All I see in this content on is Adult Bullies trying very hard to gaslight and manipulate total strangers into believing they know me better than I do!

I accept now that this is a fantasy, written by the anonymous writers whom I know as Tenant Bullies.

This site came online on April 21, 2019, and it has been renewed every year so far since. So many nasty, rude, things about me in the contents of this site. There are so many outright lies written here too, as they don’t know me as they imply.

The actions of these Adult Bullies caused such cognitive dissonance in my life, where their narratives going around about me, my marriage, and my family members even, were so very different than how it really was.

It’s an uncomfortable state of mind when someone has contradictory values, attitudes, or perspectives about the same person, which was ME. I knew who I was, what I did and even how I acted, yet these Bullies with their Gaslighting and Manipulations did cause me confusion. I started to wonder if what they said was possible, maybe I was doing things unconsciously. It is a serious mindfuck that they do, honestly. In time, I lost myself and my mind was highjacked.

They were Tenants, not even acquaintances! I have never gone up to any Tenant outside of the property, especially strangers I never met before, let alone say the things they allege I did. To accept I “targeted” them and worked in “cahoots” with anyone, to lie and to “forge and alter documents” just to evict them illegally, is ridiculous! I follow the rules, and always did because of my anxiety and PTSD. I prefer to tell the truth, in all things, as it is easier to remember.

These are the actions of a Narcissistic Toxic Adult Bully who wants to ruin my reputation and control the social acceptance of me in my own community. They spread gossip and rumours, hoping to turn people against you before you even have a chance to meet! They have such arrogance, they don’t even question whether they will be believed or not for what they say, they assume they are.

They were evicted and this is their revenge for that. These Adult Bullies use lies, gaslighting and manipulations to distract you from the truth, that’s all. They caused their own eviction and are not mature and responsible enough to accept it.

I get the impression that this anonymous writer believes that he has the power to make that happen and that his words are accepted as 100% true!


The words written on this page sent me into a tailspin of paranoia and extreme fear at the time, as you can imagine, as the Tenant Bullies shared here pictures: of the building, one of the owners, and myself and my husband. It was so we were easy to find,  that I am easy to find. I was terrified for a long time!

You can imagine the extreme fear I felt, of total strangers being incited by this Adult Bully to come and attack me, my husband, my family members, the property or even one of the other tenants, just to make a statement against alleged racists.

When the first site came out,, I did get strangers calling and coming to the property, just to meet me and see if the allegations online were true.

You see, that site would come up for anyone doing a search of the property looking for rentals so, of course, prospective Tenants would see it and as people are curious, they would want to see for themselves. I did rent to a couple of these people, as after meeting me they saw I was not as described on that site. I also got some nasty emails and phone calls but deleted them.

It was this accumulation of dealing with interrogations from strangers, even from other tenants living on-site, that caused me to lose it in July 2018. I had put up with their lies against me for about 2 years by this point and it was getting worse, not better.

As a human being, there is no way anyone can read the words within any of these domain pages and not be AFFECTED by it in some way!  

Everything within this domain is invalidating, me, Stella Reddy, not just my job but also as a human being who has feelings of my own. Every possible way to gaslight and manipulate me is in this content.

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior of the Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy. 

These words are trying to show altruism, like the Anonymous Administrator of this site is only doing this to inform the public. Basically, trying to be a nice guy… But once you start reading the page you see how malicious and nasty this writer is being toward Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy is allegedly no longer a Property Manager for the owners of Alto Properties Inc,  Luigi Liscio  and his son Anthony Liscio.

I was never a property manager, not at this property or anywhere! They still imply my hubby is there, though we have been gone for over 2 years!! They also share links to the other domains they made in other names of more Targets.

This sentence below is scary for anyone living in a building, as it implies we are still there so you are welcome to come by and say or do whatever you want to me or anyone. 

This Adult Bully is instigating the general public to attack us, plain and simple, and makes it easy to do so by providing maps to the property as well as pictures of who you are to attack once you get there! 

Talk about making your intentions obvious!

But they still currently employ her enabler husband Russell Reddy to work for them at their 859 Kennedy Road building.Alto Properties Inc.
859 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON

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