Stella Reddy’s Story

I am recovering from a Smear Campaign against me, and to be honest, that is all that matters!

I have a host of diagnoses, mental and physical, but they do not define me, but make up different parts of my daily life, not the whole of who I am as a person. Resilience, determination, and wanting to recover, is the key to living my life for me. I am strong and know I can achieve whatever I put my mind to! Every day, I see that strength in myself with everything I do! Dare to show up, every day, and be seen!

I have a strong desire to learn, not just about myself but about Human Nature, and am always willing to try anything to see if it will work to help me be a better person and learn how to deal with things, and people, in better ways.

I am 56 now, fully retired, and living a life of leisure in NL with my husband of 26 years. My husband is my rock, his support is why I didn’t turn into a cold bitter woman after the treatment I got from others in Ontario over this situation. He is the reason I am still here and I am forever grateful!

I relocated back home to Newfoundland and Labrador in the Fall of 2020 to get away from the targets I felt were on my back in Ontario where I lived for 22 years. I was terrified that I would be attacked for the false allegations of racism the Bullies had written within their content online since 2017. I am not able to work anymore due to physical, and mental, disabilities and I am okay with that. I am content once again!

Someday, I will be in a wheelchair, but till that day comes, I plan on enjoying everything I can do in my life! I love Nature, and spend a lot of time outside, even if it’s just in my own backyard!

I experienced various Traumas in my lifetime and this site is about how I recovered from them and I hope you find something to help you in your own struggles.

The latest one was the hardest for me as being a Target of Toxic Adult Bullies intent on bullying me on the internet with their degrading personal speculations about my life and false allegations, was terrible and caused a lot of issues, the least of which was the Toxic Shame. It is a terrible feeling!

Physical issues are a lot easier for me to recover from!

I used to be a very shy, quiet, person, who kept to myself and did my own thing. I had a job that took up most of my energy in Ontario for 18 yrs, so I didn’t have energy for anything else. I lived where I worked, no need to pay attention to the outside world unless it affected me directly. I had my little bubble and was content for many years. Both my children were grown adults by this time and out on their own so my home life was pretty quiet. I had a few friends but was mostly all long-distance from here. My job wasn’t helpful for personal socializing!

Being the subject of the contents of 6 domains on the internet, a couple in my own personal name was demoralizing for me and put me in the spotlight in such a drastic uncomfortable way. It was embarrassing and humiliating, just as they are meant to be. That is the intention of a smear campaign, after all, to spotlight all the terrible things the anonymous writer has to say about Target they writing about, truth doesn’t matter to Bullies! I had to eradicate my shyness very quickly because of those websites on the internet for the world to see. I had to change and become bold in my interactions with others when advocating for myself and my personal needs. I developed thicker skin…

I couldn’t go out my apartment door without being questioned over those sites and those Tenants, even after I quit my job, I was terrorized by others! I lived in that property for just over 4 years, 2 as an employee and 2 as the spouse of an employee. It is a long story for another page…

Once I started sharing my Story of the abuse they do online in domain contents and was met with empathy from others, I came to see the shame I felt wasn’t mine to feel and I let it all go over time. I made great strides this past year, more than any other!

The more I spoke up, especially to the Police and Justice Department of Canada, about the abuse I was put through, the easier it got and the less humiliation and embarrassment I felt overall. I thank the education I got over the past few years about toxic people and narcissism, with the extensive therapy I received and all the support I have, for being where I am today. I am no longer afraid. The opinions of others don’t bother me, and I no longer back down from drama from others!

Now, I feel no shame for being a target, as it was done to me by Adult Tenant Bullies, I didn’t “make” these Bullies do anything, they made the choice all on their own so the consequences of that choice, are also theirs to have! Just as they choose to break the rules of Entry and their Eviction was the consequence of that!

No matter how hard Bullies try to make someone else responsible for something they chose to do, it will never be accepted. They are Adults and are responsible for their own actions and the choices they make. Full Stop! No one will ever believe anyone “forced” these people to make their websites filled with gossip about other people they are mad at for some reason!

I have PTSD and learning to maintain the symptoms from that, is my focus, always.

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 1993, after a house fire in 1991, which took me 5 years to recover from and learn to maintain my mental health. I was told by my specialist in 2018 that I was being re-traumatized by their actions against me and my symptoms of PTSD had returned and I was diagnosed with C-PTSD, severe depression with psychotic episodes and severe anxiety.

For 2 yrs, after I quit my job, I was a hermit who barely left my apartment, out of extreme fear of being accosted by someone over the websites and these Tenant’s actions they did on-site. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or function too much was trying hard to maintain my mental capabilities enough to engage with HRTO files these Tenants filed against me there the last 19 months.

Over that time, I lost 80 lbs, which is a great help, I quit smoking since too! They are benefits from that time, and the strong determination I had to rebuild my life. I refused to allow the actions of the Tenants who Bullied me to define my life and the articles I will share, helped me recover. The books I have read, the counselling, the online support, and everything I have received over the past 6 years, have helped get me where I am today.

Welcome to my Story!

2 thoughts on “Stella Reddy’s Story

  1. cheriewhite says:

    I’m so proud of you, Stella. I’m sorry that your health is at risk. And I encourage you to keep telling your story. I’m not surprised at the way you were treated given the political climate in Canada and the so-called ruler (Trudeau) you have. I continue to pray for you and wish you continued success. Keeping sounding the alarm on cyber-bullying and harassment.

  2. cheriewhite says:

    Just to let you know, WordPress has me under a censorship tactic as they have disabled my follow button and will not allow me to follow any more bloggers. However, I can put you in my blog roll- it’s the closest thing to following- I can still keep up with your posts.