Feeling Safe After Narcissistic Abuse

I found this article just now and thought to share, as it is also what I do every day. Yes, counselling is very important, as a guide.

Feeling safe was my focus and I needed to work through my Trauma to reach this goal. I had to work out and release my anger in order to move forward, and I have done that, thankfully. I had to find a way to live again, enjoy feelings of excitement, hope, and gratitude, and get out of anger, resentment, and negativity.

I had to get out of my head and I am glad I did. What I have learned, will stay with me.

All the “tests” I did this past year to test my resolve, determination, and resilience to recover, have helped me face my fears and find my sense of peace once again. I am no longer afraid of going out and engaging in my community!

I am no longer afraid to trust others and know I will never face this situation ever again.



For trauma survivors, feeling safe is very important.Most of us have experienced moments when we were not safe emotionally or physically. We may be constantly thinking there is danger that could occur just around the corner. We may be fearful of trusting others.

To live healthy lives, we must be able to work through trauma, ideally in therapy, to establish safety in a healing way. We must take back the power from the situations that have harmed us.

What I’ve concluded from all my nights of worry and panic is that I am allowed to tell myself I am safe. Although safety is never promised, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth practicing it in our own bodies and minds. We all deserve feelings of safety and healing. 

For those of us affected by trauma, we must move forward from our painful experiences and find a way to live again. We must create for ourselves intentional, braver lives. 

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