Personal Autotomy

Personal Autotomy is what I have reached and will always follow my own values and interests, no longer caring about the opinions of others and what they perceive about me. That is what happens after being a target of Toxic Adult Bullies intent on a public smear campaign!

These Tenant Bullies’ perception of me is a reflection of themselves!

Being the subject of public gossip and rumours on various public websites on the internet over time will de-sensitize you to the effects of it and you reach the point where it no longer matters. Why should the nasty comments from a past Tenant, affect my personal life now? They are just showing their own pettiness over being evicted, implying that everyone was in “cahoots” to make it happen. Very delusional! I also came to see that all the allegations they make against so many individuals are the same! They never changed from one person to the next and all are based on Racism!

The education I have received on human nature and narcissism has convinced me that insecure people attack others to feel superior. Being rude, condescending, critical of others, and self-righteousness, all scream their own insecurities! These Tenants were evicted and the site is revenge for that loss. The way they write gives it all away! They do their websites with nasty content, to intimidate and feel superior over other people because they feel insecure! They put others down because they themselves feel bad and want others to feel the same! In their content online they even try to tell you how to do your job, one they never had before! They are reflecting in their content all their own nastiness and don’t see it!

I had a great career in Property Management and got along with just about everyone I met, but because I was a strong-minded person and willing to enforce the rules of apartment living, even taking Tenants to the Tribunal for mediation with issues over Entry, I became a target of these Toxic people. They didn’t like what I was doing in my job so decided to make a personal attack on my character to distract everyone from the reason all this mess started in the first place, their actions of refusing access, in writing no less where they can’t deny it! In the end, all they do is expose themselves and their own way of living. They clearly stated they refused access to numerous people, yet, claim they were made to do so, implying they have no free will of their own. No matter how they try to imply that other people “forced” them into doing the websites, they made the choice on their own.

I have learned from posters like this below that these people have to devalue me because they feel insecure. I stopped fearing Toxic Bullies, they have nothing more than big mouths and a lonely existence. They tear down me and others, hoping to feel superior and “better” than anyone else because they feel insecure. That is on them, not me nor anyone else.

When these Tenant Bullies were evicted in October 2017, they became the aggressors out of severe spite and created a very elaborate smear campaign on the internet on various websites that still remain there over 6 years later and have even added new websites against other targets they are trying to “expose” to the general public for their perceived actions against them, that came since. They are on a vendetta against anyone and everyone who they perceive “disrespects” them in some way and their long list of domains is proof of that.

These Adult Bullies have left a trail of websites registered in other individuals’ personal names, or names of their businesses, on the internet, all with the same theme, Adventurous. They have exposed themselves by writing in the same manner with the same false allegations of racism, against all they attack. Their wording doesn’t change, from one target to the next. They spend so much time speculating on these individuals in every aspect of their personal lives, from how much they make, where they work and live, who they have as friends and family, out of their extreme jealousy that they don’t live like that. They show their pettiness and immaturity by just registering these domains, let alone posting the content within they have there.

The knowledge I have gained, watching these Tenants and their actions on the internet over time, has shown me just how lazy they are. They want everything but don’t want to work for it. You can feel their jealousy coming at you from the page when they speculate over how other people live! They were persistent in their actions of denying entry, yet, thought I wouldn’t do anything about that due to their false allegations from the year before of a prior meeting they tried to say we had. They thought their bullying ways would stop me from enforcing the rules, out of fear of the lies they could spew. I saw it then and I still see it now.

Even now, they still think that they control me and what I do out of “fear” of what they could do to me with their websites, would deter me from speaking my truth, online or off. I am past that these days and prefer to continue to expose these Toxic Adult Bullies for what they do with websites in other people’s names.

If they didn’t want me talking about their actions on the internet, they shouldn’t have made their attacks so public! Every site I share that they own is clearly free to see on the internet, as long as you know what to look for. That’s the thing with their sites, you need to know what to search for to find them, as they are very specific.

It sounds like it is easier for Toxic Tenant Bullies to put others down than to recognize their own weaknesses. They refuse to see that their loud obnoxious mouths spewing false allegations of racism against so many different individuals, only expose themselves and their own bad characters the more they continue in that way. It will catch up with them, in their own reputations. Karma is real and they will find no one will trust them, especially with their personal special events. I would be too afraid I would say or do something to set them off and attack me too!

They prefer to project their bad feelings onto others, implying they do these things because they were “forced” to do so, giving away their own personal autonomy! These Toxic Tenants don’t understand that the general public is too smart to accept the narratives as they are written, as it is well known that as Adults, we are responsible for our own actions and can’t place the blame on anyone else for anything we do, no matter how hard we try to do so.

We are all individuals and deserve our own personal autonomy! It is my life, I get to choose how I live it, not Toxic past Tenants who got mad at me for doing my job!