Identity Theft & Smear Campaigns Online

I am upset this morning as I just spent over an hour on the phone with Canada Revenue Agency about my online account, as it has been compromised by someone trying to access my entity to try and apply for benefits.

Then I spent an hour on the phone with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, who informed me it could be possible that the info on could have been used in this manner.

As a result of all these phone calls this morning, the Canadian Anti-Fraud center is now investigating these domains and their content, to see if the Administrators of these domains can be charged with fraud and Identity Theft! YAHOO!!

I was told that sharing so much personal info online, like Toxic Adult Bullies, has done about so many people, is enough for others to use in identity fraud and identity theft.

I knew since the beginning from all my reading over the years on privacy, that the info shared within these domains is enough that someone could try to use it to commit fraud in my name and the Toronto Police were aware of it too, but until something was done, there was nothing they could do. Now it has happened and we will see if Toxic Adult Bullies are held accountable.

Seems the person trying to access my account was from Toronto, Ontario apparently they didn’t know I had moved provinces and changed my address!! So it was caught and my account was closed down till I called them, as it happened about 2 months ago.

You have to be so careful about your personal info and know that if someone is caught compromising that info, they can be held accountable for it, as it is a crime.

I just hope that this time, Toxic Adult Bullies get caught! Time will tell but I gave everyone the address I found on them, so we will see. The system is slow and I hope they are caught before they leave Canada!

Identity theft and fraud

What is identity theft?

Identity theft refers to criminals stealing someone else’s personal information for criminal purposes. Identity theft can be:

  • unsophisticated, such as dumpster diving and mail theft
  • more elaborate, such as phishing or database breaches

Computer spywares and viruses also help thieves steal personal information.

What is identity fraud?

Identity fraud happens when criminals use stolen personal information. It is often used to commit another crime.

Criminals can use your stolen or reproduced information to:

  • access your computer/email
  • access your bank accounts
  • open new bank accounts
  • transfer bank balances
  • apply for loans and credit cards
  • buy goods and services
  • hide their criminal activities
  • get passports or receive government benefits

Actions you can take to protect yourself

  • be wary of unsolicited e-mails, text messages, telephone calls or mail asking you for personal or financial information
  • check your credit reports, bank and credit card statements and report any irregularities
  • shred personal and financial documents before putting them in the garbage
  • retrieve your mail on a regular basis to limit possible mail theft
  • when you move, notify the post office and your relevant financial institutions and service providers

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