My First Meeting with Toxic Tenants

Below is my account of our initial encounter with these troublesome tenants. Gaslighting is a destructive tactic that forces you to search for evidence to prove the truth you already know.

There was no previous meeting at a restaurant, as they falsely claimed over a year later during the hearing.

These toxic individuals may try to gaslight me, but I am confident that this meeting never took place, and I have concrete evidence to support this. The documentation I provided to HRTO clearly demonstrates that such a meeting could not have occurred on any day in June 2016.

Their refusal to address this matter during the hearing speaks volumes – they knew they were being dishonest. The fact that they never mentioned this supposed prior meeting in any of our interactions before August 2016 further supports the fact that it never happened.

From their cash rent payments in July 2016 to discussions about payment methods in August, they never once alluded to any previous meeting. The fabrication of this meeting only surfaced in their letter on August 31, 2016, leading up to the hearing on Sept 26, 2016.

I find it highly unlikely that I would approach strangers in a social setting, especially given the nature of our tenant-landlord relationship. My focus has always been on upholding the rules of apartment living, rather than forming personal connections with tenants.

I have a keen eye for tenant behaviour, having worked in the rental industry for some time. My priority is ensuring that tenants adhere to the rules and fulfill their rental obligations.

Tenants, to me, are identified by their unit numbers rather than personal names. I maintain a professional distance from tenants, as my role primarily involves property management.

Toxic Adult Bullies displayed concerning behaviours during our interactions, characterized by aggression and demands. Their own communications reflect this pattern, showcasing a confrontational attitude towards me.

The derogatory characterization of herself by Toxic Adult Bullies’ husband is concerning and speaks volumes about their behaviour. The emails and letters I received from them during their tenancy further highlight the problematic nature of our interactions.

Despite external factors contributing to misunderstandings, they continued to assign blame to me unjustly. Their refusal to acknowledge their own part in these issues is evident in their defensive responses.

Their letter reflects a divergence from reality, where they choose to ignore facts and insist on their own narrative. Regardless of the challenges we faced, my commitment to professionalism and fair treatment remained unwavering.

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