The Master Manipulator & Con Artist

This page will show you, in Adult Bullies’ own words, what a master manipulator and con artist he has been. Do as I say, not as I do.

There was a Form 10 submitted by Adult Bullies on Oct 5, 2019 where he complains about a website I did on Wix, called Kory Read’s Confession. I did this site in one of my more extremely emotional moments as I was desperate for these Adult Bullies to see how it felt having such slanderous lies online, in his name, just like he has done with me on…

I wanted him to know how it felt. As you can see from his words I copied below, he got very upset. But, of course it flew right over Adult Bullies head as he truly believes he is ENTITLED to do and do everything he can to keep it online.

Stella Reddy clearly does not understand that society will not tolerate her racist behavior and deliberate lies, hence why they keep take her racist propaganda websites offline without questions.

Showing us the exact wording and terms to use to get this website removed. If it was not for Stella Reddy’s determination to try and remove our legitimate domains. Well, we probably would have no idea how to do it and her site would probably still be up.

As you will see, what I did back then was no different than what Adult Bullies is doing with my name online, then and now, on It is no difference now with 

All these words, and the ones, on the list below, are no different. Adult Bullies gets upset and blasts me for doing personal websites where I lay out my narratives, all while he maintains and posts on,,,,, and 

This is a hypocrite and master manipulator. Only someone with these traits would be cocky enough to do to others what he complains others do to him. Adult Bullies blasts me at every turn for my own domains online where I talk about myself and the effects has had on my life, and expose the Administrator of the content there, as it definitely isn’t ME. Then he gloats on that he had my site removed, by lying. He puts his nefarious action online and admits to doing it. What do you call a person who does that? 

I will always maintain that Adult Bullies is a Narcissist, as I have learned this is the type of thing they do. 

HRTO Files 2018-32808-I, 2019-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-IOctober 5, 2019
It has come to our family’s attention that again Stella Reddy has escalated her racially motivated and hatred filled personal attacks in retaliation against our family to levels that have now become illegal and even more concerning to our family for our safety.
On September 20, 2019 Stella Reddy began stealing and using Adult Bullies identity on her website for her own personal gain.

First, why would Stella Reddy expect anyone who views her self-serving, phoney website assume that it was anyone other than Adult Bullies writing these false, misleading, shocking and self-condemning post? 

Why would Adult Bullies expect anyone who views his self-serving, phony website assume it was anyone other than Stella Reddy writing these false, misleading, shocking and self-condemning posts? 

At no time during these eight days ( September 20th – 28th ) does Stella Reddy decided she wants to come clean and confess. Stella Reddy at no time during these eight days even makes a suggestion or makes any inferences that it is anyone other than Adult Bullies who is writing these embarrassing and outrageous posts.
In fact, Stella Reddy also does not make any mention during these eight days that she is in fact stealing and assuming Adult Bullies identity, the whole time impersonating him for her own personal gain. The whole time pretending to be Adult Bullies in this extreme over the top and malicious manner with no with fear of consequences or repercussions, while portraying Adult Bullies as hateful, spiteful and an overall terrible individual. 
Reading the rest of Stella Reddy’s disturbing and alarming phoney website ( Kory Read’s Confession Blog ) in its entirety. It is obvious and clear that it is very offensive and abusive towards Adult Bullies and our family.
The SJTO/HRTO has to realize that this website is nothing more than Stella Reddy making deliberately inaccurate, fabricated, untruthful and appalling statements on the behalf of Adult Bullies for her own personal gain, joy and relation for filing with the SJTO/HRTO. 

Stella Reddy did this website so Adult Bullies could see how it feels and according to this document, it bothered him greatly! Adult Bullies made a website in my personal name, where the content’s layout Adult Bullies’ personal views about me. I made a website, in my personal name, where the contents lay out my personal views about myself and how has affected my life.

Adult Bullies talks about Stella Reddy, I talk about Stella Reddy and & This action of posting what they did with Wix and AwardSpace which I had as hosts, shows the hypocrisy they do, in no uncertain terms.

We already determined that the info contained within and is about me personally, so I can use any of it that I wish. It is my picture there, the info they got from me during HRTO, so I can write about it as much as I want to and share what they did with that info. I have the original documents, as I wrote them. I even have all the pics he shares on that site. As I have, personally, all the same documents, plus, that they have I am well within my rights to share what I want, just like they do on and the other sites.

As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them! I decided to join them and in the process of writing out my site, I healed from the effects of it!

Adult Bullies don’t want people to see how his actions have affected me and my life, which is why he always gets so upset over my own sites. He has to do anything he can to get me so emotionally overwhelmed that I remove them, so he once again can remain online with no fight. That is all they want, to be the only people sharing their perspective over the mess they made of their Tenancy.

This last attempt to get to me through my husband is just more of the same triangulation they have done to me with other people, including readers on the internet. Sic’ing people at me to try and force me to stop fighting back and remove all my own content online. It is manipulation and conning at its finest!

Not only doing that but also implying I am a crazy stalker fan on his djnotnice site. Adult Bullies even signed up on LinkedIn in my name, with Are these actions of someone wanting to “move on”? No, they are not. they are the actions of a Bully determined to “win” at all costs!

“So this game will start over once again” is their way of telling me they are determined to continue as they like putting people through hell by maintaining and posting websites about them online. This is their intention, so as long as is online, will be there as well. I refuse to allow them to smear my name on the internet and if people do search for me online, they will find my site, and my side, too!

I have become very strong over using my own voice and refuse to allow anyone else to ever speak for me. I know my own thoughts and motives, I don’t need a mean, narcissistic, Tenant trying to speak for me and tell you what I am doing with their malicious speculations.

While these Adult Bullies MAY think they know my motives, the reality tells you it isn’t possible, no matter how confident they sound. They were never in my personal life to know anything like they claim, they only speculate on what I did share with them during the legal processes. They have no idea who I am and their site’s content, will show that.

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