Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

I am not one to get into these tit-for-tat conversations and I wanted to bit my tongue of this issue, but Stella Reddy has been escalating this situation since as far as we can tell March of 2018 to levels that I am positive is unheard of by the HRTO.

There needs to be no more addressing Stella Reddy on this issue, as she clearly has once again been caught in behaviour that is beyond words and still Louie Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio do nothing to fix the situation. They stand arm in arm with their Stella Reddy in their fight to have the Applicant evicted from the building despite never having “ a bad relationship ” with them and “could have gotten fixed ” I responded I am so really tired of your assumptions! Why can’t you just let these people do their job and get on with making their decision? What do you think these emails will accomplish? Are you really so determined to drive me right around the bend? While I can appreciate that this situation is very stressful for you and your family, there really is no need to make more false assumptions over what I say all the time. I have seen too many times how stress can affect people in these situations, myself included as I am a human being as well. Human nature is what it is and people react in weird ways sometimes. Whether you believe me or not I do feel for your family and the situation you find yourself in and yes, it could have been an easy fix for this Landlord and Tenant relationship: all you had to do was co-operate with how the management did their job, whether you agreed with how it is done or not, and you have shown it wasn’t even having to do with me, as you refused access before I was even working here. Would you go to Rogers Cable and tell the technicians how to install cable and when, all because you want it your way? Would you call CRA and tell them how you wish your tax return to be processed and when to do it? What is the difference for here? It is still a business and procedures need to be followed. Your stubborn determination in controlling access to the apartment on your terms is what got you into this mess and trying to shift blame onto me and everyone else, isn’t going to change that. As I have always said, the truth always wins out in the end and the time has come for this to end.

February 4, 2019 – Toxic Adult Bullie sent 2 emails to HRTO, one containing This is a private message from Stella Reddy to me via Facebook on January 5, 2019 and a video of the same. I responded Attn: Registrar, this is getting very much out of hand don’t you think? I apologize Mr. Strashin for not including his email address in these emails, and I am sure he thanks me for it as this stuff is irreverent to the case he handles for the property owners here. I understand his frustration in seeing most of these emails from the applicants as I have it as well. This sentence alone is inflammatory and proof once again of the applicants attempts to get me upset by continuing to state his lies in the hopes that I would do or say something to help them. “should be aware of what there former Property Manager and now tenant is doing in their building”. He writes about what I say and do at all times but refuses to answer for that website. Very telling don’t you think? The applicant is implying that I am doing illegal things that will affect the property as a whole and that the owner could come after me for, but I am not. I am picking up for my rights against that website and Facebook posts and I am entitled to do that. This website, and the Facebook posts, were deliberately made to incite others and to defame my character and cause libel online. This website, and everything in it, is still deliberately left online to cause distress to myself and ruin my personal and professional reputation to the point where I had to quit my job due to the untold stress it caused and to cause hardship to myself from others whom have emailed about it or questioned me about it.

February 7, 2019 – I sent email through HRTO to Toxic Adult Bullie trying to mediate this situation. In the interests of resolution, and the spirit of mediation, I am writing this morning to offer the applicants an opportunity to make things easier, and less stressful over the next few weeks. Please understand this is not being done out of fear of losing but out of consideration and empathy for the children in the household of the applicants. As a parent myself, I understand the uncertainty the children must be feeling and with the stress of having to pack and move everything within a short period of time, it will be harder on the children, and I would like to take the opportunity to alleviate that for them as much as I can now. It is all throughout their paperwork, how things have escalated by their false claims, the changing stories, the constant suppositions as well as their own racial comments about other people. They show how they tried and failed to get other tenants here to make false allegations against me to support their claims so as to not be alone in their endeavours against me. There were no issues with racism from me towards the applicants in any word or deed I issued while working here, and they have not proven any of their allegations against me, as there is nothing there to prove. Am I perfect? No, I have admitted I have not been perfect and at times I reacted unprofessionally, but I am human. I have no trouble admitting my mistakes and I will accept the consequences for my own actions. This is part of being an adult and I hope the applicants are willing to do the same and accept responsibility for their actions in this mess.

Toxic Adult Bullie response? But let me throw something by you, and the property owners. You come to Divisional Court as a witness and admit you filed the N5’s in bad faith against Allison. I can have the website taken down and the Facebook post removed. And I can ensure that this issue will not be on the internet or social media again. That way it is a win, win for everyone.

Again , Hello Everyone.. Stella Reddy, the offer still stands. It appears that maybe David Strashin is concerned about this idea, as he is ONLY looking out for the best interest of your former employers during these mediation talks. David Strashin cannot do anything to you in regards to you speaking about your N5’s, that you filed with the LTB. The same hearings he was not even at. If you wish to present evidence in regards to the reasoning for your filing that contradicts your previous reasoning’s. That is your right to do. If you wish to correct a wrong, that is your right to do. I will request that you be able to speak at Divisional Court, and I will be granted that request. I am not asking you to lie, I am asking you to tell the truth and for telling the truth. I can have the website and Facebook information taken down.

I wrote back- Can I assume that you are basically threatening me that if I don’t do as you wish and help you and your family avoid being evicted you will continue to keep this website and Facebook posts online and continue to defame my character and commit cyber- libel online against me?  I also assume that you refuse to admit to your fabrications about this alleged meeting you claim we had that you based all your accusations on if I refuse to do as you wish?

February 12, 2019 – Toxic Adult Bullie issued a Form 10, dated January 11, 2019 where they are asking HRTO to We would like to request an order be created that prevents Stella Reddy from re-submitting the same old regurgitated arguments and false claims that she has previously filed with the HRTO in the past. Stella Reddy being a Narcissist, thinks that everyone, including the HRTO has to address her wants and needs because she says so. This is so overwhelmingly obvious, as her behaviour over the past couple of months has grown even more ignorant and demanding in her emails to you where she has continuously try to bully, strong-arm the HRTO into coming up with a decision in her favour and on her timeline. She has gone from using her past family history and illnesses in an attempt to gain sympathy with the HRTO, to now making unfounded allegations of fear that I will physically attack her after Divisional Court to try and gain some form of sympathy from the HRTO in her favor. It is clear that Stella Reddy is deliberately trying to bog-down the HRTO with all these frivolous emails and regurgitated false claims in an attempt to get the adjudicator confused and frustrated with the whole situation in hopes that they will just dismiss it. This is obvious just by the amount of worthless emails and repeated false claims that she has sent over the past few weeks She has become so desperate, that she is now including issues from Divisional Court proceedings despite them having nothing to do with the HRTO.

My response: Every time I talk about the effect of these lies they perpetuated and try to get them to account for them, this is what I get, them tattle tailing on me to others in their attempts to get me to shut up and allow them to go on doing as they wish while I remain quiet and let them. They refused to complete the Reply correctly as they didn’t answer to the new issues I raised, such as providing proof of this alleged previous meeting they claim we had, the website and the Facebook posts and they are the ones who have continued to send evidence, such as the transcripts and recordings a couple of weeks ago that started this process now.

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