Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

January 2, 2019 – I sent email to HRTO letting them know I wouldn’t be reading the 27 attachments sent to me, I sent them to someone else to read for me and let me know if there was anything I needed to know about. I never read this Reply they sent from Dec 31, – Jan 2 in its entirety until last year. I have received the various emails from the applicants since January 1, 2019, including the emails received this morning, and I am notifying you that I have not opened them as I am refusing to read them as I am afraid of how it may affect my mental health and am doing so on the recommendation of my Doctor. I am also taking various strong medications for anxiety that affect my thinking so this will affect my reactions to reading these words.  I am not able to manage the strong feelings generated by these lies they have perpetuated against me so I am refusing to engage in it anymore. They are welcome to say what they wish as I know the truth will eventually win out, of that I have no doubt. I also know there is no explanation of the applicants actions in regards to the website in these papers, www.859kennedyroad.com and the Facebooks posts that they made, as they refuse to account for these things. What they did with that website and the Facebook posts have greatly affected me, with other people I deal with and my reputation has been affected by the false allegations they made online for the world to see. They refuse to answer for their actions but have no problem coming at me for every little thing I say and do and twist it to what they want people to see. They make assumptions that they believe are true over my character and my actions to make it fit what they want, but the truth can be gained in reading everything, not just what the applicants highlight. They are retaliating over the eviction for the continual refusal of access to the apartment for repairs. They admitted they continually refused access on Sept 26, 2017 at the LTB hearing and is heard in the audio and can be seen in the transcript. That’s the bottom line and they are doing anything and everything to not be evicted. I will await the decision from your office over this application and will go from there to do what I need to.

PS: I was just informed that the applicants have labeled me the ” Alto Properties Inc Property Manager Stella Reddy” in these papers which is incorrect. Being a Property Manager implies certain powers that I did not have while working for any property management company. My job description did not contain any management powers or control.  My job contract states that I am part of a Building Superintendent Team and therefore had no control over anything with the property and this has been my job label since Sept 2000.

January 6, 2019– I sent response to HRTO for this Reply. Please, do not allow this farce to continue and dismiss this application. As copied and pasted above from https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhrt/doc/2017/2017hrto208/2017hrto208.html?searchUrlHash=AAAAAQAKaGFyYXNzbWVudAAAAAAB&resultIndex=7  you will see that I included my health issues to show how this harassment has affected me to the point where I could no longer function and went into psychosis and developed severe depression and anxiety that made me quit my position here. The impact of harassment by another has been proven many times over various issues and even though the applicants seem to believe it is “fake” it is not and due to their actions, my life will never be the same again as I will never be able to work in any stress. That website they put online is a major factor in this as well as their continual lies over an alleged meeting.

January 9, 2019, I sent a long email to HRTO reminding them of actions byToxic Adult Bullie that I find was harassment.

Please understand that this situation has been very traumatic for me, and I am very angry and very emotional and the sooner it is decided the better. As I tend to see one of the applicant at times in the building, I am getting to the point where I am afraid of what I may say to this person, or of going into psychosis once again and doing something crazy, as I am reaching the end of my tolerance. If my husband wasn’t there last Friday I may have flipped at this person waiting by the elevator. The words they have written keep going around in my head, as I am so shocked over their imagination and how they can do what they do with no conscious. They need to be made accountable for their actions.

January 9, 2019 – January 11, 2019 – Various emails back and forth with Toxic Adult Bullie that accumulated with me having to go to Scarborough General Hospital due to high anxiety and psychosis. I spent a few hours there and they let me go once I calmed down. In response to the email I sent above, I received the response of Ohh boo hoo.. I was becoming very agitated and I did send some email responses that show my agitated state. From: Stella Reddy Sent: January 11, 2019 1:50 PM Subject: End of rope Attn:Registrar,

I am sorry I am at the end of my rope and am in my way to the Scarborough hospital as I am afraid i am getting overwhelmed and feeling phychosis coming on and am afraid I may do something drastic once again.DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ASS OR I WILL, PRISON OR NOT.

January 12, 2019, I resent the Request for Summery Hearing   I had a visit from the Toronto Police on January 9, 2019 after I got home from the Hospital to complete a “welfare check” on me. The registrar called the Police upon my last email as they got the sense that I was in a bad shape, which I was, but all the applicant saw was that I am sending emails to Toxic Adult Bullie and that they are only picking up for their rights. The applicant seems to think that where “All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.” that I should just sit back and let them do their thing with no response as they are looking out for their rights. They always seem so surprised when I respond and fight back against their claims and complain when I do. They don’t seem to understand that I have rights too as all they are concerned about is themselves. They are selfish people who only have concerns for themselves. Of course, the applicant in this last email only mentions the comments I made about calling Children’s Aid and that I brought up prison, but of course he left out what I said about making a website about them and standing in the lobby to talk to other tenants about the actions they have done in invading other tenant’s privacy. I threatened to do to them what they did to me online and with the tenants in the building and they leave that out. Why? Any mention of a website and they ignore it as they don’t want to answer for the one they did. Even though I know the accusations are all lies, it is still very bad to my mental health over the past 2 years, as it is always there. I have felt very violated and bullied by the applicants over their actions and accusations yet they have never provided any proof that what they claim is true.   

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