Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

April 13, 2019 – I was getting frustrated and scared, thinking that HRTO will wait too long : I will take Toxic Adult Bullie famous words here and say that it appears the applicants are now not taking part in this process anymore as it is not going as they wish. As they were asked to provide more proof of their claims, which they cannot as nothing happened to get proof of, they are now ignoring the process. In the meantime, the website www.859kennedyroad.com has been up online and they have added to it and the Facebook posts are still there. The applicants are still promoting public to retaliate against me through this website and Facebook posts over their unproven allegations and it has caused unenumerable mental health issues for me having it there. I need for them to be held accountable for this cyber-libel and defamation of character they have done with this website and the invasions of my families social media for nefarious reasons and accessed them under false pretenses with other names. This process has done so much to my mental health and it now seems that the applicants get to walk away from it all without having to answer for these things.

I have stated for months that I feared that once the applicants see that this application is not proceeding as they wished, they would walk away from it and ignore it completely and it has reached this point. As I have dealings with the applicants over the past couple of years I have become familiar with their reactions. As the proceedings are not going as they wish, and they are required to provide more proof of their allegations that they are not able to do, they will now ignore everything. They feel its okay to leave the website online with the Facebook posts and polls they did all because they want to do so and have no concerns over even their own children’s safety. Toxic Adult Bullie does not care that this public online stuff can be traced back to himself and his family, whom also have social media with pictures and personal information. Toxic Adult Bullie does not seem to care about the effects this is having on others as long as he gets the response he wants, which is to have the public come after me and the property owners over their false allegations they posted on this website. The applicants posted these things online for public sympathy over their false allegations and to find others to work on his side as he couldn’t find any tenants here to do so. It is all about public perception and he will do what he wishes to get it, even if it comes down to posting lies about people as it gets the most responses.

April 15, 2019 _ received email from Lawyer, with attached Order released from Divisional Court. The Appeal on Eviction was dismissed! The Divisional Court has now rendered its’ decision in the matter of Read v. Alto Properties Inc., Court File No. DC-17-623. A copy of the decision dismissing the Read appeal is attached.  I replied: Thank you Mr. Strashin! You just made my day!!

April 23, 2019 – I was being ignored by HRTO – Got no responses to my email I sent and my anxiety was terrible for a long time. I was getting the feeling that Toxic Adult Bullie were ignoring their HRTO files now that they realized it wasn’t going as they wanted. .  I submit that as the decisions are not saying what they wanted, they are now ignoring everything they can. I included them in this email but I know they won’t see it as my email has been blocked. They no longer wish to participate in this application, nor any other they started, and I am sorry it does bother me greatly. Now that the damage to my personal and professional reputation has been done, they think they can walk away from it all, as the decisions are not reflecting what they wanted. Their actions tell me they believe they can walk away from it all and not be held accountable for their lies against me. Please do not let that happen.

April 26, 2019 – I wrote once again to HRTO: Attn: Registrar I hate to be a pain and bother you so much over this but my nerves are at a breaking point once again as I am so terrified the applicants, Toxic Adult Bullie will be evicted before their actions are addressed of violating my human rights with that website, Facebook posts, and the continual verbal bashing he does of me to anyone who would listen and I am very afraid of what they may do, to me and to the building, before they leave. The verbal bashing is still ongoing here in the building with the other residents, even after the release of these decisions, and they have now added the judicial systems to the bashing. Of course to them everyone now is wrong and the judicial system is just as bad as I am. They will never accept responsibility for their actions, its always someone else’s fault they are in this position. If your office are not going to address these things I would need to know so I can file with Small Claims instead and have them served before they are forced to vacate.

Their behaviour has not changed here, they still shout out when outside so I know they are there when he takes the dog out or they come and go in their vehicle which is parked right under my balcony. Toxic Adult Bullie still are loud in the hallways when entering and leaving their friends, which is my neighbours in 402. They go out of their way to ensure I know they are still here with his loud voice, which I know there is no need to be that loud, as I am on the 4th floor, but he wants to ensure I hear him. I have a sense that they have no concerns over any consequences of their actions against anyone, as there has been no change in behaviour nor in what they say to others. This has to be put to an end please.

April 26, 2019 – I was given a copy of Notice sent out to ALL Tenants of 859 Kennedy Rd by Toxic Adult Bullie notifying them of the stellareddy.com website and I called Toronto Police, just to have it documented

 Attn: Registrar, I am writing to you today to let you know that the Police were here and I did receive some advice on some options I have open to me. In the meantime, I am writing to you to once again request a final decision on this application and that you advise me on whether or not your office will be seeking judgement on the violation of my human rights that the applicants have done with these websites. The one I sent, http://stellareddy.com/, has been expanded somewhat since yesterday but has enough personal information in there and also items he knows he has not proven in any judicial system. The cyber-libel and defamation of character continues and needs to be stopped. I understand the end is coming soon but I do fear greatly for more retribution, as they have escalated their attacks and it is more personal now just against me and I do not trust them. If they are willing to do and say these things online can you imagine what he would do if he managed to get me in person

April 28, 2019 – Get email from Toxic Adult Bullie claiming to HRTO that it was ME who sent out a notice to all Tenants there!  Subject: Calling Out A Liar Hello, Well unfortunately I have to unblock Stella Reddy to do this, but in the interest of transparency and uncovering a liar. I will. Stella Reddy, I dare you to provide a list to the HRTO of all the SELECTED units that you say you gave your lies to in your letter. I truly dare you. As I know you gave it to everyone in the building a over the past few days several tenants have approached us about you and your recent actions and their disgust for you.I have social media conversations and have people willing to sign a copy of your letter stating you placed it in their mailbox.So let’s see if your units can match mine?  I know already Stella you will not supply the HRTO with this list of units; because you have no idea who I have talked to and who is willing to vouch that they got your letter.This means that you cant call their unit number in your list if you dont know who they are.⁷As I said, Stella you again have been caught in a lie, that you could easily prove differently by supplying the units you gave the letter to, and me not being able to get proof from any other units.  But we both know Stella you are a liar and that you gave every unit a flyer. And we both know that you will not supply a list to the HRTO because you know you have once again been caught lying.As I said, I dare you, prove me wrong.By not giving up a list that could support your lies, you clearly are refusing to discredit me and my accusation against you. And logic says… Why wouldn’t you want to prove your telling the truth this time and make me look like the liar?  Because you can’t!!!I call you out again for your lies like when you said we bumped into you in the lobby.HRTO…I will now be blocking Stella Reddy again.If she provides you with a list, let me know and I will provide you with social media and signed copies of her letter by all the tenants that have approched us, and let us see if the two list match up!I dont need to see or know her list to provide my evidence that she gave the entire building her letter.ThanksToxic Adult Bullie

April 28, 2019 Toxic Adult Bullie send a email accusing me of stalking them thru the security system.  Hello. Everyone. Can someone please explain to us why it is that Stella Reddy is monitoring the security system to stalk our family?  Also can someone explain to us why Stella Reddy is sharing and sending videos of our family walking and talking to other individuals in the building with other tenants? Can someone explain to us why Cindy Jones ( Stella Reddy’s sister) is telling people visiting the building that were are “nasty’ and that I am racist “prejudice “?

April 29 and April 30, 2019 – I sent emails to HRTO: I am writing to you this morning to let you know that I am becoming very concerned over the behaviour of Toxic Adult Bullie over the past few days and my stress levels are high once again. As you know by my email Friday Toxic Adult Bullie made another website about me, www.stellareddy.com, where he once again shares only parts of documents and emails of what he wishes for people to see, with a picture of myself as well this time that he snitched off social media under one of the other names he has with the copy of the spiteful letter he sent to all the tenants here. There are also the demands and accusation below in the email he has sent where once again Toxic Adult Bullie states accusations and suppositions without evidence or proof. He acts as if his opinions and his beliefs are the only ones allowed and true and no one else is allowed to respond, as per his habit of blocking emails after he says his piece. These statements and accusations he has made below about the security system I can see Toxic Adult Bullie spreading these rumours to other tenants in the building trying to incite them by claiming I am home spying on all the tenants all the time and creating more drama and discord in the building once again. My husband, whom does check the camera system every day as part of his job, has informed me that he has seen Toxic Adult Bullie in the elevator yesterday afternoon after he sent this email looking at the camera and making rude gestures, with his children there watching and laughing with him. Please, made your final decision and help me get Toxic Adult Bullie to back off from their lies and speculations and spreading them to others to create as much trouble and drama as possible before their eviction here, as this is what they are hoping to do. The fact that Toxic Adult Bullie felt comfortable in emailing your office after ignoring the Interim Decision should tell you something of his state of mind and to his intentions, as it does to me. I do not trust them and I believe they will do more damage here before they are forced to move out. Please say something to them about their behaviour as I know they are violating my human rights and something should be done about it sooner than later.

Attn: Registrar, https://www.suicideinfo.ca/resource/bullying-and-suicide/ Please accept the link above as it will remind you of the effects of bullying, like what I am going through. I read this article last night and it spoke to me, as it is just what I have been going through the past couple of years here with Toxic Adult Bullie. The actions of Toxic Adult Bullie of making websites to share personal information about myself is a classic case of cyber-bullying. Not only does Toxic Adult Bulliehave another website, www.stellareddy.com , but I was also informed yesterday that Toxic Adult Bullie is calling and emailing city officials such as MPP and the Ombudsman to complain about the unfair treatment he is getting from everyone he has applied too. He is trying to find someone sympathetic enough to believe his unproven lies of racism and to work on his behalf to cancel the eviction. I also was told he refuses to sign off on the Divisional Court decision so it has to be addressed with the courts, which was sent in yesterday as it was the cut off for submissions of costs. He is still claiming that I targeted him and his family due to being racist even though he walked away from doing that with the Interim Decision. Toxic Adult Bullie are doing everything in their power to denounce any judicial decisions that have been made and are claiming now that everyone is out to get them and they are being picked on. They are claiming that everyone dealing with their applications, the appeal and with your office, are wrong and that you are all now in cahoots with me to get them evicted. If you don’t work with Toxic Adult Bullie to give them what they want, then you are against them and they will ignore you and denounce what you have to say. It has been this way since I met them. They will not accept any decisions made that they don’t agree with and if you try to enforce the rules and try to make them face them, they get aggressive and attack you for daring to go against what they want with whatever they can to get you to back off and give in to them. If you don’t, this is what you get, what I have been going through the past couple of years as I wouldn’t give in, your professional and personal reputation in the mud by aggressive bullying through the internet and behind your back with others in person, rumours spread about you, lies made up to put the attention on you instead of what they do. Whatever your office can do to help stop this behaviour do it please. I do not know how much more I can take of this shit as it is only going to get worse and I have great fear Toxic Adult Bullie will get physical, as the time is getting short and he is getting desperate.

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