Stella Reddy’s Personal Reviews of Various Websites Made by Toxic Adult Bullies

I came across this poster a little while ago and wanted to share it here as it hits the nail on the head for the Narcissistic Adult Bullies I had trouble with in my past. Below is my Personal Review of all the Smearing websites they made and posted!

On every first page of all their smearing domains, they post online and write about others anonymously, they claim in some way to beforcedinto it. They allege they are such innocents being made to “alert” the public about the behaviour they claim others did to them…They are trying to play Victim to circumstances they created!

All these domains are on IP address and registered with Hostinger and easily accessible on the internet, which is why I had so much fear for so long.

I thought every person accessing those sites would believe every word and attack me over it. The Toxic Abusers I had, kept telling me that and over time, I started believing it. That is what happens with narcissistic types, they attempt to brainwash you.

They claim to have been “provoke and antagonize” them into making these websites where they write anonymously about the perceived actions of me and others.

If you notice, the basis of all their allegations is based on “racism“. They claim that every person they meet, who doesn’t show them the courtesy they feel they deserve, ends up being accused of being a racist person. Every single time!

With me and Kennedy road, we all played a part in evicting these people for their acts of breaking the rules of entry, yet according to them, I made all that up and lied. Every person who then agreed and allowed the eviction to proceed was also accused of being racist. They admit to refusing access but claim they did so as they stated no one was getting access when no one was home and they were afraid of their things going missing. Even when I tried to access the apartment when someone was home, I was refused as I didn’t have the contractor with me to do the work right then and there and I made them wait around all day.

These Tenants thought they could tell me how the work will proceed to be done and when and every time access was requested, it turned into a war and was refused.

The Vet they had for their dog last year, didn’t give these Bullies the consideration they felt they deserved, so this site is the revenge for that, hoping to affect this Vet’s business. They seek revenge for not being given special treatment and once again racism comes into play from them!

Their newest Targets, the teachers, administrators, and even students at an elementary school, where he names his own wife and underage son, are being charged with “racism“.

These “concerned parents” are making public a situation personal to their young son, for their own personal gratification of shaming the people working at this elementary school for not treating them as they felt they should have. They don’t care about the psychological damage such actions are doing to the children being named and shamed within this site, let alone the adults being affected! Nope, they want the gratification of naming these people, including these young children, on the internet for the public to gawk at!

It is their go-to complaint to make against anyone who doesn’t show them the courtesy they expect. The people at this school didn’t act as these Bullies want, so this site is revenge for that.

These Adult Bullies try to Shame others into compliance with their wishes, or you are shamed and embarrassed on websites they will make about you!

Now, after all the therapy I have done, all I see in the contents of all these sites is jealousy being expressed over how other people get to live out their lives. These Bullies show how much their targets make in income, which to me is the basis of their complaints. They are so overcome with hate, jealousy, and resentment over how these people get to live, they want to take them down a peg or two, by making these false allegations against them of racism!

These Bullies hope the allegation in this social climate will stick to these individuals, and their businesses, and affect them financially, emotionally, and possibly physically as well.

It is the Incitement of Hate.

Smear Campaigns are used for a variety of reasons, one I know of is Blackmail. They post these sites online hoping to be offered money to take them down.

Another reason is the hope that their nasty personal speculations will be believed and the personal business of Target is affected. As they stated to me, ‘It does not matter; the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly.

These anonymous strangers writing on the internet hope their words will sway other anonymous strangers living in the world, into compliance and avoid the people and places they are trashing online. These Bullies think their speculations are so inciting to others and that their opinions matter.

These Bullies did try to blackmail me, but not just for money. He offered to have the first and only site at the time,, removed and all Facebook posts taken down if I went to Divisional Court on their behalf in 2019 and say I lied about them refusing access and requested the eviction be cancelled.

The monetary funds requested from all Human Rights applications were in the Million range as they were asking for $2 million from me alone and a Million from my sister when they applied against her. That application was only dismissed in Oct 2020…

It doesn’t really matter what incentive Bullies looking for when they make and post websites on the internet in other peoples’ names, they do it out of spite, resentment, and revenge. They hope their allegations will affect this person’s life in a negative way.

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior of the Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy.

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the racist and anti-black behaviour of the owners of 859 Kennedy Road in Scarborough Onatrio

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the racist behavior of the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario SJTO and its member Kevin Lundy.


David Strashin – The unprofessional lawyer and racist defender

Posted on  by Administrator

David Stephen Strashin is a Toronto lawyer who among questionable conduct behavior, will represent anyone for a dollar. He will stand buy quietly as his racist clients like Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio will use their property managers like Stella Reddy and her enabler husband Russell Reddy to provoke and antagonize a interracial married couple / tenants with their racist and anti-black behavior.

We have been forced to create this website to share our experiences with racism at St Catharine’s – Connaught Public School – DSBN

Our family has created this website to share our story of what we consider to be racist and inappropriate behavior that our family and son have experienced for the past two school years at Connaught Public School.

Lorrie Reedy the self proclaimed racist slur “NEWFIE” from Newfoundland is really Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy has assumed this new identity in her attempt to hide her racist past and behavior while living in Ontario at 859 Kennedy Road from the local people in her own community in Newfoundland.

It is clear that she knows what she did was wrong as she goes under the new name of Lorrie Reddy and not Stella Reddy. Trying to hide in plain site, trying to avoid being associated with her racist behavior, actions, and words.

This website was not created for money, nor out of revenge! It was created to inform my people of Dominica about our Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and all of the corruption that has plagued his political career since being elected in 2004.

I have watch Dominica sink further and further behind over the years in comparison to other Caribbean islands and I am tired of it!

I am tired of watching families struggle. I am tired people living hand to mouth. I am tired of watching the elite Roosevelt Skerrit and his government get rich while people suffer at their hands.

  • I want you to the review this website and put aside all political affiliations.
  • I want you to review this website as a Dominica citizen.
  • I want you to review this website as an independent, neutral person and allow the information to really sink home, so you can really understand that ONLY YOU are suffering and not the elites like Roosevelt Skerrit and his cabinet.

No political party is worth supporting when they themselves do not care about you and your family. The elites like Roosevelt Skerrit and his government have for years benefited finically while EVERYONE ELSE has to struggle to get by.

On May 14, 2022, we had our first visit and got to meet veterinarian Bassem Boctor for the first time. He doesn’t come off as being particularly amiable. His demeanor was that of someone who simply performs their duties out of necessity. Veterinarian Bassem Boctor makes more than enough money each year to live comfortably, therefore it’s unclear why he behaves in such a stand offish manner?

This grumpy sounding veterinarian Bassem Boctor entered the room, quickly introduced himself, and started asking what Cassie’s issues were? He now took a firm hold of the back of her neck and started to twist her in his direction. Veterinarian Bassem Boctor simple could have easily turned to face Cassie, but he thought it would be more appropriate to so his dominates and twist Cassie to fit his position on the table.

Apparently if your pet is literally only hours away from potentially dying. Veterinarian Bassem Boctor – St. Catharines Animal Hospital DO NOT CARE and will NOT CREATE any extra openings or try to accommodate a time for you and your pet and their medical emergency.

And still veterinarian Bassem Boctor was not willing to work with our family because he ASSUMED that we were going to steal his service for our Cassie. Veterinarian Bassem Boctor decided to forget and consider the fact that we had just spent under $600 12 days earlier at his St. Catharines Animal Hospital without issue.

Did Veterinarian Bassem Boctor now decided to ASSUME that our family could not be trusted to pay our bills/debt, because I was not suppose to get paid until the following day on Friday.

I guess veterinarian Bassem Boctor, who makes approximately $5,000,000 a year, believes that only he can have money put away for other things.

Maybe it was because my (employed) wife who is Black, made veterinarian Bassem Boctor ASSUME that we could not afford to pay our bills/debts on time, in 25 minutes?

Maybe veterinarian Bassem Boctor assumed that since he knew I was working, he ASSUMED my wife was some stereotyped black women who did not have a job. Therefore we lived on one income and that is why he ASSUMED that we could not afford to pay our bills/debts on time, in 25 minutes?

I have no idea why it is that veterinarian Bassem Boctor felt the need to ASSUME that our family were a bunch of dead beat paymasters? But it was clear from his actions and words that the money in his pocket was far more important to him then our Cassie’s health and medical emergency!

Let us remember that veterinarian Bassem Boctor stated on his website “If thе {pet} dоеѕ nоt receive mеdісаl trеаtmеnt, rеnаl fаіlurе can dеvеlор, whісh саn be lіfе threatening wіthіn three dауѕ оf ѕуmрtоmѕ.” and Cassie’s clock was ticking and by this point 30 hours of her estimated 72 had already been used up.

According to veterinarian Bassem Boctor and his St. Catharines Animal Hospital website, Cassie was running out of time fast, and he wanted to use up another 24 hours before finally deciding to see Cassie, because HE WAS WAITING FOR ME TO GET PAID?
Customer Review

The Adult Bullies I had have made and posted various personal websites too, also in personal names and in names of companies, they hope to start. They have been trying to get these businesses on the go for years and now that the pandemic is settling down, they are hoping to once again.

I wouldn’t trust them, they could turn on you too if you say or do something to annoy them. is the Event Planning and is the DJ business. and are the same, a after school program for children they do in the summer. Actually, is the one I went looking for after getting a threatening email from them about it in June 2022.

None of these businesses are registered to operate in Ontario where they live, as I checked. No Canada Revenue Registration either, so they are not valid businesses, just fly by night, as they say. They are hoping to dupe the general public into giving them money for services they provide, and not have to pay taxes. I learned a lot about opening a business in Canada!

Besides, I wouldn’t trust the people behind these sites, especially knowing they also own and post on the others above where they tear down other people.

Why would anyone trust a person to plan their special events when you know they wrote such nasty content online about other people, no matter the excuse they give for doing so? Why would I invite these Toxic people into my special events, knowing they have treated others in such a malicious way?

Why do you think they don’t show their name and take ownership of their smearing sites they have online? They know their actions are wrong and don’t want their name associated with them.

Would you trust the narrators of these websites enough to give them your business?

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