My Experience With Gaslighting Done by Toxic Adult Bullies


Gaslighting is one of the worst things in life you can experience as in the end, you begin to question everything and everyone. I became so suspicious that everyone I met would eventually turn on me, just like Toxic Adult Bullies have alluded they would do.

In the end, I became a very insecure person, afraid to move for fear of someone saying something to me about it. I am getting past that these days and it doesn’t affect me as it did. The past few months living in Newfoundland have helped open my eyes… I am rebuilding myself here.

Once you gain some knowledge of this term and why is it done, you become more aware of it and can recognize it in action. Once you know what is going on, you will find it doesn’t affect you as much… it still gives you the willies, but you can get past it faster!

It is very frustrating to see your every action and word questioned and speculated on what it means by total strangers who have no idea who you are. There is no way Toxic Adult Bullies can know for sure what your motives are but Gaslighting makes you question your own reality, especially when you read it so often!

Toxic Adult Bullies is very familiar with Gaslighting, and you can see it within his writings everywhere, online and in what I have. It is his go-to thing to do over everything I have written or said in my own defence. He takes what I write and re-writes it, claiming it didn’t happen the way I said it did…

Gaslighting tactics are used to manipulate someone else by instilling self-doubt. Like workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and toxic talk, gaslighting is ultimately about exerting power and control over a victim. 

While often mentioned in the context of narcissism, gaslighting differs from narcissism in that gaslighting is not a personality disorder but rather describes the tactics used by narcissists and others to manipulate people.

While gaslighters are often portrayed as insecure in their ability to lead or convince people in factual terms, a growing body of research indicates that many gaslighters simply find pleasure in controlling others.5 Or more simply, some gaslighters are pathological but many others are just “jerks.”

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