Toxic People & Their Meddling!

Meddler: One who meddles or interferes in something not of their concern.

As the poster above says, Toxic people with narcissistic traits will meddle in your personal and professional lives, creating chaos wherever they go! They violate boundaries and get into other people’s business and issues that just don’t involve them. How did my marriage and other family members have anything to do with these Tenants and their eviction? What did my previous place of employment have to do with these Tenants and their eviction? What does my life in Newfoundland, have to do with these Tenants and their eviction that occurred over 6 years ago? It doesn’t.

My family had nothing to do with their eviction, yet, they had no problem writing about them and getting into their business on the websites they made in my name! They made a brand new domain in my nickname in July 2022 in which to tell more lies and show their meddling in my personal life. This Bully had no problem accosting my sister’s friend in the Lobby one day and charming personal info out of him either, they share the video on Who does that? A narcissistic Toxic person, that’s who!

Their main goal is to manipulate the situation and control people to get the outcome they want, which is usually your compliance with their agenda!

They created these websites to create fear within their targets and used them to shame, humiliate, and abuse. The toxic Adult Bullies I have thought nothing of sharing the personal business of their Targets in the contents of the personally titled websites they made. They are Meddlers who turned a professional work situation into a very personal one with their actions. It is Toxic. They are laying blame on others for the decisions they made.

What does the income of the targets have to do with the false allegations of racism alleged in their many websites? Does what a person make in income make them more likely to be a racist person than someone making a different salary? Do the family members they have, even friends, determine how racist they allege a person is? Does comparing people prove that someone is what these Toxic people determine they are?

The contents of their many websites show the meddling they do in my personal life and the personal lives of others.

Their meddling did include trying to drive wedges between me and my employers, other Tenants, and even my family members! The Toxic person’s actions speak very clearly of their motives and intentions. and are just two of the many domains they have in other people’s names or places of business on the internet and their contents speak very clearly of their motives. A malicious Smear Campaign against anyone who they felt “disrespected” them in some way.

With me, the property owners, adjudicators and lawyers it was because we all played a part in their eviction. These Tenants felt the eviction was not deserved, as they claimed it was their possessions in there and they felt they had a right to deny entry when no one was home so they wouldn’t have to worry about items going missing.

They meddled in my personal life, disparaging my family members online, and sharing pictures of other family members, including of the eyes of my 4 great-nieces and great-nephews online. Meddled in the personal social media of a woman whose Blog I follow online just because she “liked” my blog posts and disparaged her online. He used comparisons of me with others hoping to news-jack readers to his sites. If you look at the contents of and the list of pages, you will see the extreme Meddling they did in my life!

These Bullies have written in a way that they hope will convince others that their assumptions are valid. I met these Tenants for the first time in person when they came to pay rent on July 5, 2016, where they got so irate over me not accepting their cash rental payment, that I ended up giving in to their demand and took it, just to get them to stop shouting at me. I only moved in on June 29! We had no personal relationship, they are nothing to me and my life, yet, they are arrogant enough to try and convince people they know me well enough to make all the claims they have on these pages. That is severe toxic behaviour!

It seems to me that with the Vet he is bashing online, this Vet disrespected him by not being willing to wait for him to get off work to show up to the office to pay the bill. This Adult Bully is disparaging this Vet for how he runs his own business, a sure sign of a Meddler! Does this Toxic Adult Bully who owns these domains and writes the content, really have any idea what it takes to run a business like that? Is this anonymous administrator of this site, a VET?

Same with the public school and its teachers and administrators, he is meddling with how they do their jobs and in their personal lives. What right does this person have to do these things? They don’t.

What these Bullies do, is wrong. Maybe not criminally, but in all other ways such as morally. They have no respect for anyone, and it shows. All of their actions show me how Toxic they are and that they are Meddling in things that are not their business and none of their concern.

It is situations like these that we can use and learn from. I know I do! I have learned that Adult Tenants who Bully, do so for vengeance against someone for not agreeing with what they wanted. Iam a target as I instigated their eviction and I made the mistake of sharing too much personal info during Human Rights, thinking it was protected under the Privacy Act but these bullies had no problem sharing it online on their sites. That alone shows what Toxic Meddlers they are! Was it their info to share that way?

I am glad I saved their many sites on the Internet Archive, as they are perfect examples to use to show the many Toxic Traits being shown within them. Nothing like real examples of the traits I have learned about! All throughout my education, I would go back and re-read their words to see the traits in action for myself, as it helped me to see them in action. I have used the contents within these sites to help me heal.

I love posters, they share a lot of info in such a short space and still be so informative! Over the past few years, I have found many websites, posters, and blogs made by numerous people, survivors and professionals alike, all sharing the same insights into Toxic people with Narcissistic traits that have helped me immensely to heal from all this and get rid of the unreasonable fears I had. I have received therapy too and I know I wouldn’t be as well as I am these days without it. It was my doctor who first mentioned Narcissism to me and he read every single document and email I received from these Toxic Tenants, so he would know! Would you believe even an adjudicator with HRTO also mentioned that word to me? I had to learn about all this the past few years and while it is an education I didn’t want, I needed it. It was my only way to survive all this, to know I am not alone!

The best thing I ever did, even though not much came out of it, was go to my local Police and file a report about this situation. I finally got the validation I needed to free myself of its effects! With their help, we connected with Niagara Regional Police and their Cyber Crime Unit, who after investigating, found no criminal offence on their sites. While that bothered me, I am grateful. I am content as now it is in the system and they are being monitored. Niagara Regional Police Cyber Crime Unit is watching their online actions now. That is good enough for me, to know the proper authorities are monitoring their actions, so I don’t need to do so anymore!

The proper people are aware of their online antics and making of domains with the intent to meddle with other people’s personal and professional lives.

I learned a lot from speaking with the Police and I am very grateful for all that. I am proud of myself for finally bringing this terrible situation out in the open! I am also proud of myself for exposing their actions against me and other people. If they didn’t want someone to disparage their actions on the internet, they can always remove it…

You can tell these Bullies think they know what’s best for everyone else and feel entitled to get into their business and act like “know-it-alls” and dish out unsolicited advice and opinions on their personal and professional lives. Meddlers like this always blame someone else for the problems they cause, the drama they create, their need to control others, and their lack of control over themselves. These specific Toxic Bullies tell you they were “forced” into doing their sites!!

It is no one’s fault but their own!