Falls, Broken Bones & ResilienceTo Get Through!!

Resilience is something I have had to have. It has been built in me since the fire in 1991. I am usually so careful when out walking, but I guess I wasn’t careful enough the other day. I fell and my left leg went under me, stretching out the ligaments and muscles around my knee and thigh and I broke 2 bones in my ankle, one on the left side and one in the back. I can now say I have had a bone broken in every area of my left leg!

So, I am in a cast for a while and have to use crutches to get around. Actually, I use my office chair to get around my place, it has wheels! It was really painful yesterday and I couldn’t walk on it, so went to Emergency and I am glad I did.

I am okay, it brought out instincts long forgotten. I spent so long in splints and using wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers. I am sorer these days though and need to be careful with my left shoulder and arm.

But you know what? I will be okay. I’ve been here before and I know I will heal, just as I know my mental health will heal. It is temporary and in time will be forgotten like everything else to be replaced with new experiences. I get to rest for a while!

I have seen and experienced so many things in my lifetime, enough to know that no matter what, I will manage and thrive. I will learn and get through it, it is all a part of my life. I have that confidence, as I have built it up over a lifetime of pain and adjustments I have had to get thru, and always, I come out the other side a much smarter, stronger, person.

By the time the summer comes, I will be healed and can explore once again! Nothing keeps me down for long, I find life too much fun to give up yet. More adventures to have!

I have come really close to being totally broken, mind, body, and spirit, but I am glad I always find something meaningful to keep on going, to get up every day and find something, or someone, to hold on for.

That is just me and I am grateful for that. No amount of pain, in body or spirit, will ever hold me back from having my best life!

I have learned about, and conquered, my fears and my pain and allow it to teach me how to move forward, always.

To my Bullies, you brought me down, but never will you take me out as I am too strong for you and your many tactics!

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