by this office and tried very hard to stay consonant to these proceedings. At times that was very hard for me to do in the state I was in and I was seeing my doctor 2 times a week for months to help me stay sane. Even your office called to have a Police check done on myself due to concerns you saw in my writings a few months ago, yet still I am here waiting for this to finish. As the applicants have ignored the Interim Decision I expected a quick response, but it didn’t come and it has played on my mental health once again and I had to do something. I understand that your mandate do not take mental health of a person into consideration, but this mandate does not make these things go away. As a respondent, these proceedings have taken a toll on my mental health almost as much as these false allegations made against me. If you wish to name me a vexatious litigant for these words written here, I have no problem with that as long as this gets finished sooner rather than later. My opinion is that with the applicants moving out and no longer living at this address, they will totally ignore this application now anyway. They had a hearing scheduled at Divisional Court yesterday and didn’t show up for it, so I expect the same for this application from now on as well.

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