Tenant Bullies Smear Campaigns

My name is Stella Reddy, (nickname Lorrie) and I am recovering from a nasty Narcissistic Smear Campaign that Adult Bullies started on the internet on November 2, 2017, with 859kennedyroad.com. I am finally free!

This is a Story of my mental health recovery from Tenants taking a professional work situation of their eviction for breaking the rules of Entry in an apartment building where I worked, and turning it into a vicious personal attack on me, my family members, and my personal life. They came after me personally for a professional decision made in my job.

I lived, and worked, for 18 yrs in various residential apartment buildings in Ontario with my husband as Building Superintendent, looking after the property in administration, cleaning, and maintenance. I retired permanently in July 2018 and can not work anymore due to mental, and physical, health issues.

The actions done by Adult Tenant Bullies got to my psyche so badly, that my mental health suffered. It has taken me this long to recover enough to know that nothing they do, will ever matter unless I let it.

I had a mental breakdown on July 4, 2018, from all the bullying I endured from Adult Tenant Bullies and was diagnosed with C-PTSD in November 2018, adding to the PTSD I already had from many years ago. I have been recovering ever since! They are such hypocrites, it will drive you mad!

I was very angry, for a long time, and I had the right to be. Tenant Bullies invaded my personal life, vilified me online in their nasty domains contents, took personal information they gained in confidence during the Human Rights process they filed against me with their false allegations of racism, and shared it online, with pictures, emails, addresses, and even a map to find me. They went after other family members of mine too and made up very terrible outrageous allegations against all involved. 

They tried to incite the public against me, and are still trying 6 years later!

They took their lies of a prior meeting they claimed we had “sometime in June” of 2016, that they alleged occurred at some restaurant before I even moved into the property to live and work there, and created a very elaborate smear campaign from that on the internet.

They think they are “exposing” me and others named in the titles, but all they do is show their own personalities within the contents. They write the words there, made up the allegations within, no one else. The words come from their minds, as the writers…They can claim I said and did all they want, but they will never prove something that didn’t happen.

They have created very public admissions of their personal opinions and shared their “advice” on how they believe I should have behaved instead. It’s been 6 yrs since they started spewing their malicious gossip about me to various individuals and agencies, all to no avail.

As the poster below says, the contents of their sites, especially stellareddy.com, are a way to criticize and look down on you for not living your life the way they think you should. They believe they are the Authority on you and treat others with complete contempt for not agreeing with them and what they want from you. Bullies think they know you better than you know yourself and as such, think they have the right to provide their unsolicited advice!

Tenant Bullies have publicized my life, peppered with their personal speculations over why they think I did, or said, what I have. It isn’t based on facts but on their delusional thoughts!

Smear Campaigns I have learned is all about the Ego of the Anonymous Writer! They want the general public to agree with the personal speculations they make about what someone else has said or done, that’s all. They want to be acknowledged as “right”!

They are looking for validation for their claims and as they don’t get it from the agencies they apply to on their behalf, they decide to go to the general public looking to incite them instead of acting against their Targets with them!

It is all about getting attention! They play the victim to such an extent, laying the blame on so many people for why their lives are the way it is, when everyone knows as Adults, they are responsible for themselves. Other people are not there to appease Bullies!

They don’t see they are giving their personal power away, by telling their readers that they are very easily “forced” into posting their speculations online in personally titled domains of their targets. They clearly share that they have no control over themselves and what they do. They clearly show their immaturity!

Adult Tenant Bullies are Gaslighting! They have no idea about me, and how I think nor even what my personal life outside of my job, even looked like, as they made some very obvious assumptions they have no idea is even true. How could they know?

Right now there are 5 domains online containing my name and personal information these Tenant Bullies gained during legal processes in Ontario. They broke the rules, yet, try to make me responsible for them doing that.

stellareddy.com, lorriereddy.com, davidstrashin.com, 859kennedyroad.com, sjtomemberkevinlundy.com.

All these domains have changed since they came online, and a couple has disappeared completely, and all have been saved on the Wayback Machine with the Internet Archive. You can scroll through the arrow on top and see each version as it changed over time. Even the two domains that are gone, sjtomembervandanapatel.com and socialjusticetribunalsontario.ca, are saved on this server. I made sure that they could not embellish, nor change, any of the content they already had to try and make it look worse like they did in the past.

I have managed since to recover my Mental Health after such an onslaught against me to the point where I am no longer triggered by their actions into an emotional mess. I have learned to regulate my emotions, therefore my reactions. I am finally free once again of mental distress caused by the actions and words of another!

In the past couple of years since I move provinces, I have come to see that nothing they do will ever have any negative effects on my life unless I let it. I have control over what I choose to accept.

I managed to work out my anger, by writing on the first site. They took personal info they gained during the Human Rights process and shared it online for strangers to gawk at. It made me very paranoid and fearful of being recognized and attacked for the many false allegations they charged against me in their contents but now I am not afraid anymore. 

All the things I have done this past year, joining darts, all the Markets I have attended, the touristy things we have done like tour buses and tour boats, and my final test was the George Street Festival. I went to see Alan Doyle, Kelly Loder, and the Fortunate Ones perform and I had a fantastic time!

I’ve met a lot of people this past year who have shown me I need not worry about websites filled with lies, no one cares what some random anonymous stranger has to say about me.

It felt so glorious to go to a music festival and not feel any anxiety over crowds and people. I am done testing myself, they did the trick I needed from them. Exposure Therapy does work if you have fears, as long as you want to try, you will find a way.

I am now once again comfortable around people and places! My anxiety over crowds and being around people is totally gone these days! All the times I went out and socialized with my fellow community members, only reinforced my belief that I am very safe. I will always be safe, as I choose to be. 

I now know nothing could happen as a result of their actions online. Bullying always backfires at some point on the Bully!

Who, really, would appreciate having domains online in their own name, containing false info and pictures about them, but put there by SOMEONE ELSE?  

I tried the legal route and emailed hosting companies and domain providers, which has helped over the years as these Bullies moved stellareddy.com 3 times in one year due to my complaints. These Bullies attempt to news jack with current news on racism, looking for support and status for doing so. I have learned it is Narcissism.

The Smear Campaigners hope to incite the general public against me and ostracize my husband and me from society with no support, no job, no home, and no friends.

“the point here is that Stella Reddy is in a continuous losing battle because, in the end, everyone who searches her name from friends, family, or future or current employers and co-workers, will all see the truth about her and will deal with her accordingly

from stellareddy.com

This sentence above used to bug me greatly, but now I see it as the arrogant boasts of a narcissistic adult bully who thinks he is a God with the power to control how other people react and behave upon reading the contents of stellareddy.com.

No matter what this man thinks, no one is going to react as they want to their writings on these sites as no one cares what they think! They are random anonymous strangers, spewing the hatred they feel toward other individuals in the personally titled domains they created. Who is this anonymous writer and what qualifications does this person have to proceed in this manner and criticize others

It is the same with stcatherinesanimalhospital.com and onnaughtpublicschool.com contents. It is pure arrogance of the writer

In time, people see the anonymous administrator of these domains for what he is, an Adult Bully with a malicious Smear Campaign online. Their actions are considered rude, cruel, and insensitive to their Targets. Why do you think they hide their names and write anonymously? They know what they do is wrong!

Every word and action of my Bullies is geared towards invalidating me, Stella Reddy. It use to make me very upset, but I have come to see I have no reason to concern myself over their personal opinions about me, as they really are inconsequential.

Once I learned their tactics and could see them within their content online, I woke up and became determined to expose their actions against me and in the process, recover my mental health and mental strength. No more sitting back and allowing them to continue unabated like they did the first couple of years. I gave in to the pressure from others to stay quiet and now I have to deal with that decision.

Once I learned the property owners were not doing anything in March 2020 after all the legal actions were done, I couldn’t take it anymore, so my husband quit his job in September 2020 we packed up and moved over 3000 km away to get away from the target I felt was on us from these sites. I left Ontario but these Tenant Bullies still continue, even renewing their domains to continue their onslaught. I had to find a way out of all that! I am so very glad I did! 

These actions have caused untold hardship to my Mental Health since they started their smears in August 2016, in person, within the property. What else did they think would happen? I am human after all!

I am also a very determined human, who had no intention of allowing anyone else to dictate how I live my life. I refused to stay depressed and off-kilter, I fought my way back and always will. I am not a quitter, my past experiences showed me I always fight my way. If I could survive a house fire and all that came with that, I could survive this. 

They invaded my personal life on such a level that I felt invaded and exposed, with so much personal information they gained from the Human Rights process online for the world to see. While it was a terrible experience, I learned a lot that will serve me now and well into the future about human nature.

That is the intention of a Smear Campaign, after all, to humiliate, disgrace, and ostracize, the subject of the smear so they are seen as crazy and bad and no one wants to associate with them. They invalidate my every action, even now. They really did make such a detailed and elaborate smear, based on a lie, that of racism.

No one realizes the extent of the damage a smear campaign can do to the lives of the target, and her family. It is so bad, that even anyone who shows me support is also smeared in such a nasty manner online within these pages! No one associated with me is safe from being attacked online, as evidenced by the content on these sites.

My Bullies have proven they have no problem attacking and tearing down anyone who shows me any support, even my own family members are not safe.

My identity has been stolen, and my name used by strangers intent on ruining my life, in any way they can. I have since taken it back!

They don’t care about the Mental Health of their targets, they believe they deserve this treatment. I was overwhelmed with mental distress. I was stuck on a rollercoaster, with their many nasty words going round and round in my head on a daily basis, trying to make sense of them. I couldn’t. 

As with the PTSD I was diagnosed with in 1991 after the house fire I had, this diagnosis will always stay with me, for life.  I can manage my symptoms, and I have shown myself just how strong I can be. 

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (complex PTSD, sometimes abbreviated to c-PTSD or CPTSD) is a condition where you experience some symptoms of PTSD along with some additional symptoms, such as: difficulty controlling your emotions. feeling very angry or distrustful towards the world.
CPTSD is a serious mental health condition that can take some time to treat, and for many people, it’s a lifelong condition. However, a combination of therapy and medication can help you manage your symptoms and significantly improve your quality of life.

For a long time, I equated these Tenant Bullies personal opinions to everyone I met, thinking that what he thinks everyone else did too. I have learned from my mistake, as I have been shown over time this is not true. That is what manipulation will do to you!

I have been subjected to severe psychological torture, shamed, and embarrassed so severely online by people who have no idea who I am. Toxic Shame is very bad for mental health. I have had my identity stripped away from me and my life has been under the microscope for everything I say and do, even now, 6 yrs later! I have had my name used by total strangers, online. I made the mistake of allowing their words to get to me and I have learned from that. 

I have come to accept that my Bullies do have a right to their opinions, and even have a right to voice them, but they do not have the right to share so much personal information online about others. It wasn’t their info to share nor do they have the right to be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of others.

They have now faded into the past with all the other nasty tenants I had to deal with over the years! I am no longer concerned about what they do in my name, as they will be held to account for all they did. I have no doubts anymore. Too many people now know what they do with their websites and the nasty content they share about other people.

I spent the past few months working with my local Police and their local Police, and they did investigate all the sites they have, looking for anything to show Criminal offence, but they say they found none. Most of what could have gotten them into trouble, my complaints already got removed, like the LinkedIn account they did! I managed to get most of their bad stuff removed myself!

There are some wonderful benefits of my going to the Police, even if nothing came out of it. For one, the local Police now know about their online antics and know now what to look for. They are now being watched for what they do online by the Cyber Crime Unit there. Every domain, and its contents, are now out in the open and the proper people know who the owners are. I am content with that. They have been exposed and will be watched for what they do and if they cross the line, someone is there now to catch them. I can move on!

This is a list of the other smearing campaign domains they have against others.

  • rooseveltskerrit.com
  • stcatharinesanimalhospital.com
  • connaughtpublicschool.com
  • metasalvador.online

This situation has been so traumatic in my personal and professional life that I had to get it out, and I am glad I did. It helped me get to where I am today. Well on my way to Mental Health Recovery! 

The more I shared my story, in person and online on my own site and social media, the better I felt! Shame goes away once you have the courage to stand up for yourself in a healthier way.

In my job over the years, I have had suicide jumpers, had my car stolen, been physically abused, and even shot at once. Nothing has compared to the mental damage these websites have caused, all put there by Tenant Bullies, who are total strangers to me. Having this content online, put there by someone else, is what caused complex post-traumatic stress disorder with the associated fears and depression. I have spent the past couple of years seriously working on recovering my mental strength to be able to release my fears and I managed to do that. No small feat!

Besides, my Bullies are not important and there are no legal actions left for them, no agency they can go crying to with their lies. They burned their bridges, as they say. I can ignore them and their online antics, as I now know it will do nothing to my life. They have no power.

My mind is FREE!

The legal actions below show the truth and are all you need to read. They are online with Canlii.org and will remain there. You can’t hide the truth that comes out in legal documents and hearings, no matter how hard you try.

Legal Actions

My Bullies got mad that they were evicted, legally, for their consistent refusal of access to the apartment. The order was released on October 3, 2017, and this Smear Campaign is revenge for this eviction.     http://canlii.ca/t/hpbxw

My Bullies tried to Appeal with Divisional Court in October 2017 and at the hearing held in February 2019 they LOST! The decision was released on April 15, 2019. http://canlii.ca/t/hzs47 and  http://canlii.ca/t/j2z21

My Bullies even filed with Human Rights of Ontario in June 2018 and decided after 19 months not to bother to show up for the hearing finally scheduled for January 2020!  http://canlii.ca/t/j4z4w

They didn’t show up for the HRTO hearing as they knew they were losing! http://canlii.ca/t/hz14r

These Tenants did try to blackmail me during Human Rights applications, saying if I went to Divisional Court and said I “lied” about them breaking the rules of entry, he would take down the site and remove all the social media posts. I refused to lie, for anyone. They gave their denial of Entry in writing all the time, so how did I lie?

Adult Bullies with narcissistic traits like they have been delusional. Their time in my head is over!!

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