Narcissists are Disordered

I found this on Quora Digest just now and wanted to share it. It is things like this, that taught me how to let go and move on, as nothing I do will ever change anything, so might as well!
This is so true, narcissists are so disordered they are unaware of it. The actions of these Tenant Bullies show me they don’t see anything wrong with what they wrote, they feel entitled to do it. They act like they have the authority to question everything I do. Who gave them that authority? I didn’t, so why did I act as if they did?
It is this convoluted thinking I had to remove from my head! I took my power back!

These Tenant Bullies act as if their reality is the only one, but we all know that to be false. Every person on the planet has a right to their own opinions, including me! Every person has a right to their own reality!

Even though they were very aware of my mental breakdown, they showed they don’t care about that either. They continued to pretend to be doctors and diagnose me as ‘fake‘ and pretend they know me and my life. They implied so much that it was impossible for them to know, it turned people off from them! You can’t pretend to know someone else, not as they do! It’s absurd! It is outlandish! 🙂
How did Toxic Adult Bullies know how the house fire I had affected me when he wasn’t there? All he knows is what I wrote in my response to HRTO on August 15, 2019. Based on that he came to this conclusion. As I came to see, that is only his opinion, not a fact just because he said it. I find a lot of this funny now! Better late than never, I say!
They show their hostility towards others, out in the open! How does that help them?

Their total lack of feeling for another person, over the past 5 1/2 years, shows everyone just who the target is, as it sure isn’t them! If these Bullies did nothing wrong, why make and post 6 domains on the internet about it? As they say, doth protest too much? I see so much now that is funny about all this mess! That is what time does, make you see the hilarity in it all!

Normal people can look at these sites online and see what their purpose is: Control. They couldn’t control me and what I did with words and their aggression on site, so tried to MAKE me by inducing FEAR. They used their words to induce fear and anxiety in me over strangers coming and beating me up, or even trying to kill me, with the social climate at the time over a false allegation of racism against me. I am grateful people didn’t!

It is the total lack of response I have had, from anyone, that has given me the confidence to know that it will never happen and now the fear is totally gone. I am an accepted member of my community and have been for the past year and will continue to be, no matter what an anonymous administrator writes online about me in a domain in my name. I have seen the light!

I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of this mess but I know now. I have my education and the words of another will never get to me as theirs did back then. My mind is strong and I now know I have a right to be ME! If I want to go out and dance in the rain like I use to do, I will. If I want to go dance in the ocean waves, like I use to do, I will do that too. I will do whatever it is my heart desires, as I am Free! I use to be really silly and am glad I am once again.

Freedom from Adult Tenant Bullies was my goal, in mind and spirit, and while it took me some time to achieve, I know I now have and will never go back. Onwards and upwards!

I was down by the water on Friday afternoon and I got so happy to be out, and it was such a beautiful day, I did a little jig standing there on the dock, going to the music from the headphones I had on, having fun with my cane. There were people around but I really didn’t care, I just smiled, and all I got was smiles back. I am glad my silliness made people smile! It is stuff like that I use to do and I missed it. I am slowly returning to my silly self!

How does a narcissist live with himself?

A narcissist lives with themselves, By being unaware. They’re unaware of:

    • Being disordered.
    • Being wrong.
    • Being at fault.
    • Being unjust.
    • Being an asshole.

They also live with themselves by lacking empathy. They can’t care about the fact that you’re hurt. Last but not least, they live in an altered reality. A reality in which you’re to blame for everything they do, either to you or to themselves. In conclusion, Narcissists are fine with who they are because they could never be the cause of anything that’s going on, their actions are a reaction to your bullshit. They’re just decent people, that would never do what they do if it weren’t for you making them do it. So the narcissist wonders, How do YOU live with yourself?

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