The Real Stella Reddy’s Perspective

“I have come to find humour in the layout of, as it gives the impression that the Anonymous Administrators have the ability to read minds.

However, it is important to note that the only person who truly knows me is myself.

They assert that my behaviour is racist, but how could they possibly know how I behave? These Tenant Bullies lack the knowledge of what classic behaviour entails for me, considering our non-personal relationship as previous tenants.

Their claims are nothing more than gaslighting! has become a source of amusement due to the extreme lengths the writer goes to in order to convince readers of their knowledge about Stella Reddy and her intentions. It’s nothing more than a joke! This person utilizes gaslighting and manipulation so overtly that it is apparent once you know what to look for.

The sole purpose of being online is for revenge. These Tenant Bullies aim to impact my present and future, hoping to turn people against me. This Bully hopes that by degrading me to the point of distress, I will harm myself. Fortunately, this Bully has no power over my emotions!

Writing their opinions online and presenting them as truth does not make it so.

In fact, it only reflects their own actions. All people see is that these Anonymous Administrators are writing about someone else in a domain under someone else’s name. On my site, it is clear that I am the sole author of all the posts. It’s curious that with, the writer chose to remain anonymous by using the title ‘Administrator.’

I have done nothing wrong, and they are aware of that. Innocent individuals do not walk away from a 19-month legal process! What does the act of not showing up for the hearing show about them and their many allegations?

These Tenant Bullies can no longer affect my life because no one cares about their opinions of me. All I have to do is inform others that he is a previous tenant who was evicted, and exists out of revenge. Once people delve into the content on that domain, they will see the deliberate attacks against me.

Websites like this are no longer taken seriously by people. By simply looking at the title,, and the author and administrator, and reading the titles of the posts, it becomes evident what this site aims to accomplish. All the domains involved in this smear campaign adhere to the same theme.

They may attempt to register for online services using my name through, as they recently did with LinkedIn. However, I will promptly alert these companies of the fraud and impersonation. I hope the day will come when people realize these actions and the harm they cause.

These Adult Bullies are no longer a part of my life, apart from their ownership of They abuse me online through this website as a means of revenge for their eviction. They are upset that I escaped unharmed, aside from the toll it took on my mental health, which is now healing.

Regardless of their attempts against me, they will fail, as I am stronger than they believe. I refuse to sit back and allow them to continue smearing my name online. I will uncover and expose everything they do. I have realized that I have the right to prioritize my own well-being, and their words will not deter me any longer. Strangers who have no involvement in my life will no longer have any influence over me or my emotions!

I have no reason to react to their written content anymore. The recently added pages, mentioned below, clearly depict their blatant actions against me. Their words arise from a skilled manipulator, and it is evident.

The Adult Bullies are con artists, gaslighters, manipulators, and perpetrators of a smear campaign, all of which are displayed so clearly online. These pages are filled with outright lies. The way this person writes, it’s as if they believe they possess the ability to read minds in order to make such claims on these pages.

  • – Boo Hoo Stella Reddy Caught Lying Once Again…
  • – LOL… Stella Reddy’s Website Is Disabled And Removed By Wix!
  • – Oops!… I Did It Again
  • – Shutdown AGAIN!!!
  • – Stalker Stella
  • – The obsessed and very unhealthy behaviour of Stella Reddy.

With the addition of these new pages, Adult Bullies once again showcases his hypocrisy. He managed to get my site taken down, all the while confessing to doing so on this very domain. He claims that his sites are “legitimate” while mine is not. But what defines a “legitimate” site? Is Adult Bullies now the sole arbiter of that too?

The arrogance of Adult Bullies is revealed as he blatantly does to me what he complains I did to him. Such behaviour is the essence of hypocrisy. Dealing with hypocrites can be frustrating, as they intentionally misinterpret your words and intentions.

I don’t want this site to become another platform for anger and defence, as there is no longer a need for it. The past is behind us, and Adult Bullies are finished!

All I can do now is process this smear campaign in my own mind and let it go. That is precisely what I intend to do with this site and its content. I want to ensure that if you come across, you will also find, where my side of this toxic situation is presented. Either way, my site will remain online for as long as necessary. I can continue hosting it as long as is registered.

I aim to expose Adult Bullies and their deceitful control over the content within and other domains, all as part of a smear campaign filled with lies, gaslighting, and manipulations. I want people to be aware of the kind of individuals they are dealing with and to be informed about their actions, allowing them to protect themselves not only from Adult Bullies but from others like them.

Why should I simply ignore their online activities and hope it all fades away? What happens in the meantime, while I wait for them to relent? Should I allow them to tarnish my name, plastering it everywhere on Facebook, websites, and job platforms, all in an effort to discredit me as a “racist?” Over the past few years, I have discovered my name in various places, reported it, and had it removed, like the recent LinkedIn account he created. These people are malicious, seeking to harm my life.

Why should I care if Adult Bullies believe Stella Reddy to be a “phony and outright liar”? Their opinions hold no weight. No, Adult Bullies do not possess the right to do online what they have been doing in my name.

I refuse to ignore all the false information about me online and hope it eventually disappears. What do I do in the meantime while awaiting their surrender? Is it acceptable to let them post my name and pictures wherever they please? Absolutely not. I disagree with that notion, as no one should have to endure such mistreatment.

I am no longer willing to sit idly as these bullies continue to dismantle my reputation online with their spiteful opinions.

There is no need for Adult Bullies to persist, as nothing they say or do at this point will alter the outcome. However, as long as they persist, my intention is to document and expose their actions. I am defending my name, as is my right.

No matter how hard they try, nothing in the world will ever convince anyone of their narratives. I have come to accept this fact. They abandoned their applications, which is not something innocent individuals do. They also went to great lengths to sabotage me online, as evident from their actions within these domains and on other sites.

These individuals are merely engaging in online bashing fueled by personal vendettas. It amounts to cyberbullying and a smear campaign initiated by narcissists, and I will reveal it all within these pages.

You will find Adult Bullies’ own words that provoked the reactions they display online. They only showcase the aftermath of their bullying towards me, never shedding light on their own words or actions that led to that response.

I will share everything so you can understand why I hold the beliefs I do.

Adult Bullies are narcissistic individuals who should not be trusted. Their behaviour clearly demonstrates what they are capable of when someone disagrees with them, particularly within their domains like Reading their content is enough to comprehend their intentions.

They deceive websites, pretending to be me and spreading my name across the internet for nefarious purposes.

Hence, I am here, putting my name out there in my own way to debunk what they do and report these behaviours to the companies responsible, as it is evident that it is not me. I am making sure their names are associated with impersonating me online.

Adult Bullies are gaining infamy for their fraudulent use of Stella Reddy and to create fake accounts in my name. I am effectively making Adult Bullies known for their fraudulent actions and impersonation using my personal name online.

Companies such as Jetpack, Google, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others are now aware of the need to remain vigilant against impersonations using the name Stella Reddy and This is my right.

Through my recent experiences of meeting new people in Newfoundland over the past months, I have come to realize that the opinions of Adult Bullies hold no significance in the grand scheme of things. It is evident that no one goes home and actively seeks out information about me online, especially from an anonymous Administrator who spews hurtful words.

I have encountered Adult Bullies attempting to intimidate me with their words, but I have learned to discern their lies from the truth. Their tactic of gaslighting, aimed at making me question my own experiences, only reinforces the fact that their words hold no validity.

In reality, Adult Bullies possess no power over my life and how I choose to live it, despite their delusions of influence. Their continuous efforts to malign me through, attempting to label me as a racist even after all these years, only highlight their vindictiveness.

Who would honestly give credence to the written words of an anonymous Administrator, particularly when it relates to someone’s character or a particular situation? These people are neither friends nor family; they do not truly know me.

To be honest, only I truly care because it is my name that they are tarnishing online. I hold a personal reason to defend my name until the end.

The few individuals who have stumbled upon their content on have expressed empathy for my situation and can discern that this anonymous person has a vendetta against me. The vitriolic language used on their website exposes their true intentions.

One cannot help but feel a sense of disgust and contamination after encountering their words. The distress their content brings is far from pleasant, thus explaining why people are reluctant to engage with it. Right from the very first page, it becomes evident that it is about Stella Reddy, rather than being authored by Stella Reddy herself.

This site was created as an information sharing site to alert the public as to the anti-black and racist behavior “.  “

“So with that said, Happy Anniversary, Stella Reddy; we have many, many more years together in this journey to expose your racist behavior to as many individuals as we can. Because remember, racist people like you need to be “called out.””

It’s been a vicious cycle…

Narcissists also like to truncate the story and present only a bit where the aggrieved party reacted to their toxic behavior, such as the quotes and most of the pages on this domain, framing it as if that’s where the story started.

On March 1, 2021, I received an email from these adult bullies. In response, I decided to take action by creating a free website on WIX. However, the bully exploited the personal information on the website to have it taken down. Interestingly, they went on to create a page discussing the incident but conveniently omitted to mention the email they originally sent.

It’s unfortunate that when narcissists harbour dislike towards someone and attempt to bully them, they will twist the situation to portray themselves as the victims of bullying. This is a classic case of deflection.

According to their narrative, they were simply minding their own business while you supposedly turned mean towards them. However, what they conveniently disregard is the fact that they had provoked and bullied you prior to your response. Consequently, your self-defence and firmness are only natural responses to their toxic behaviour. By omitting or downplaying their own aggression, they craft a distorted perspective where your attempts to protect yourself are painted as vicious attacks against them.

This behaviour represents the epitome of vilification, portraying you in the most negative light possible.

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