Stella Reddy’s Beautiful New Mindset

I wake up now every morning and take time to feel gratitude for all I have and where I am, in my life. I am thankful for everything that brought me to this place in time where I can appreciate the simpler things in life. No more living from pay cheque to pay cheque, no more living where I work, constant phone going off, and dealing with people all day long. I can get up and live in my PJs all day, doing what I want, when I want, and know I am safe and free from pressures. I decide what I do with my time, no one else.

I built my new life this past year and am now very secure, in mind and body. It took me over 5 yrs to get to this safe place. I have no worries about where I live, these tenants don’t have any flying monkeys in Newfoundland and won’t find any! They won’t find any support for their lies here amongst the people of my home province. Remember, I grew up here. I have no need to fear my fellow Newfies!

I no longer will take it to heart either. I came to my senses these past few months and now see it for what it is.

I went out yesterday, with my hubby, took about 2 hours to get some groceries as I took my time, taking in the beautiful day and seeing all the signs of Spring all around me. Well, I am slow with my ankle but no crutches and no cane yesterday! I took one of my bigger shopping carts. It was the first time I went to the grocery store in over 2 months and I wanted to enjoy it, so I did. I find so much joy now in simple things, even grocery shopping! They are renovating the store and I had fun looking for stuff, as it is different now and a bit of a mess. My husband hated it, but he was happy I was out, so put up with it… I had to come home and crash on the couch for a bit of rest, but it was fantastic to do something so simple once again.

Find joy in the simple things you do every day and over time, it adds up in your soul and becomes natural for you to do. I am grateful I have the mindset to see and appreciate all the good things in life, as I trained it to be that way. It took time to change my mindset, to learn to look at things in a positive way and to know that it is my life to live and I needed to do what will make it a good one, not anyone else. It took me 5 yrs but I know it is a lesson I will have for life.

I am content with what I have and what I do. I have plans for this summer. 2022 will be my year of rejuvenation. I get to rebuild my social life and will get out in the community and do things, no more hiding! I will fill my day with nature walks with the ladies of my walking group, play darts, and have BBQs in my backyard for my friends. I will go out on the water every chance I get, and spend some nights with friends on the beach, sitting around a fire and listening to the waves crash on the shore. I will travel to this beautiful province, soak up the peaceful scenery and visit friends and family I haven’t seen in years. We are open again after the pandemic and having a Come Home Year this year.

I am open once again to new experiences and welcome my open mind. I know it is a privilege to be alive and see all the wonderful things around me. Life is a blessing and the more I appreciate that the more I see what the world has to offer me.

The peace I feel now was hard-earned, but well, well, worth it. 


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