Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

March 8, 2019 – I was getting very paranoid and scared by this point. The isolation and mental health issues were getting to me.

Attn: Registrar, Serious Safety Concerns

I am writing to you this morning as I have reasons to believe that the applicants, Toxic Adult Bullie, are using their friends in the apartment next door to mine to spy on me of when I come and go from my apartment. I have heard the applicants a lot recently going back and forth next door the past few days, as he make it a point to be very loud so I know he is out there. They were also hammering out there the other evening. As I am in the corner, the neighbours door is at a 90 degree angle from mine and the peep hole in their door looks right out at my doorway so it would be easy to place a camera there to watch when I come and go. As I don’t leave very often, their apartment door opened this morning when I left to do laundry and when she saw me, she said she thought she heard a knock and closed it again. I think she was looking to see who left our place. Just now when I left to get my clothes I noticed that the peep hole looks different then the others around, as it is much smaller.

I also got a message Tuesday from someone in the building whom informed me they watched the applicant, Toxic Adult Bullie, use a keyless entry code to enter the building that day and as that code is not given out, I have concerns over how he got this code. I have spoken to my husband, whom is staff here, and this keyless entry will be removed from the system. It was in place for access for the owners when they came. You can’t imagine my thoughts when I heard that Toxic Adult Bullie has the keyless entry code to enter the building as I do not know what he had hoped to use this code for or even what could have happened if it wasn’t caught. I can see him giving it out to someone so they can come and either do damage to the property or attack me. I even had thoughts of Toxic Adult Bullie doing it himself once they are evicted, as the keyless entry does not require a key and people can cover their faces to bypass cameras. This caused me serious concerns as I have great fear for my mental and physical safety from Toxic Adult Bullie, as I expressed numerous times and the Police won’t do anything until he actually does something. My mental and physical health can’t take even one incident with Toxic Adult Bullie anymore so I can’t afford to let anything happen.

As no decisions are forthcoming yet from either here or Divisional Court, I have no choice than to leave my husband and go stay with my Mom in Brampton until the applicants have vacated the building and I have a restraining order in place to keep him away. Either they are evicted or my husband gets another job, either way I do not feel safe staying here anymore while they are still living here and can no longer tolerate the anxiety and stress of it. I have become very paranoid and it is affecting every aspect of my life and it cannot continue anymore for my own sanity.

The same day, March 8, we received an Interim Decision from HRTO telling is the files were consolidated and that they will set up a Summery Hearing but didn’t say when.

March 10, 2019 I sent email to HRTO with some questions, most important being: What will happen if the applicants abandon this application?

As I have mentioned before, I have great fears that the applicants will abandon this application once the Divisional Court dismisses their appeal for the eviction but I am afraid that they will then amp up the online stuff to continue to cyber-libel and defame my character as well as others. I also have great fear that they will cross the line and do something illegal to get their satisfaction. As the applicants actions these past few weeks, even with the accessing and using of a keyless entry code to the building knowing they shouldn’t even have it, let alone use it, have continually shown that they cannot be trusted and do not care about procedures nor rules set out by anyone. As I sent in a earlier email, I had a tenant tell me about seeing Toxic Adult Bullie using this keyless entry code and Toxic Adult Bullie then turns around and attacks me, saying I am lying and he wants the video showing this person whom saw him and that if I don’t produce the video it is proof I am lying. Like I am going to tell Toxic Adult Bullie who this person is so he can terrorize this person too? I won’t expose this person to Toxic Adult Bullies attitude. My husband kept a video of Toxic Adult Bullie using the keyless entry to access the building and has saved a couple more videos since, as Toxic Adult Bullie still continues to use this code, as it has not yet been removed and this show of defiance will continue as long as he can do it.

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