Not sure if you noticed, but my thought processes do tend to get confused and I repeat myself, a lot. I had similar pages all throughout the first site, filled with similar words. On every page I write, I am reinforcing my own truth. Repetition of situations and words written and said, is how I reinforce my own reality in my mind, to disperse the effects of all the gaslighting from them.

This is what Gaslighting does to you. I repeat myself to reinforce my own perspectives, as Toxic Tenant Bullies spent so much time questioning my every word and move, I have to get past that! Reinforcing my own personal views is what I need to do, every day. 

Below, I share with you some paperwork I sent to Human Rights of Ontario during the 19 months of their process from June 4, 2018, to Jan 17, 2020. In this paperwork, you will see me talking about the Summery Hearing that was being held in January 2020, as I was waking up by this time to what they were doing. I don’t mention the word Gaslighting, I wasn’t aware of it too much then, but I knew the effects of it, as I write about them there.

In the past couple of years since re-reading so many of their written documents I got, I came to see that from the beginning Toxic Tenants proceeded with their Human Rights Applications as if it was MY responsibility to give them the evidence they needed to prove their allegations against me. You can see from the emails and documents I received during that time, that they were filled with them DARING ME to disprove them. They also made various requests by Form 10’s to HRTO to get various documents and emails from them, hoping their contents would hold something I wrote that they could use against me.

As per procedures, Toxic Tenant Bullies should already have had all documents required to prove his allegations before he even applied to HRTO. It wasn’t my fault they didn’t.

In the beginning, Toxic Tenants harped on this alleged prior meeting they claim we had, the words are below that I copied from their documents where they lay it out in such detail. He can remember all this but not the date it happened. How can you remember enough to use quotes, but not remember the date it happened? They gave so many questionable narratives, all without providing any kind of evidence to prove it or show it was possible to have occurred as they claimed.

This lie is what started all the Gaslighting for me by Toxic Tenant Bullies. 

These Bullies proceeded to claim I said and did this sometime in June 2016, before I even moved into the building to live and work there. I came to understand it is Gaslighting, as there is no evidence, no witness, and nothing to prove their allegations even occurred. I know it didn’t happen but they harped on it so much, that I started to question my own reality. That was their intention and you can see it. 

I went through my Google account, all my emails, and my pictures and even spoke to others, and put together my daily activities for every day in June 2016, to show this was not even possible. I ended up proving it was not possible for this to have happened and I shouldn’t have done that. It was their job to prove. 

Just like the other allegations they made, like Canada Post, letters to tenants, the Entry Keyless Code he was using, basically bumping into me in the lobby, parking, BBQs, etc… All of it is Gaslighting and expecting me to DISPROVE them when it was the other way around. Toxic Tenants should have spent their time trying to prove their lies against me, not coming at me with more! 

It was never my job to answer to these Bullies but I got caught up in it all, as this is what Gaslighting does to you! it makes you defensive and you go crazy trying to disprove them.

These days, I don’t take any of that from anyone anymore. I know what I feel, what I think, and what I know for myself to be true. No one will ever get me to question my own reality ever again. It is also why I kept journals throughout my life, as I refused to allow anyone to “gaslight” my own reality!

This is why I refused to be Gaslighted into believing belonged to someone else, no matter how hard these Bullies tried to convince me otherwise. The sub-domain gave that away, otherwise, I might have. That is what gaslighting is, after all, to convince you that your reality is false and to reinforce someone else’s lies as true. It is very manipulative. 

All the links below will go to Wayback Machine and Internet Archive and the saved pages there show all the Gaslighting done about Stella Reddy on Every page within this site contains Gaslighting by Bullies, where he is trying to convince you my memories are false and that I am a liar. 

Toxic Tenant Bullies constantly make the claims that I am wrong and he is right, that I am a liar and he is not. That I am a Narcissist and he is not. Everything I accuse him of, He flips around onto me to try and escape accountability!

The thing is, they cannot escape from their own words written in the many smearing websites they created on the internet! They clearly state their “goal is to make the community aware of her immoral behaviour and beliefs” and they truly believe that my name is being researched and people find their sites and accept it as the truth and run away from me, as far away as they could. I have learned that even if their sites are found, no one believes their words. Why would anyone believe the words of someone who hides their ownership of all this content?

Back in late 2020, after I moved here, I met some women who walked around one of the trails here and over time, I shared my story with them and asked them to review those sites for me, to give me honest feedback. Most of them refused to read “garbage like that” when they can see the real person in front of them but a couple of them did read that content, but couldn’t read it all, it sickened them too much. The feedback I got was that they are written by an anonymous person, someone they don’t know, so there is no way people will accept that content as the truth. As it is also one-sided, their side, it also makes their words questionable. Everyone knows there are 2 sides to every Story!

Unless this Bully can see into my mind, he really has no idea what he claims about me. I had to repeat that to myself, numerous times a day, and it has helped me get to this point where I know he won’t affect me like that anymore. I know my own reality, these Bullies do not. When you are bombarded on a daily basis for over 2 years with emails and documents filled with various Gaslighting techniques, you end up questioning yourself. Read the words on these pages and see all the Gaslighting being done for yourself. As these posts below show many great examples of Bullies trying to Gaslight my reality away!

You’re only accusing me of that because you’re losing your mind.”

Gaslighting can have devastating effects. This sinister form of manipulation can cause its victims to question their own minds.

The early effects of gaslighting can be hard to spot. They might include:

  • frustration at constantly arguing with your partner
  • pushing back against friends or family members who show concern
  • irritability
  • feeling tense
  • a loss of focus and concentration

Long-term, gaslighting might lead the target to believe they have a mental health disorder – which might then affect their mental health for real. They might feel isolated from friends or family and experience depression due to a loss of control over their lives.

Gaslighting might also be an indicator of potential physical abuse further down the line.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a type of psychological abuse. One person or a group manipulates another, making them question or doubt their own mental health.

Gaslighting tactics undermine your trust in your memories, perception, or judgment.

If you’re experiencing long-term gaslighting, you may come to believe your own memories and thoughts aren’t reliable. Your abuser positions themselves as the only one you can depend on to make decisions on your behalf.

Gaslighting 101: How to spot and counter it

Gaslighting is a type of abuse that involves convincing a partner, friend, family member, or colleague they’re experiencing mental health problems. This manipulation tactic gets its name from the 1944 movie, “Gaslight.”

They might achieve this through:

  • Withholding. Pretending not to understand or not listening.
  • Countering. Questioning the person’s memory of events despite evidence.
  • Blocking or diverting. Changing the subject.
  • Trivializing. Making the person feel like their feelings are unimportant.
  • Forgetting or denying. Pretending to have forgotten what has actually happened.

This helps them to gain control over the person’s life and isolate them from other people they love.

If you suspect you’re experiencing gaslighting, start recording events by keeping a diary or physical evidence. Reach out to trusted third parties. And try, if you can, to remove yourself from the situation.

Attending group therapy or support groups might help you to find empowerment and healing after a gaslighting experience.

It can be an absolute nightmare.

Why do people gaslight?

At its heart, gaslighting is about power and control. An insecure partner or boss might gaslight if they feel the victim is developing beyond their power and influence.

A parent might have been abused themselves and believe the only way to raise a child is by dictating what is and isn’t real to them.

Regardless of intent, it’s still a relationship dynamic that causes more harm than potential good.

What tactics do gaslighters use?

The most common gaslighting tactics are those which control a person’s access to information or distort the perceived value of that information.

Gaslighting techniques often seem innocent at first, even playful. But they’re part of a long-term cycle of abuse, aimed at creating dependency and enforcing control.

Look out for the following if you suspect you or someone you know might be the target of gaslighting:

  • withholding
  • countering
  • blocking or diverting
  • trivializing
  • forgetting or denying


Withholding is when a gaslighter refuses to listen to their target’s concerns or pretends they can’t understand them. In effect, they’re withholding their participation in what should be a meaningful conversation.

In extreme cases, the gaslighter might accuse their victim of gaslighting.


“Don’t talk to me about this again!”

“You’re confusing me with this bullsh*t!”


In countering, the abuser confronts (or “counters”) the victim’s memory of events with an accusation or denial.

The gaslighter wears down the victim’s faith in their own recollection over time — even when the victim has evidence and knows their memory is accurate.


“That’s not how it happened. It happened like this.”

“You’re remembering things wrong again, obviously it went down this way…”

Blocking or diverting

These refer to the gaslighter either shutting down their victim’s concerns entirely or redirecting the conversation to a topic that suits them.

Usually this is done after a partner raises a serious point to make legitimate concerns seem ridiculous.


Diverting: “You’ve been watching too many dumb movies.”

“Okay, cool. Anyway, did you see the new “Falcon & Winter Soldier” episode?”

Blocking: “Nah, you just made that up.”


When trivializing, the abuser does their best to make the victim’s concerns seem small and unimportant. This could be accompanied by a form of diverting where the abuser presents their own problems as more significant.


“That’s nothing to get so angry about.”

“What I’ve been through is way more serious, get over it.”

“When did you get so sensitive?”

Forgetting or denying

In forgetting and denial, the abuser pretends not to remember events as they happened or simply claims they never took place.

This gets particularly insidious when the gaslighter uses their own “unreliable” memory to undermine the accurate memories of their victim.


“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Maybe that was just a dream you had.”

The effects of gaslighting

How can you tell if you’re being gaslit? Given how subtle it can be, tracking the short-term effects of gaslighting can be tricky before they transition into long-term issues.

Short-term effects

In the early stage of gaslighting, gaslighters often present their tactics as jokes or genuine concern for the victim’s well-being. If an abuser progresses too quickly, they risk driving their target away before establishing control.

For this reason, the early effects can be subtle. Targets of gaslighting might experience:

  • frustration at constant arguments
  • clashes with concerned friends or family members
  • general irritability, tension, and a lack of concentration

Long-term effects

Gaslighting is a long-form method of psychological and emotional abuse. The real goal is to establish control and dependency — which doesn’t happen overnight.

The long-term effects of gaslighting often result in the victim believing they have a mental health disorder.

This is then likely to have a real impact on their mental health. Feelings of anxiety could get worse over time. Dependency on their abuser might lead to feelings of isolation from friends and family. Depression may result from losing control over their lives.

When carried out as part of a wider abusive relationship, gaslighting makes it harder for an abused partner to leave. Given how often emotional abuse progresses to physical abuse, gaslighting may increase an abused partner’s risk of experiencing violence in a relationship.

How to recover from gaslighting

Moving on from an abusive relationship where gaslighting took place can be a long process. Give yourself plenty of time to remember what it felt like to trust your own memories, and rely on the evidence of your own senses.

Therapy can help — particularly group therapy or support groups where others have had similar experiences. This could go some way to countering feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Counseling from those with specific experience in dealing with abusive relationships can also equip you with helpful techniques.

You won’t feel as “crazy” in a room full of people who’ve been falsely told the same thing.


Gaslighting is truly vile. Few forms of psychological abuse rival causing someone to question their own minds. It’s especially tasteless today, when focus on mental well-being is long overdue.

If it happens to you, it’s vital you remember that it’s not your fault. Learn the signs, distance yourself from the problem, and remember who you can trust. You’re not on your own!

Today, I see all the Toxicity on display from them toward other people on all their websites, not just the ones in my name. As you will see from my writings below, I was seeing their Gaslighting in everything they do and I am sure other people are seeing it too. Gaslighting is terrible for your psyche and it takes a lot to get past it, which is why it is so important to keep your own journal to reference as I do. It does save you quite a bit to have your own reality as you saw it at the time on hand to reference.

My instincts were telling me from the beginning that these HRTO applications wouldn’t see a hearing, they were using the process to cause more fear within me. Over time, their antics showed these Bullies to be unreliable and untrustworthy during the legal processes of Divisional Court and Human Rights, even during Landlord and Tenant Board hearings. Bullies sit on their “high horses” thinking they lord over everyone else within their sphere and that they can influence anyone into doing what they want. The end result of all the filing of Legal Actions they did, was to reinforce that they were lying from the beginning and that nothing happened as they claim it did. They were Gaslighting everything!

Request for Summery Hearing File # 2018-32809 and 2018-32811-I, Stella Reddy

  1. On what basis do you claim that there is no reasonable prospect that the Application or part of the Application will succeed? Include any facts relied on and full submissions in support of the request.

The applicants have alleged that I gained my “racist and prejudice views about the applicant and her family” from a prior meeting that never happened at any time in June 2016. There is no way they can prove this meeting actually took place and everything they claim I said was a fabrication they made up after they had issues with how I was doing my job in looking after the apartment they live in from July 2016- October 2016, as shown in their own documents timeline. All the documents that they submitted to the HRTO that I issued in my job while I was working here, such as Notices of Entry, Form N5’s and all letters and emails from the time I started in June 29, 2016 till last day of work of July 4, 2018 were all professional in nature and deemed correctly done, as they were reviewed by MLS and RentSafeTO, as well as accepted with the Landlord and Tenant Board. While I appreciate that the LTB adjudicator said one of the Form N5 was void, it was not illegal.

In my position as part of a Building Superintendent Team looking after the apartment building where they live, they claim that I proceeded to commit “illegal” activities yet they have not proven these acts were committed and no where in the documents given is there any proof that I was doing so. The only time I made any personal comment was when I noted in a letter they included that I had no ill will towards them nor any tenant and that I was only doing my job of enforcing the rules and regulations for the safety of all tenants and the property.

They made numerous allegations against me without providing proof that what they say is true, and they invaded other tenant’s privacy in their endeavor to get me in trouble. In the application and their reply, the applicants, spend so much time talking about other tenants living in the property and they also tried to find other tenants on the property whom would be willing to claim that I was also doing things against them but no other tenant was willing to state something that did not happen. The applicants refuse to accept that I am bound by the privacy laws to not discuss any tenant’s matters with them, that includes any parking others may have, what they have on their balcony and even what rent another tenant pays or even if they pay for parking, even now that I no longer work here.

In my response, I sent the documentation for the website the applicants, posted online,, where they posted my name, the company website, the office telephone number, and made various slanderous comments about myself, the property owners, and the LTB adjudicator. This website, and the Facebook posts, are what I have such an issue with as it is defamation of character through libel and having this website online has caused me numerous issues, professionally and personally. In my last few months in my job, I had numerous people ask me about that website, current and prospective tenants alike, and it is very embarrassing. Having these lies posted online has caused my paranoia and anxiety over other people and what they are possibly saying, to become extreme. Even though I know the accusations are all lies, it is still very bad to my mental health over the past 2 years, as it is always there. I have felt very violated and bullied by the applicants over their actions and accusations yet they have never provided any proof that what they claim is true.  No where in any letter, notice, or email given did I make any discrimination against them or their family.

They also posted online in that website the Landlord and Tenant Board application that they filed September 30, 2017, for which a hearing was scheduled for October 31, 2017 and which the applicants cancelled themselves when called before the adjudicator on that date. As this application was dismissed by the applicants, they had no right to post this in a public forum for anyone to see as the allegations in the paperwork online have not been proven.  None of their accusations against me have been proven, yet they speak of them online and to others as if it is the truth. They claim this application filed by them and the associated paperwork for it that they gave to the adjudicator on Sept 26, 2017 was why the adjudicator was biased against them, as they were not given the chance to discuss this. This application and paperwork for it was given to me on that same day. As noted in the transcript provided by the applicants, we were given the option to adjourn the hearing we were there for that day until Oct 31, 2017 but we refused, which was our right to do so, and it was accepted. The adjudicator then was well within his rights not to have the applicants discuss any of their allegations as they had to wait till Oct 31, 2017 for their hearing to discuss these matters. As this hearing was then cancelled by the applicants, they lost the right to discuss those matters they filed about so posting this info online is discrimination against me on their part.

On October 5, 2018 I also received a “friend” request from DJ NotNice and once I looked up the info it came back to the applicant. I was also told by other family members and friends that they also received a friend request on Instagram from the same user name so I had to inform all my social media contacts, which consist of family, friends, and professional contacts, about the possible request by these user names of DJ Not Nice, RhinoLife Fitness, and their names, for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. It is reasonable to assume that as this applicant do not know these people and would otherwise not know any of their names, the fact that they are trying to access their social media is just another way to spy on me and what I do.  Otherwise, what other reason to try and befriend my contacts? This is more evidence of their harassment of myself.

The applicants refused to answer to this website nor have they answered to the Facebook postings they made where they shared this website with various public groups and actually state in their response that they don’t fell the need to do so. I also believe they would not answer to why they are trying to access my social media accounts as well as my friends and families either, if asked to do so. I considered their Reply that they sent very disrespectful to the process, as they didn’t follow proper procedure and answer to the new issues I raised, as required. They waste time being concerned about “after the fact” documents that they accuse me of making up yet have provided nothing proving I have done so in the past. As the applicants own documents show no proof of racism or prejudice on my part towards them during the time I worked here, and the alleged meeting they based their accusations on did not happen, there is no case against me.

The Reply submitted by January 4, 2019 did also not contain any reference to the alleged meeting, the website, nor the Facebook posts but included new information not submitted with the original application, which is also against the Rules of Procedure. Emails received since have also inferred that the applicants are withholding information, as they claim they are waiting for “the” hearing to bring forward, as they implied they wish to ambush me with more information. The applicants also complained of sending emails to them, but as explained to the applicants before, proper procedure is to cc all people associated with the application therefore she has to accept the emails. HRTO has already reminded the applicants to include all parties of the application in all matters before and needs to be reminded once again of proper procedures.

I am requesting this summery hearing as the applicants have also refused to follow proper procedures of the HRTO process. They refused to answer to new matters I raised in their reply. They expect us to not send a main applicant, no emails over this application. They claim they are withholding information they say is important to the application when they should have submitted everything by now. The applicant has tried to claim in the Reply that he and his children are not part of the Divisional Court proceeding but he is the one whom completed and signed all paperwork for the Appeal and the Appeal is based on the Applicant and her family. They persistently try to include issues of other tenants that is out of their control and should not be included in the application. Their opinions have no place and they have no proof of what they claim against me. I wasn’t even in cahoots with the property owners like they said I was.

The applicant’s whole case is based on their personal opinions and lies they fabricated in retaliation for the eviction, which have no place in a judicial system, as it should be based on facts that can be proven. The applicant, has been obnoxious, condescending, and outright rude and crude in their responses. After the past couple of days and the emails I have seen, I have come to the conclusion that the applicants have no empathy for anyone else as they just don’t seem to understand that their actions can affect other people. I copied and pasted below the last email received which made me see that they really just do not get it as it is not in the person to understand. They are too selfish.

“Hello, I would like to note that A blocked  Stella emails some time ago just for today’s reasons. It appears that Stella Reddy has gone out of her way to created a brand new email account  just so she can harass A with this foolishness. ( as Ms. is a main applicant, this is not allowed as per rules of procedures)

A again has block Stella Reddy, disabling her ability to try bring unwarranted harassment upon her. ( as a main applicant, this is not allowed as per rules of procedures)

It appears that Stella Reddy does not understand what harassment is. I do not appreciate these childish games that she is playing.  She has threatened us today with calling the Childens Aid today, Threatened us with some kind on illegal actions that would put her in prison.

It is this paragraph which made me realize the applicants don’t have the capabilities to understand the depth of feelings that come with these kinds of cases and just do not get what they have done, as I now see just how selfish they really are. For a grown man with his own children to respond to an email where I talk of my mental health issues with “ohh boo hoo” is not capable of feeling for anyone else. The applicants are just not capable of feeling empathy for anyone else nor did seeing that their lies and actions have created such severe depression and anxiety in myself that it brings out strong emotions like what I went through yesterday that cause me to make such claims as noted above. They don’t realize that their lies and actions have caused me to be suicidal and did not see any of that yesterday either but the HRTO did, which is why the Toronto Police showed up. To them, my reactions are a joke and an excuse to attack me more with their entitled and condescending words and used as an excuse to show how superior they are. They do not grasp the concept that their actions and lies have created severe mental health issues for me as they just don’t care. Their resentment and hatred is what is driving them and they are determined to make me suffer for daring to interfere with that they want and what happened the past couple of days is proof of that. The applicants don’t care if I get emotional, they don’t care what their words and actions are causing to me and my life and for this reason alone is proof that they are vindictive, not truthful. Their ability to say and do what they wish without caring for the consequences is proof that they are out for themselves and this is just another way for them to fight the eviction.

All the applicants were concerned about were their own opinions and beliefs and claim I am “playing childish games”.  They just don’t have the capacity to feel empathy for anyone else which is why they come across as cold and unfeeling. The registrar called the Police upon my last email as they got the sense that I was in a bad shape, which I was, but all the applicant saw was that I am sending emails to A and that they are only picking up for their rights. The applicant seems to think that where “All this because we enforced our rights to file with the HRTO.” that I should just sit back and let them do their thing with no response as they are looking out for their rights. They always seem so surprised when I respond and fight back against their claims and complain when I do. They don’t seem to understand that I have rights too as all they are concerned about is themselves. They are selfish people who only have concerns for themselves. Of course, the applicant in this last email only mentions the comments I made about calling Children’s Aid and that I brought up prison, but of course he left out what I said about making a website about them and standing in the lobby to talk to other tenants about the actions they have done in invading other tenant’s privacy. I threatened to do to them what they did to me online and with the tenants in the building and they leave that out. Why? Any mention of a website and they ignore it as they don’t want to answer for the one they did.

I am requesting a dismissal of this application as they are being vexatious and frivolous in their accusations. They refuse to follow proper procedure, make demands they are not entitled too, they refuse to answer for their actions, and I want this over before I lose my mind. I am afraid the mental health issues will only get worse and I do not want to end up in the hospital. I do hold the applicants accountable for my mental health issues.

Thank you for your time.

Stella Reddy

Summery/Preliminary Hearing

Scheduled by teleconference January 17, 2020 at 1:30 pm

File #         2018-32808-I




Form 11 Response Box #3

September 3, 2019

The applications filed June 4, 2018 by these Bullies, claim that they were discriminated against in regards to Housing – Good, Services or Facilities based on Race, Colour, Ancestry, Place of Origin, Family Status, Receipt of Public Assistance, Association with a Person identified by a ground listed above, Reprisal or Threat of Reprisal. They also claim they were evicted, and under other, they had denied services and hostile treatment.

As the applicants filed these applications, it is their responsibility to prove their case, and they have not. The only response sent after the Interim Decision was the email where the applicant, stresses about how his 300+ pages of documents show what a liar I am, which has nothing to do with violations of their human rights they have listed in their applications. I don’t see “liar” there anywhere! Their personal opinions over building procedures with parking, balconies, and what other tenants do or have, has nothing to do with proving their allegations against me. The complete documents sent by them has nothing to show how anyone violated their human rights as they have listed. 

The eviction was based on their own actions of consistent refusal of access and upheld by Divisional Court, decision released April 15, 2019. The applicants agreed they refused access in all hearings held.

The applicants have absolutely no proof of their allegations, on paper, in video, nor picture, nor from any witness, as I know nothing happened. There was no prior meeting they based all their accusations on. The transcript of the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing held Sept 26, 2017 show that the applicants admit they have no proof when asked by me about this prior meeting they claim we had. I have read the entirety of the documents and emails I have in my HRTO folder for this application, and find no violations shown by me in my job duties when I worked here, as listed above. To me they were a tenant or occupant, no name no gender no nationality, just a tenant living in that unit. Once they kept refusing access, even in writing to me by email over every attempt, we had no choice than to proceed with the Landlord and Tenant Board for their process, which decided to evict them in the Order received Oct 3, 2017.

On another note, I would very much like to see the applicants held accountable for their own violations against my human rights, as shown in their submitted documents, and in the papers I submitted of the Facebook posts, online websites of and My mental health has suffered greatly, which also affected my personal and professional life, by the applicants smear campaign of me online and in person, all in reprisal for the eviction I was part of in my job duties in 2017. I went into psychosis July 4, 2019 which lasted 2 days. Between then and Nov 2019 I tried suicide twice. Once I got to see a specialist in mid Nov I was put on medications and diagnosed with severe depression, severe anxiety, recurrent PTSD symptoms, and saw this doctor 2 times a week for 6 months. I have missed out on quite a bit over the past year while dealing with my mental and physical health that this application has affected and  I will no longer work in the industry I loved so much due to the stress it causes and the anxiety I have over something like this happening once again. This process has had a long-term effect on me and my life and the applicants should be held accountable for their part in it. I am ready to put it behind me and move on. I have accepted that the applicants are one in a long line of tenants whom have come and gone from my life and I am okay with retiring now. I will never fully recover from this experience I have been in for the past 3 years, as my anxiety will never allow me to be in a position where I may be attacked once again.  I am done and wish to move on. They are welcome to continue their smear campaign as they are only showing their reprising actions against me and it is easy to see now.

Thank you,

Stella Reddy

JUNE 2016

In mid/late June 2016, the Applicant and her family attend the restaurant Dragon Handroll Buffet  ( formerly known as Happy Panda Buffett ) which is located at the corner of Eglington and Brimley. 

The family entered the restaurant and was told that they would have to wait about 5 minutes for a seat, as this was not a large restaurant and it was busy. The family decided that they would go outside and wait instead of standing in the small restaurant doorway.

As the family walked out the door, they passed a couple coming into the restaurant. The Applicants husband made a joke to the Applicant about the couple they just passed coming in that “ they looked like there from Hamilton. ” 

As the Applicants husband was born and raised in Hamilton until 2006, when they finally moved to Toronto. The Applicant and her husband had an ongoing joke that people who dress bummy/sloppy remind them of people from Hamilton.

After the family stood outside for a couple of minutes, the same bummy/sloppy couple that was entering the restaurant when they were leaving came out and approached the family.

The female of the couple asked the Applicant “ Do you live on Kennedy Road? ”  The Applicants husband  replied  “ Why? ” as he began to wonder what was going on and why was this strange woman asking them where they lived? 

The female stated that her name was “ Stella “ ( Reddy ) and that the gentleman with her was her“ husband, Russell “, and that they were the “ new supers of 859 Kennedy Road. ” 

The Applicant replied that she had “ not heard anything about new supers taking over the building. ” 

Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy stated “ I was at the building earlier this week, and I seen you and your family leaving “ and that she remembered them “ because of your children. ”

Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy asked the Applicant and her husband “ Are these your Mulatto children? ” 

The Applicants husband looked at Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy with disbelief and confusion as he could not believe what he just heard. Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy used the word “Mulatto ” when referring to his children.

The Applicants husband understood very well what the prejudice and derogatory slur “ Mulatto “ meant. It is a derogatory term that came into use during slavery when referring to the bi-racial offspring of African slaves and most often their white European slave masters.

As the Applicants husband grew up his whole life with what Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy called a “ Mulatto ” bother from his mom’s previous relationship before marrying his dad. 

The Applicants husband had a very clear understand of what was acceptable and what was not acceptable when trying to identify or label black or bi-racial people or children in local society. 

His bi-racial bother faced a lot of racial issues and teasing while growing up, being that he was a bi-racial child living in an all-white home.  Society in the 70’s and 80’s was not always as understanding or forgiving as it has somewhat become today.

The Applicants husband was going to address Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy about her prejudice and derogatory “ Mulatto ” slur, but when he looked at his wife, she gave him – The Look – as to just leave it alone. 

The Applicant replied “ Yes ” leaving out the prejudice and derogatory “ Mulatto ” slur.

Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy stated that “ They are beautiful looking. ”  Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy asked the Applicant “ Where are you from? ”

The Applicants husband was again going to address this question that was only direct towards the Applicant. But again she gave him – The Look – to just leave it alone.

The Applicants husband was not impressed with the line of questioning that Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy thought was acceptable. It was clear that an ignorant Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy believed that the Applicant could not have been born in Canada, and that she must have migrated from another country because of her skin tone. “ black ”

Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy clearly did not feel the need to ask the Applicants white husband where he was from as he was the same complexion as her.

At that point the Applicant replied “ I am from the Caribbean “ and left it at that. The Applicants husband took that moment to cut the conversation short stating “ we should head back inside to eat, “ and off they went.

Alto Properties Inc. employee Stella Reddy and her husband Alto Properties Inc. employee Russell Reddy never returned back inside the restaurant to eat after the Applicant and her family left and went back inside.

This complete story above is a fabrication and did not happen. Not only do I not talk like that to any one, there is no rhyme nor reason for any person to go up to total strangers and say the things the applicants claim here, let a lone for myself to do that to new tenants I would be seeing in the property. I also would be living and working in. I would also like to point out that the applicants discriminated themselves against people living in Hamilton by their comments of how they dressed. As part of the Hearing held at the Landlord and Tenant Board September 26, 2017, the Read’s mentioned this meeting and their allegations of what they claim I said and when I asked them if they have any proof of this meeting, they stated they did not. I submit that the Read’s fabricated this story in retaliation for the eviction that was granted October 3, 2017.

Most of the Statement of Facts issued by the applicants speaks of their interpretation of how I did my job as building staff and the procedures we put in place to look after the building, such as accepting cash payments, BBQ’s and storage items on balconies, parking issues and renting of parking spots, notices of entry and arranging for contractors. All letters, notices, and LTB forms were issued as part of my duties to ensure the property in within the rules and regulations issued by various agencies. As noted by the copies attached to their application these procedures were for all tenants of the building, not just the applicants. It is only when they were personal to an issue to this unit, that a letter or notice was issued to them personally and only contains copied and pasted information I got from various websites.  There is nothing noted in these actions I did in my job that violate their human rights. Even the last incident they claim of June 2, 2018 for the email sent to ask about the short rental payment that was received for that month is standard procedures in these cases, not violating their human rights.

As the majority of the sentences in these statements of facts begin with “it appears” we can assume that what follows is the applicant’s supposition on what he believes to be the facts. By using these words, it is telling the reader that this is his opinion and that he does not have any definitive facts to show his interpretation as the truth. The applicants have stated here, and in other judicial forums, that they wanted to prove what a liar I am, not that I violated their human rights. They began this personal vendetta once I issued and filed for an eviction the Form N5 for their consistent refusal of access for repairs. It was only after they received the 1st form N5 in Aug 2016 that we received this letter dated August 31, 2016 where they make allegations about some prior meeting at some restaurant in June 2016 before I moved in to work here. It wasn’t mentioned before this in all our interactions with cash payments trying to be made, and trying to access to do repairs. It was only after all these issues and the Form N5 was sent that these allegations came out. A little suspicious don’t you think?

This application to Human Rights was made June 4, 2018, 2 years after this alleged previous meeting they claim we had at some restaurant in June 2016. I submit this application was made in retaliation for the eviction once they were told they couldn’t include any of these allegations in Divisional Court for their appeal.

1.The applicants have lied about a previous meeting they allege we had.

2.The applicants tried to start a tenant association in the building with the agenda of getting other tenants together to have the staff fired and in the hoped of finding other tenants willing to work with them on the racism and discrimination they alleged I did to them.

  1. The applicants made a website, and shared this link on various Facebook groups to incite the public to their side and to have others make comments to us about their allegations. I did receive some nasty emails on the work email from strangers about this.
  2. The applicants pressured another tenant to lie about interacting with me, but this tenant refused to do it.
  3. The applicants invaded other tenants’ privacy by taking pictures of their vehicles and parking spots and of balconies and what was on them.
  4. The applicants invaded the privacy of my family members social media and my own, under different names, and copied and used various pictures from these social media sites and shared them to others.
  5. The applicants have violated the human rights of others by their comments of “bummy/sloppy dressed people all come from Hamilton” called the LTB adjudicator “ghetto” and accused me of racism without proof.
  6. The applicant also made allegations of me drinking on the job as well as he claims I showed up at his door smelling of alcohol! And I don’t even drink!

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