Timeline of the Toxic Adult Bullies Mess

I did this timeline for the Police, at their request, this past Aug 2022. It opened my eyes even more to the mess this situation became and it showed the extreme fear I had at the time. Yes, I still have fears, it is understandable seeing their sites are still online, but I can handle it.

I don’t need to accept disrespect from anyone, and if someone does say anything to me about those sites, I have no problem shutting them down. I can also call the Cst I met here and report it to! Any person willing to accept anonymous writers’ elaborate smear campaigns is not a person to be around anyway!

I became an emotional mess over this situation due to the PTSD I already had and you can clearly see how these Adult Bullies played on that. They are not stupid, they know what Bullying will do to a person, they show their education on their new site, connaughtpublicschool.com!

I have come to see that I don’t need to respond to their Bullying ways, it was never my responsibility to disprove their many lies, it was up to them to prove what they said. That was my mistake and I own that. I gave them too much info during HRTO process, enough for them to know they had no case, which is why they decided to ignore it after.

I admit that some of my behaviour with sending emails was not appropriate but after doing this Timeline I see just how screwed up in the head I became with paranoia and fear of attack on myself or any of my family. This timeline really shows the escalation, on both parts, that created this mess. I am mature enough to admit my mistakes and own up for them. I played right into their hands and tried to defend myself, not accepting I didn’t need to do that. As a human being, I accept I make mistakes.

Since the Niagara Regional Police went to see these Adult Bullies in the fall, I haven’t had any emails from them, and they haven’t added to their many domains either containing my name. The sites are still there though, which is why mine has returned but I refuse to share their names anymore, as it is no longer about them, but their actions and how it affected me. I have recovered from their Bullying.

All I ever wanted, was the truth to be exposed about their false allegations of Racism and Discrimination. I spent from the Fall of 2000 living and working, in Residential apartment buildings in Ontario, so yes, I was naive and isolated as a result from current events. I was busy enough with my work and family that I didn’t pay attention too much, I still don’t. Unless it affects me directly, I ignore it as I have enough to worry about.

I have said before, in my job I was physically assaulted, yelled at, and threatened before by Tenants and it didn’t faze me. I had my car stolen and was even shot at once, and I was okay. I had jumpers from the building I had to look at and tell the Police who they were. None of that fazed me, not like this situation of false allegations of racism and websites have done. This situation has really screwed up my Mental Health and I know I will never be the same again. I have fear now, of people and places and I lost my trust and faith in my fellow humans. I don’t know if I will ever get that back. I lost friends, even family, over this situation as they are terrified of a website showing up online in their name too. I don’t blame them. Would you?

My Mental Health will never be the same and will always have issues with anxiety because of this situation.

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