Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

January 13, 2019 I respond to the Form 10 sent. Toxic Adult Bullie you made this website and the Facebook posts out of malice and spite, you admitted to the fact that you can have it all removed in a recent email and state I wouldn’t be bothered by it every again, if I lied for you, and you wonder why I believe you would do something else, even physical, against me for retaliation of all this crap you started? As you have already done these things, how can my fear of your reactions be unfounded? YOU DID THESE THINGS ALREADY! What do you think I am, stupid? Do you think everyone else is stupid that they can’t read the venom you write about me and the assumptions you have made of my character and try to pass it off as the truth?? You have already shown you are willing to do anything and everything to get your own way even if it involves walking all over other peoples rights by making this website let alone the Facebook polls and posts!  If you are capable of doing this website and the Facebook posts with no conscious or concerns over what it will do to the personal and professional reputations of the people you are attacking in there, then yes, you are capable of doing worse. Even the hand written note in the tenant file with the application your wife submitted to move in here tells me that you are capable of much worse than verbally attacking someone, as this note came from your own wife about how she was in a shelter with 2 children after leaving her abusive husband, and yes, it is very concerning and this previous actions of yours have shown that I have every right to be fearful of you and your behaviour. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise as you have already done various actions that would concern anyone over my physical and mental safety from you!

The only desperation I am feeling is to have this all over and have you and your family out of the building and out of my life! I need to get my mental health back on track and get rid of this debilitating anxiety I have over leaving my apartment, all due to that website and the comments you have made to other tenants here in the building! You have been bullying me since I started working here with your impossible demands over the apartment repairs, the consistent refusal of access for these repairs, and your lies over those issues! As the time is coming closer for all this to end, I am getting anxious like any normal person would. I am so very tired of your lies about me, your arrogant assumptions, and your attitude that you do no wrong, that its everyone else fault for the position you are in. You blame everyone else and refuse to accept your own culpability, which I have never been afraid to do and have done, even in this process. I just want this over and I want you made accountable for your actions with your lies, the website and the Facebook posts and you will continue to hear about these things till either you remove this stuff freely on your own or are forced to do so, either way that stuff will be gone from the net and your lies will have to stop at one point. 6 more days to go for one part anyway!

February 15, 2019 Found more posts on Facebook by Toxic Adult Bullie. Kory Read February 3 at 8:45 PM ·  So some time ago, I posted about our Property Manager being racist against our family. some people have messaged me to ask me what happened since. Well she filed a Human Rights Compliant against us claiming alleging discrimination in employment contrary to the Human Rights Code because we appealed the eviction order she got in the LTB with the Divisional Courts. Well the HRTO finally made a decision about Stella Reddy application without us ever having to give a response. Check out the link to read it. It is on the canlii.org site. https://www.canlii.org/…/20…/2018hrto1107/2018hrto1107.html…

Attn: Registrar:  Please accept the possibility that once the applicants lose on Tuesday February 19, 2019 at Divisional Court for their appal on the eviction, they will walk away from this application as they have lost what they wanted to keep the most, the apartment. I already mentioned that I was afraid the applicants would keep up with retaliation against me and I was shown right by what I found today that I sent to you and this will continue until they are forced to remove it all.

February 20, 2019 – Got email from HRTO Dear Parties, The HRTO is currently in the process of addressing outstanding matters on the above noted files. Please note that until the outstanding matters have been addressed and further instructions are provided by the HRTO, parties are requested to make no further submissions and to file no more documents. 

I responded the same day:  I came really close to leaving my husband the other day in my urgent need to get away from this building and the applicants, all due to running into this person while I was doing laundry! I got this urgent need to leave and even went so far as to start packing as I could not stay here any longer feeling as I do. The flight response is very strong and it is getting worse. The pressure of sitting here waiting for decisions to come from other agencies before I can do something for my future is too much. I feel stuck and am so sick of staying home out of fear of comments made by others, including the applicants, and I need to move forward before I go absolutely crazy. You have no idea what my life has been like the past few months and while I appreciate you have a job to do, the process is not conductive to feeling like my rights are being protected here. If this continues much longer I am afraid that when the time does come that you require something else from me, I won’t have the mental capacity to do it as I am losing touch with reality and just have this urgent need to get away from them and everything that reminds me of them and what they have said and done against me.  Please, for my sanity, let me know what is going on and when I can expect something.

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