Deliberate Misunderstandings

I want to discuss this one situation in more detail so you can see where Toxic Adult Bullies shows clear baiting and a total lack of Empathy. The email string below clearly shows the baiting Toxic Adult Bullies did to me while I was in such an emotional state. Remember, I got their long disjointed Reply on January 1, 2019, to their HRTO complaints and I was angry over it. Once again, these Bullies only show my reactions to their baiting, not what they wrote that got that response.

On January 10 2019 Toxic Adult Bullies sent an email filled with condescending comments about me that baits me into a response, which is what he got! You can clearly see the escalation here in his words, and even in my own responses. I was a mess and have no problem admitting it. You can also see here where Toxic Adult Bullies gets one of the quotes he shares but leaves out the rest and what he did that got it.

Yes, I threatened to call Children’s Aid down the street and make a claim against them that they had to disprove, just like they were trying to do to me. I wanted them to know how it felt. I wanted them to experience false claims like that and have to disprove them and pick up for themselves like I felt I had to do.

I did my own site after. I got so overwhelmed. Every which way I turned, Toxic Adult Bullies had more and more accusations without evidence against me and he continually baited me while I was in such emotional states and he knows it.

I had Toronto Police show up at my apartment, they were called to do a Welfare Check on me by the person who saw my emails at Human Rights of Ontario. Actually, they showed up just after I got home from Scarborough General, as I was at the end of my rope that day and was feeling very suicidal. I was given Ativan, to relax and calm me down, which it did.

The Police were called for the very emotional state I was expressing in the emails and it went right over Toxic Adult Bullies head! I speak of the Police, and they automatically assume they were sent due to the threat I made of calling Children’s Aid and making false allegations that they would go nuts trying to disprove, just like the false allegations they made against me that I was going through, as they didn’t see the emotional state I was showing with these emails.

You see, back then I still thought these Adult Bullies were normal human beings who were able to feel if not empathy, at least sympathy for another human being, but in the end, this situation showed me they never would. There is not even sympathy towards someone from these Bullies, they just don’t have it in them, all they care about is ” enforcing their rights to file with HRTO”, even when those files contain only lies made to drive me insane over.

He was making it about him once again, implying the Police were called due to the empty threats I made in the emails. Of course. Toxic Adult Bullies claim I am mad over them enforcing their rights. “All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.”  

I have no problem with anyone enforcing their rights, as long as it is done honestly and the rules are followed. This email showed how they refused to follow the rules and they claimed to have kept some information to themselves, stating it will come out at a hearing. “at this point it really is meaningless and unproductive” That is not in their procedures. All documentation has to be shared between all applicants and respondents BEFORE any hearing can even be scheduled, as the HRTO uses it to determine if an application will proceed or not.

I truly believe now that the Applicants thought that because HRTO accepted their applications, they would win and get their 2 million dollars from me and I would be labelled a “racist” by their process. They thought that just because their applications were accepted, they were being believed.

Once HRTO started questioning them in the Interim Decision they sent on March 8, 2019, asking for specific evidence or a link, that at least shows their allegation could be possible, they started backtracking and asking for delays to the process. Their reply did not follow proper procedures. It didn’t answer any of my questions, not even HRTO’s, claiming it will come out at a later hearing, as they stated it was “at this point it really is meaningless and unproductive” to do then.

As stated on, these Adult Bullies were hoping to ambush me at a legal hearing, hoping to “hit” me with their many allegations. Thinking he could fire questions at me out of the blue, so he could get a kick out of watching me squirm to respond while he baits not only me but also the audience. Thankfully, it doesn’t work that way and never would get to that.

Read this crap below, and you will see why I got so overwhelmed! Who wouldn’t when they are being baited in such a way?

In all honesty, you don’t really get over a situation like this I was caught up in, you learn to accept it. I now accept that there are people out there in this World who are this delusional. Their delusion is that they think they have any control over judicial systems and think that just because their applications were accepted, they would win in the end. They thought the 300+ pages they submitted to them over time, were being believed, 100%. I see their arrogance up to this point in their emails to HRTO and it was after they got the Interim Decision that it all changed, as they came to see that their words were not enough.

From: Stella Reddy
Sent: January 11, 2019 5:11 PM
To: ‘K
Cc: ‘HRTO-Registrar (MAG)’ ;
Subject: RE: RE: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I. – Emotional Outburst

Attn: Registrar,

I am letting you know that the Toronto Police were just here and all is fine. I have a report number and am going to get a copy once they do their report. I hope you can understand why I am so emotional, as once again below there are more condescending words by the applicants, as if they are only allowed to speak and I am not.


Stella Reddy

From: K
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2019 3:24 PM
To: Stella 
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG) ;
Subject: Re: RE: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I. – Emotional Outburst

Hello,I would like to note that Allison blocked Stella emails some time ago just for today’s reasons. It appears that Stella Reddy has gone out of her way to created a brand new email account just so she can harass Allison with this foolishness.

Allison again has block Stella Reddy, disabling her ability to try bring unwarranted harassment upon her.

It appears that Stella Reddy does not understand what harrassment is. I do not appreciate these childish games that she is playing. She has threatened us today with calling the Childens Aid today, Threatened us with some kind on illegal actions that would put her in prison.

All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.

Please place in file..



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Friday, 11 January 2019, 02:52PM -05:00 from Stella 

Attn: Registrar,

I apologize for my very emotional outburst by email earlier today. Reading more condescending and entitled words written by the applicant once again sent me off the edge a bit. I am now medicated and calmer. I would appreciate it if they were set straight over their claims that they are waiting for “the” hearing before disputing my statements over that website and Facebook posts, as they infer that they are withholding information. I am aware that they cannot do that.

I do not know how much more I can take and look forward to a very speedy dismissal of their application.


Stella Reddy

From: Stella Reddy
Sent: January 11, 2019 1:50 PM
To: K
Cc: HRTO-Registrar (MAG);
Subject: End of rope

Attn: Registrar,

I am sorry I am at the end of my rope and am in my way to the Scarborough hospital as I am afraid i am getting overwhelmed and feeling phychosis coming on and am afraid I may do something drastic once again.


Stella Reddy

On Jan 11, 2019 12:11 PM, K wrote:

Thank you…

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Friday, 11 January 2019, 00:08PM -05:00 from Stella Reddy

How about I call children’s aid down the street and make a claim that you abuse your children? How would that make you feel having claims against you that you will have to disprove? It’s the same as you doing to me don’t you think? You realized how pissed I am yet? Keep it up.

Stella Reddy

On Jan 11, 2019 12:01 PM, Stella Reddy < wrote:

Keep it up. Your failings will be epic! Maybe I should make a website about you and what a terrible tenant you are? Maybe make up a bunch of lies about you and put it online and share on Facebook? Would you like to know how it feels? How about I stand in the building lobby and talk to tenants as they come in about the pics and info you shared about other tenants and the lies you are trying to claim against me? How about I spread my truth and you see how you like it? Tit for tat as they say. Maybe I should do that and see how you like it.

On Jan 11, 2019 11:44 AM, K wrote:

Thank you…

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Friday, 11 January 2019, 11:06AM -05:00 from Stella Reddy 

I am so very angry!! Your email comes across as very arrogant and condescending to this process that you started. You sound like a sulky baby who is upset over the fact it is not going the way you want it to. You are fine with claiming you have a right to pick up for your rights but refuse to allow me to do the same all the time, as proven by this email! As the HRTO allows me to defend myself, as the property owners here didn’t allow me to do, I will take every advantage of it to dispute your lies. You have had almost 2 yrs of being able to say what you wanted and I didn’t respond but now that I can, you try at every turn to stop me.

“nor could we not prove the lies that she constantly makes” What lies? Where have I lied? You tried to claim I am in cahoots with the owners, I proved I was not.. You claim I went out of my way to evict you and I proven that I did not, that you did it yourself by refusing access and admitting to doing so. You have tried every which way to twist the facts and because I am disputing what you claim, now all of a sudden its “at this point it really is meaningless and unproductive”? Why you say that? You started this process and are now complaining with the way it is going? You really are something else and I can find no words. You only say this due to the fact that I am finally responding and you don’t like that. You had hoped you could say what you wanted and be believed 100% without giving me a chance to defend myself? You thought this process would be so simple for you didn’t you?

You did reply “ohh boo hoo” to my email when I talk of the effects all your lies are having on me, correct? That response actually coming from a adult who has children of their own and you talk like that? Do you respond sarcastically like that to your children when they come to you? How is anyone supposed to believe you are a responsible adult who filed this application for fair reasons when you talk like that? All these responses only show your true self, someone who does not care for anything or anyone except themselves.

“we request an opportunity to address this positive point that the adjudicator is considering.” Who now is asking the HRTO to help them? The positive out of these emails is only showing how you believe you can speak but I cannot and how arrogant you are. Good luck with that.

If you have more info the time has past to submit it as they will be reaching a decision soon and I have a feeling there will be no hearing in your future where you hope to ambush me with more lies. All you have shown is that you believe you are above the rules as you refuse to follow them and you have not proven your lies against me. You have shown that time and time again by your inference to “There will be more than enough opportunities at a HRTO hearing to address her behaviour and misquoted facts.” You refused to answer to that website you made and there is enough proof that it belongs to you, no matter what you say, just like the Facebook posts.

I still plan on sitting in the lobby with a big smile on my face while I watch you being forced to move out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you packing yet? It should be all over soon as there is no way Divisional Court will throw out that eviction as the reason for it is there and you admitted to doing it. There was no errors of law, as I have always stated. You were evicted for refusing access that you admitted to doing. Simple really.

So, go right ahead, forward this to the HRTO. Its just more proof of how pissed off I am, which they already know when I spoke on the phone the other day. They know how I feel. You won’t shut me up this time so you can keep trying all you want.

—–Original Message—–
From: Stella Reddy
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2019 8:29 AM
To: ‘k; HRTO Registar 
Cc: ;
Subject: RE: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Attn: Registrar,

How are you supposed to take this email? The applicants are still trying to follow their own agenda. While the process of HRTO applications specify that all documents and information be shared BEFORE a hearing could even be scheduled, the applicants seem to believe that they can withhold information and infer that they will produce it at a hearing. It sounds like they wish to get me in a judicial setting and try to ambush me with their false claims and throw new stuff at me, as they claim on that website they made. They really don’t want to follow the rules. They seem to forget that they cannot add new information once the deadline is past for their submissions.

As my replies talk about that website the applicants made, which is still online by the way, and they are claiming now this is lies? How can it be a lie when it is online and it includes all the LTB paperwork? Who else has this information to post if not the applicants? Are they claiming they didn’t do this website themselves? And the sharing of it on Facebook posts?
Is this also not supposed to be a adult? What adult responds to a email with “ohh boo hoo” when someone speaks of mental health issues? As I said, his callousness is showing and goes to show to the mentality of the applicant and his regards towards mental health and how they have no regard for what their actions have caused.

As the applicant states below, they have a right to respond but so do I, and if I repeat myself 1000 times, I repeat myself. I have a right to speak and voice my facts, just like they can. This is a 2 way street you know, they can’t say and do what they want and not expect me to respond. I know that when I do speak up they claim I am getting at them for speaking up for their rights, as they seem to forget I have rights too. Just because they made the application don’t mean I don’t get to speak up for myself.

By the way, I am not stalling as you claim, I asked for it to be dismissed as this is all a fantasy you fabricated to retaliate for the eviction. I sometimes feel this is turning into a farce by the applicants and I am tired of their threats.

Stella Reddy

—–Original Message—–
From: k
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2019 4:20 PM
To: HRTO Registar 
Cc:  David Strashin; Stella Reddy 
Subject: HRTO FILES: 2018-32808-I, 2018-32809-I, 2018-32810-I, 2018-32811-I.

Hello everyone..

We are forwarding this email to the HRTO to let you know that because we have not filed any replies to the emails from Stella Reddy, that we emailed to you labelled “ Please Place In File “ does not mean that we agree with her, nor could we not prove the lies that she constantly makes.

We have chosen to leave it alone until the hearing, as every time we send something to the HRTO, Stella Reddy feels the need to respond by regurgitating and recycle the same old misleading statements and arguments.

In the interest on moving this alone, we will not entertain Stella Reddy at this point, as it appears she is just trying to stall the process, despite her numerous claims of wanting it to move forward A.S.A.P. due to her “health”

It has been explained that we have the right to respond, but at this point it really is meaningless and unproductive. There will be more than enough opportunities at a HRTO hearing to address her behaviour and misquoted facts.

If the adjudicator has any questions about the emails or considers something in them as a positive point, we request an opportunity to address this positive point that the adjudicator is considering.


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