Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

March 12, 2019 –Toxic Adult Bullie sends email to HRTO where he clearly says they provided 300+ pages of proof of outright lying by me, not that I violated their Human Rights as they were claiming, but what a LIAR I am! ; There is some confusion on our behalf as to what you are looking for in regards to answers. As this case has become substantially clouded with endless amounts of deliberate fake facts, misleading lies, conscious deception and senseless and redundant rambling in attempts to confuses the reader by Stella Reddy. And Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio have made absolutely no attempts to provide ANY explanation for their behaviour or attempted to discredit our applications with the absolute silence. We are unsure what it is that you are requesting in regards to arguments as we have supplied the HRTO in the neighbourhood of 300+ pages of arguments and hundreds of pages of case law and documents and numerous amounts of proof of Stella Reddy outright lying to the HRTO. We are confused as to what specific topics/incidents the HRTO is still uncertain and unclear about? Some clarification as to a specific HRTO concerns would certainly speed up the process and avoid any more confusion on the HRTO behalf. Just based on this email and the questions asked by the applicants I can reasonably assume they can not provide the proof of their allegations as requested. It seems all the applicants are concerned about is proving what a liar I am, not that I violated their human rights and showing proof of that. They just seem intent on blaming me for all their problems and causing as much trouble for me as possible in retaliation for the eviction I am so fed up with these applicants and their assumptions! They take every chance they have to disrespect me as a human being and make digs towards my character and think that is all they have to do, is make a claim I did or said something and it would be accepted as the truth. This interim decision is telling them that unless they can PROVE their claims of human rights violations against us, the application will be dismissed and the applicants have lost. As they don’t have any proof to show their rights were violated by anyone, this application should be dismissed. They are just being vexatious now and causing more delays.

March 18, 2019 – I completed an submitted, my paperwork for Summery Hearing though I didn’t know when it would be where I write out my thoughts on Delays, Reprisals, as noted in the Interim Decision.

Attn: Registrar, Please find attached the statement I completed for the summery hearing that will be scheduled shortly for the file numbers above. I wanted to get this out of the way now, and even though we are still waiting on a decision from Divisional Court, that decision won’t change anything I have in here. I still submit that the applicants will abandon this application, as they cannot provide proof for something that didn’t actually occur and they will lose the apartment, which is what this application was supposed to help prevent, I would still like to see them held accountable for their own actions of human rights violations against myself and others. This website, and the Facebook posts, is all the proof you require to show the applicants went out of their way to go after me personally and professionally in retaliation for daring to go against them and making them accountable for their actions of consistently refusing access to the apartment, as per the landlord’s rights.

March 28, 2019 – I found the website, 859kennedyroad.com gone from the internet and Toxic Adult Bullie posts on Facebook groups were also gone. The website returned April 2, 2019.  I thought I would bring to your attention the fact that I found this morning the link to the website made by the applicants of www.859kennedeyroad.com has been removed from the internet, as you can see from what I copied and pasted below. I don’t know when this was removed but I found it just now. Some of the links on Facebook have also been removed. As the applicants recently blocked his own personal Facebook site I am not sure if the posts are still there or not.

April 9, 2019 – sent email to HRTO about domain:

Attn: Registrar

The status of the applicants website they made in retribution. Please find below the link to the website the applicants of this case has made and is still accessible, just the link has changed. It is now located directly under koryread.com, which is their own domain. Clicking on this link will take you directly to their website. I went through the site and I don’t see any additions but I will go through the copy I have to verify. Their online campaign of cyber-libel continues of their unproven allegations…. I do not know what they are trying o accomplish by changing the link to this website as it can still be found by anyone familiar with searching the internet. http://koryread.com/859kennedyroad/

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